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Mandalay Bay Pool Questions

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels' started by blkshirt, May 4, 2017.

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  1. blkshirt

    blkshirt High-Roller

    Oct 24, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So we're getting closer to our trip and some people have told us a few things about the pool.

    MB will rent you a tube for $20/day, but they will allow you to bring your own floats in. Is this correct? Secondly, they even inflate it for you?

    Anything else we should know? We are going to do a cabana rental, but are staying at Delano. So should we get a cabana near that pool or is there a better spot to request?

    Looking forward to the trip, I'm in the hell part of my work schedule so this is the big light at the end of the tunnel and the light is the neon/led of Vegas....

  2. lsiunsuex

    lsiunsuex Low-Roller

    Jul 16, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The price sounds about right. Yes - they will inflate them for you for free. We bought floats from them our first year and bring them back with us every time we go. They have the Mandalay Bay M swoosh on them and look pretty cool :) (We like logo branded stuff )

    Delano has it's own pool so that's an option. Delano guests have access to MB's pools. Which cabana and where is your choice - I always see the hosts walking guests around and the guests picking their spots. I've never seen them sold out. The wave pool is the only pool where the cabana's are set back further. All the pools and the lazy river, the cabanas are just a couple feet from the pool.

    Really isn't a bad location to get one I don't think - if you or anyone is sensitive to the sun, be mindful of that but I believe cabanas have closable drapes if it gets bad.

    I'm a fan of East Lagoon but we'll spend our time split between all 3 (east, west and lazy river)

    In the photo, the pool labeled Private Garden is Delano's pool now I believe.
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