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May 8-11 The Second Anniversary Part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by deweynet, May 17, 2005.

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  1. deweynet

    deweynet Tourist

    Feb 27, 2004
    Salt Lake City

    My Trip Report

    2 years ago, my wife (Holly) and I were married in Vegas. Last year, we stayed at the Sahara for our 1 year anniversary. This year it was decided that we would stay downtown at the Golden Nugget. Finally setting our dates, we booked a trip through CostCo with America West. It was about $50 cheaper than booking through America West or Southwest.


    After a quick stop at Jamba Juice, we arrive at Salt Lake International Airport for our 2:25 PM flight. We got first row. Which isn't first class, but we pretended anyway. A strange guy comes up to us and says "Is that your hot wife?" It's Bazootch (Doug and/or Dougie). We chat and find out he's going out to see Mikey and is staying downtown too. Since we are in first class...I mean group one, we board first. I only saw Bazootch in passing a couple more times. I read Mikey's trip reports. Sounds like they had fun. The flight was OK. We land, get our bags and get in our downtown shuttle.

    We like the shuttle as it is cheaper then a cab and really doesn't take that much longer. We get almost downtown when a mini van taxi runs a stop sign and then slows down in the middle of the street. Our driver could do nothing except slam into the back of the cab. Everyone on the shuttle is OK. The cab, on the other hand, is not so good. The shuttle took out his back window and bumper. The cab driver claimed his brakes failed. Anyway, we were stuck blocks from Downtown waiting for the cops and a new shuttle. Two motorcycle cops and various other individuals show up yada yada yada, an hour later we are in a new shuttle heading to the Golden Nugget.

    We check in and get a room on the fourth floor in the south tower. It was a long walk from our room to the casino, but the room was very nice. I liked that there was always security checking room keys in front of the elevators. We hung out in the room for a while until we could not stand our hunger pangs. We headed down to the Carson St. Cafe. I had a burger and Holly had a salad. Good service and OK food. After dinner, we got a player card (I finally got a beer) and checked out the casino. We played our free $10 then went out to Fremont St. Walked down one end to the other then went back up to the room. I had heard that there was Jello wrestling at Deja Vu on Sunday nights. Last time out, I missed it. Now I'm a big fan of atheletic competition so I wanted to check it out. Holly, being the wonderful wife that she is, wanted to go with me. It didn't start until 1:30 AM. Not being the professional partier that I was in college, I needed to rest a bit if I was going to stay up so late. Holly fell asleep while I watched TV. When the time arrived to go, she decided that she would rather sleep. She said to go, even felt bad about not going with me. (She is awesome!)

    I headed out. I stopped by a bar to grab a beer and I spy Bazootch playing Pai Gow Poker. Who is with him? The World Famous Hurricane Mikey. I said Hi and told them about our shuttle hitting a taxi. Being the Vegas Celebrities that they are, they had debauchery to tend to. I had Jello Wrestling to see. I grab a cab down to Deja Vu. The driver was excited because he didn't get to drive too many people to strip clubs. We discussed the various establishments around town and the merits of each. The ride cost $18 w/tip, but I was happy to help him realize his dream of driving perverts...I mean people to strip clubs. After $25 cover, I'm in the club. For those who wonder, yes I think $25 is a lot. For those who don't know there are rules for drink service in strip clubs. If a club is totally nude, they can't serve alcohol (the exception being the Palamino Club in North Vegas). But if they are only topless, they can. Since Deja Vu is a totally nude club, I grab some non-alcoholic water and settle into a seat. There was an inflatible pool set up just in front of the bar with a blue light illuminating it. I'll sum up the gory details for those not interested in these things. (If you would like gory details, please let me know.) The dancers were nice. Bed dances are cool. And sorry sports fans, they did not do jello wrestling this night. I left as they were deflating the pool.

    Unfortunately, I did not budget very well. My cab fare back was used to help a girl work her way through school. I decided to walk from Deja Vu to the strip, as there is no way I use an ATM in a strip club, unless of course there is an emergency. As I walked to the strip, I decided that a cab ride would be cheaper from the Stratosphere . I must have lost some brain cells in that club. I stopped at Westward Ho to get some cash. The other reason I went to the strip was so I would be tempted to play craps on my walk. One big goal of this trip was to play craps. Unfortunately, none of the tables (or casinos for that matter) were all that inviting. I made it to The STRAT only being hit up for money and offered pot once. I went in grabbed a beer, and looked around for a minute before I grabbed a cab back to the Nugget.

    Another thing I always try to do but never do is play in a casino really late at night. Now was my chance. I bellied up to a craps table and bought in for $40. The dice move around until a an older guy gets them. He holds on to them for a good 30 minutes. I stay in until I get to throw. I go cash out with $196! I love gambling in the middle of the night. I go up to the room, tell Holly about my adventures (she likes the winning part) and crash.

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  2. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Isn't gambling fun when you are winning. Nothing like riding the coat tails of a hot shooter!
  3. Mia4071

    Mia4071 Tourist

    Jul 28, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Man no jello wrestling -- I wanted to hear all about this too! Thanks for the first part of your TR [​IMG] Keep it coming.
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