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May 2 - May 6

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by SassyVegas, May 12, 2004.

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  1. Me and my friend have been going to Vegas every other year since 1995. We always stay in a different hotel and try to do something different everytime. But there are some things we do everytime we are in town. I must say I did more "touristey" things this time because my best friend from California meet me there. So here is a shortened version of our stay.

    Sunday May 2, 2004

    We left Dallas and arrived 30 minutes early than our scheduled arrival time. Got our rental car, Chevy Classic, and went to The Orleans for Sunday brunch. The food was good and there was a big variety. We played slot there and Judy won $150 on a nickel slot. We left there and headed to Bally’s to check in.

    Check-in line was long and we stood in line for about 45 minutes. We asked for a specific room (room 7006) and were told it was not available. But we were given the room one floor up (7106). These rooms are in the north tower and though they are old, they are huge. It’s like two rooms in one. We had two double beds and then across from those a sofa, two chairs, TV and dinette with four chairs and a dresser. The was a bar with a small refrigerator. The bathroom is large and has lots of mirrors.

    Once we unpacked we headed down the strip to Harrah’s. We stayed there for a while and then started back toward Bally’s. We stopped at Margaritaville and got margaritas. The Last Mango In Paris is the bomb. We decided that we would go there every afternoon and have one. We stopped in a Barbary Coast and played slots there. We didn’t stay long because it really smelled. I’m not sure what it was but it was very unpleasant.

    We ate dinner at Bally’s in the Sidewalk Café. Good food and big portions. We all took half of our sandwiches back to the room for a snack later. Played some at Bally’s then called it a night.

    Monday May 3, 2204

    We got up and decided to go shopping. We drove down to the Outlet Mall at the south end of the strip. It is a very big (150 stores) mall and we found some great bargains. After shopping we went to Bahama Breeze for lunch. It was wonderful and we had a great waiter (Chad from TN). Try the onion rings. They are battered with cornmeal and coconut. The BahamaRita is really good too.

    After a big meal and a hot day, we went back to the room for a nap so we could stay up later. After a nap, we walked next door to Paris. I love this hotel and the shops between the two are wonderful. I had to head back to Bally’s and get the car to go pick up my friend at the airport by 9:00.

    Once I picked her up, we drove down the strip to downtown. She had never been to Vegas so I got a kick out of seeing her reaction to everything. Once we got back to our hotel, we walked over to the Aladdin and had a late dinner. Once we headed back toward our hotel, we stopped at Paris and went up in the Eiffel Tower. It was 12:45 in the morning and the wind was really blowing up there and it was incredible. The view is awesome.

    After that we went back around 2:00am.

    Tuesday May 4, 2004

    We got up and headed to Terrible’s for breakfast. We ate in the café and ordered the biscuit and gravy. The biscuit is the size of a small loaf of bread. It covers the plate. We played here and I invested a $5 and after craps ($3 min) and Wheel of Fortune, I cashed left with $320 in my pocket.

    My friend and I then headed out to Hoover Dam. She had never seen it and since her husband is a Geologist, she really wanted to see it. We took the Dam tour and were told the temp in the dam was 118. It was freaking hot is all I knew.

    We went back to the hotel to cool off and rest and then went to Grand Lux at the Venetian for dinner. We love this place and eat there every time we are in Vegas. We played at the Venetian awhile and then went to New York, New York. This place was crowded. We got a drink at Coyote Ugly’s. I am not sure how the girl on the bar outside the place got her job. She couldn’t dance and was not attractive at all. We played some here and then headed back to Bally’s. We got back to the room around 2:00 am.

    Wednesday May 5, 2004

    We slept in and at 10:30, me and Judy got up and got dressed and drove to In and Out to pick up burgers. What a breakfast. Those things are so good. We then ventured over to the Belligo to see the Conservatory. It is so beautiful. We then walked to Ceasers and the Forum of Shops. Once all the construction is done, the place will look really good. We then moved on the Mirage and I took my friend to the Secret Garden. We really enjoyed watching the dolphins play and they were really active this day. After about 1 ½ we then moved on to see the big cats. I must say two of the lions gave new meaning the words “Sin Cityâ€. [​IMG]

    By this time, we had to go back to meet up with the other two people in our group for dinner. First we had to stop for our margaritas. Since it was Cinco de Miyo, we decided to eat Mexican food. I had remembers a place a Stardust but was told once there that it had closed. We asked and no one seemed to know a place so we played some at the Stardust. I won $200 on a penny machine. This was the beginning of a great evening for me.

    We ended up at the Las Vegas Hilton and ate at Margarita Grille. We thought after the chips and salsa we had made a good choice but I must say that the food was really bad. On one even came close to finishing. We all just kinda looked and each other and pushed our plates back. I was really disappointed.

    From there we went to Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. I won in all of them. I like playing the nickel video slots and walked after putting in a 5 or 10 would walk away with $50 or 60 dollars each time.

    At 2:30 we headed back to Bally’s and I played roulette there. I always play the same four numbers each time. I started with $20 in one dollar chips at a $10 minimum table. Within 15 minutes my four numbers had hit and I cashed out with $150. I then took $20 and put it in a $5 machine and after 3 spins I cashed out with $60. Now I know this may not seem like a lot to some, but for me, it was really great. I don’t gamble that much and usually plan on spending $100 in gambling when I come to Vegas.

    We got back to the room around 3:30

    Thursday May 6, 2004

    Today we leave. After checking out, we drove to Sunset Station and I played craps there ($3 minimum). I bought in with $40 and after an hour, I cashed out with $137. I had some much fun there and the dealers were soooo nice. We left there at 1:30 to check in the car and then check in at the airport.

    All in all the trip was very enjoyable and I actually came home with all the money I had set aside for gambling. We had a good flight back and can't wait until next time. [​IMG]
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