$20 Mandalay Bay/Delano

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    (Success Story)

    i had 2 nights at the Delano bedroom king suite then 2 nights at Mandalay base king room back to back, both comped during a busy weekend Thurs-Monday... Upon arrival I walked up to a Delano Mobile kiosk clerk and just straight asked if he can move my Mbay reservation to Delano so i wouldn't have to check out and move to the other side of the property. Told him i'd be willing to tip him $60 if he can make that happen. And success, he moved my mbay reservation to delano and glued them together so i wouldn't have to check out/check in.

    Great upgrade
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    I'm checking into Delano next week for a Weds - Saturday stay. I have been fully comped (no resort fees) in a "scenic suite". I have never stayed there before but it appears to be one of the better rooms. Is there any point in trying the $20 sandwich? And, if so, what type of room should I request?
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