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LVGrandma Trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Sonya, Jul 12, 2001.

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  1. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Posted at LVGrandma's request:

    Notes only, please do not grade sentence
    structure !

    Stratosphere 24 & 25, Sunday & Monday
    free buffet - lines long. Temporary Location.
    Should have gone during show instead of before or
    after. New tower room, very nice very new.
    Burgundy drapes and mats on wall prints.
    Burgundy in pattern on commercial carpeting.
    All new towels linens bedspreads, etc. No
    wastebasket in bathroom, had to ask for hotel
    book & room service menu. I think nobody had
    ever stayed in our room before. Railroad tracks
    outside - I hear that lonesome whistle blow !!!
    Don't bother me. Valet parking now a different
    entrance. Bellhops still at main entrance near
    registration, as well. Taxis and strip trolley
    etc. still using old entrance also.
    Went to new Lucky cafe, waited nearly an hour for
    someone to take order, then left. One waitress
    for the whole restaurant. Next day it was closed
    for lunch, even with sign outside offering lunch
    Not much luck on video poker, slot machines are
    tight too. Had to cash a Check !!!!
    to go to:
    Rio - play 1/2 hr on us deal
    lunch at deli - good sandwiches.
    I had not been there for 18 months so we
    qualified to play 1/2 hr with guarantee.
    We went to $ 5.00 video poker to start, we did
    not lose $ 100., we each won a little so we quit
    while we are a head.
    Too early for Masq show - had to go check into

    ORLEANS 26, 27. Tu Wed
    Their idea of near the elevator was 10 doors
    down, so we moved, but our phone never got turned
    on, so we did not get our messages til later that
    night. I went to Fat Als Pool Party and had some
    hors ovaries and got a tattoo of a fishie on my
    ankle. A lot of it came off on the sheets !
    Good music, some dancing, some giveaways, weather
    was pretty nice - did not care for a drinkie,
    could not find Pepsi anyhow. I saw our room from
    the other side, I thought we had a balcony, but
    NO - not from inside the room. But we were able
    to hear the music REALLY GOOD until after 10:30.
    I had been invited as a "Horseplayer" so I
    thought we should play the horses handicap
    contest. I came in 19th out of 300 something,
    that's the same as getting two out of 3 Elvis or
    Diamonds. = 0.00
    Our room was very nice, had a sofa and easy chair
    and coffee table as well as the two beds. The
    beds were very nice even though the mattresses
    were not very thick. I liked em but forgot to
    get the name off the tags.

    Had a message on the tel. that offered us two for
    one to see Frankie Avalon & Bobby Rydell, coming
    Thursday night, but we had told the fam we would
    come home Thurs. Oh well we already saw them at
    the D I a few years ago. They were so good I
    would have seen them again tho if things would
    have been exactly right.
    As it is we saw no shows at all, We planned to go
    to Comedy Stop Wednesday night, but I could not
    wake up from my nap in time !!!

    Orleans Buffet - I had lots of free buffet
    coupons. They gave us 2 with letter (dinners)
    then 6 from horseplayers specials, + 2 lunches
    We saved the two from letter to use for lunch,
    just as we were leaving. We got the biggest
    hassle because we had already checked out of the
    room by TV. I could not believe they held up the
    buffet line for about 15 minutes until a
    supervisor had to roomregister us again before
    they would accept the coupons. I tried to eat
    more to get even but just could not.
    I wanted to leave 3 buffet coupons there for
    friend who was arriving the next week - they
    would not hold them because he was not
    "registered to stay at the Orleans".
    Word of warning - the first position at
    registration has a clerk who answers the phone as
    her first priority. She only takes care of
    paying customers standing right in front of her,
    between telephone calls. Guess who doesn't feel
    very important, after waiting in line ?

    Pool Party Tuesday 7 - 10:30 Drawings for cash &
    prizes - get 1000 points - $ 2.00 for ladies -
    free hors d'oeuvres & hurricanes and beers.
    watermelon, hot tacoettes, shrimp poppers,
    meatballs - crudite' with dip, drawing 10:40
    Entertainment - Tommy Rocker's Conched Out
    Big Al is an ALligator. But he is fake and fony
    just like we like stuff in Vegas.
    Wed Race Book Special - Handicap CONTEST $ 20.
    gets free lunch and stay on mailing list.

    win $1. get 1 pt, 4000 pts =10 cash, 12 comp
    have 2000 now. Whoopie !

    Got lots and lots of beads at slut clob booth and
    with coupon at gift shop.
    Elevators are long walk from casino, there is a
    guard there ALL THE TIME. Not just at nights
    like most other hotels. One day he had little
    knick-knacks spread out on his desk just like

    Stop at Caesar's Palace cashed checks for $ 70.
    lost, but got 2 E songs.
    Terrible's for Gas
    won $ 20.15 on dollar in @ machine.
    no Terr points - out of order again.

    Only got one hand pay this entire trip, but had
    good time, still not broke. Had lots of free
    foods and good room rates.

    I have come to the conclusion that the casinos
    that cater to vp players have to make it up on
    tightening the slots. I get tired of working at
    vp, I like to play slots also, but it is not as
    easy to get a few credits or a bonus round as it
    is at Harrah's or Caesar's, on the new slots.
    ENERGY SURCHARGE. I do not think they even
    mentioned it at The STRAT , but could have told
    Claudia - I don't stand at the counter the whole
    time they are doing their rat-killing.
    On our bill is 1.83 + .16 each day, even the FREE
    night. At the ORLEANS they give us a little card
    and did mention it was 2.85 a day.
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