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LVGrandma Trip Report (7/3)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Sonya, Jul 7, 2002.

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  1. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    An Interesting Sight at NYNY on Wed July 3:
    We went to NYNY for the free slot tournament, etc. Sis had never seen NYNY before so we wandered around a bit, then ate lunch at some chicken joint that didn't have a line. She went and looked out the exit door nearby. She said there are about 8 or 10 fire trucks out there - red ones & yellow ones. We wondered what kind of emergency would require that many trucks but didn't worry about it. As we were leaving, from valet waiting area, she noticed a big truck load of trash with a flag on it. It seems the truck with remnants from the WTC was on it's way to L A to be made into a memorial statue.

    As we drove around the corner, I had the opportunity to stop several times for traffic, she took pictures of the memorial, we noticed a large American Flag plus a black flag draping part of the Statue of Liberty. On the news that night we found out they had unveiled a large replica of the HEROES Stamp in front of Miss Liberty. The red fire trucks are from other cities, I do not know if NYC Firefighters are accompanying the truck of rubble. The LVRJ had pictures and small article about the truck journey across country on Thursday. I called Postal Service they said stamp had actually been issued in June and is already in circulation. It costs 45 cents with 8 cents going to survivors & families of the Heros of 9/11.

    Some like to know about gambling. Most of you know I go quite often and NOT for the gambling.
    I play some bonus nickel slots when there is nothing better to do.

    I put in a five and sis puts in a one next to me if she is finished with her errands. Only once
    this trip did I cash in a handpay. She plays double or nothing with her dollar 2 or 3 nickels at a time. She cashed out $ 5.00 4 or 5 times and once a Ten !!! We played roulette with
    matchplays. I lost 10 she won 20 ! Next time we played roulette with matchplay, I won but did
    not get paid double because I was using the funny money chips you can buy 15 for 10 bucks.

    I take advantage of all the newbie offers when I am with a newbie, so we have free buffets,
    shirts, caps, beads, funny money, slot tournaments, etc. I play with her card because I don't get much on my old cards for my small amount of play. The best I hope for is good room offers. Hardly ever ask for comps.

    This part is for the frugal who asked if you could do Vegas on $ 100. Sis does not have $ 100. especciallly at the end of the month ! We have a good time anyway. We lollygag around and visit and rest a lot too...

    On Monday we went to LVH where I cashed my checks from Visa Las Vegas Credit Cards and Hilton Honors points. We had a twofer buffet and matchplay roulette coupons. She could have gotten another twofer buffet with new signup but we didn't need it, had plenty of coupons I printed off their website. Then we went to a show at the Fremont for 5.95 each. It is a new show with flying fiddles, we really liked Johnny Potash at Superstars show at Strat, and I had seen Olga Breskin at Showboat many years ago. They put on an excellent show for the SIX of us in the audience. Then I took her to her sons house to visit the grandchildren, left her there, I went back to Palace Station and went to bed. Her son brought her back after he got off work. She and his family of 5 had dinner buffet for $ 14.55 total with 2 coupons. I had my fruit, and had already had one buffet that day.

    I spent 75 cents each on Krispy Kreme donuts and finally threw the last one away after a couple of days. Neither of us likes to eat more than once a day, sometimes we just share one meal or sandwich, sometimes we have a buffet. Once I ordered a continental breakfast and then carried that darned danish around with me for a couple of days. We usually take advantage of the free coffee, hot chocolate, juices, waters, and I carry cokes and snacks and fruit cups in case we
    want something for dinner. But Sometimes we want our breakfast drink and don't want to go down to the casino to get it.

    Our room at Palace Station was free for two nights, with two free comedy show tickets each night - we are saving those for later. Our room at Nevada Landing was free the last night, had free buffets there. And newbie points, second night free coupon for later.

    In between I paid about $ 40. for 1 night at Tropicana because I wanted to see some shows there.

    A good lounge act, the Birdman (both free) and Comedy Stop. That room was not any better than the free rooms !!!! In fact it wasn't even cleaned by 3:00 we watched the maid clean and visited with her. Poor thing, she only has one month vacation and wants to go to France for TWO months to visit her daughter. Yeah, right, she needs our tips and sympathy ! She cannot quit or retire because of the Generous health benefits she gets...But It would be a lot easier on her if she had clean linens before noon. (Strike Comments)

    Marie lost the Tic Tac Toe to the Chicken, but she got her two free decks of cards and we had two for one hamburgers. By the time we felt like a dollar hot dog, they had closed.

    Next Trip - July 28 - 5 nights FREE at Harrah's & a gob of free slot tournaments - Yahooo

  2. 12paws

    12paws Guest

    Can you fill me in on all the newbe stuff you talked about in the trip report? I'm a first time visitor leaving in 4 days!!!!! [​IMG]
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