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LV 3/28- 4/10 Long but.. worth it

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by rsees, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. rsees

    rsees Low-Roller

    Mar 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Thanks for all prior advice,posts,comments, etc since joining the board a month ago. I learned and saved a bunch based on the members input! It takes time to post stuff but as long as others can learn and save it makes it worth it. Armed to the teeth with a LVA, ACG, and Entertainment book we went for 13 days! As you see in the story Coupons is the way to go. I strongly recommend the Las Vegas Advisor, American Casino Guide, and the Las Vegas Review Journal (local LV Paper) this has 241 buffets for Station Casinos. Also helps is an Entertainment book for LV which you can get dirt cheap now! It doesn’t have as many uses as the others but can help.

    I’ll give a reader’s digest version first and for those who really want to know some boring details read on!

    Stayed at the Sahara for the first 6 days. The hotel is a little dumpy but the price was descent except the $6 a day facility fee-What a joke:vomit:. We stayed in the Alexandria tower and they do have balcony rooms. Ask them! The TV was 19 in and I had to move the dresser 8 ft to get the remote and my eyes to work! The room we had was large but a little shabby. I would give it a 2 1/4 out of 4 stars.

    Next 3 days at Circus Circus- We had a newly renovated tower room for free -suckered into taking a time share visit to Tahiti Village at the south strip. Though these 3 free days was our whole basis for the trip, and we extended it due to low cost rooms now in LV. It was worth the price. I was impressed with how modern and comfortable.

    Next 2 days at the El Cortez downtown- Nice hotel. Used a LVA cpn for 2 nights for only $30 total. Small room over the garage but @$15 a night it was a steal. Rooms were clean. 1 blk from Fremont Street, maybe upgrading might have a nicer room but it was a place to sleep.

    Last 2 days back at the Sahara. We asked and received another balcony room. What a nice change to sleep with the door open and walk out to see the strip sort of!

    Food places liked:
    Ellis Island, most Station Casino buffets, Cannery Casinos & buffets

    Disliked: Palace Station, Main Street buffet, Golden Nugget Buffet

    Must buy :LVa, ACG, and local newspaper

    Must sign up-any players card the casinos offer. Look in coupon books and you can double up on things sometimes they give to first timers.

    LONG version:
    Here we go for 13 days in LV! First off the weather from 3/28- 4/10 for the most part was absolutely great! Almost southern Cal like except the no humidity dries your nose out like the desert itself:poke:...

    Left on Sat 3/28 at 6 am driving from San Diego-it’s a 5-6 hr drive and we were taking our time and set the cruise control at 60. I sure ticked a lot of people off cruising that slow but if you're unemployed, whats the hurry;), plus you get better gas mileage.
    We had a check in at 3 pm but wanted to stop at Stateline and eat an early lunch. We were too early for lunch so had a late breakfast at the Primm Cafe with a 241 cpn. Signed up for the Terribles player club and wife and I used a coupon for some freebies and $5 free slot play. We got to spin a wheel and she won $10 more free play& I won a free buffet for 2. She cashed out with $40 and I won $10. On to LV. We got to the Sahara for our first 6 nights and got to check in at 1pm. Good time for a nap. Got up and ate at Players which is a sports bar and had a couple sandwich wraps to go. We had to be over at the Orleans by 5 for a Rock&Worship Road show concert with the likes of Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp and several other Christian artists. What a great show and fellowship too! After that stopped at Cold Stone for some ice cream. I went to the hotel room and the wife gambled in the Sahara and won a little. We're not big time gamblers obviously!

    3/29 Sunday- Went to church at Shadow Hills Baptist Church off Summerlin Pkwy (found the site poking around on the internet)great place! Off to Red Rock Casino for the brunch with a coupon from the las Vegas Review Journal (local newspaper). The buffet was great though it was a brunch so the price was $20 which is a little higher than other days but no complaints at 241! I recommend the buffet at all Station Casinos except Palace! Ate dinner at Blondie’s in Planet Hollywood food court. Had an ENT coupon which helped because they are a little pricey food ok. Gambled and used some coupons in the PH casino and signed up for player’s card.

    3/30 Monday- went to the Palazzo/Venetian and ate in their food court at Bella Panini we each had a sandwich which was good. Gambled a little there and signed up for cards/used coupons for players club freebies etc. Next we went to Tuscany’s which is a small but nice place to gamble on East Flamingo. It seemed like a great place to stay out of the hustle and bustle of bigger casinos/hotels. Very clean and quiet. Signed up for players club/free play etc and used some coupons from our LVA,etc.. We went to Hooters to see a show called The Mentalist. I would recommend it to everyone. If you sign up for a players card you get a free show ticket if you buy a $10 drink. It was excellent!! Check it out you won’t be disappointed. The show starts early around 6pm. We went back to Tuscany’s on E Flamingo and had dinner at the Cantina. Descent Mexican food and used a 241!

    Breakfast at Denny’s, Grand Slam is $199 if you go to Wildfire Casino and use a players card. They have 3 locations I believe closest to strip is in north LV near Texas station. Dinner at Ellis Island! If you haven’t heard yet from all other threads it is a great place and excellent steak dinner for$7. Location is 1 block off the strip on Harmon ave (near backside of PH) sign up for a player’s card and get free play etc too. PS $5 match play coupon on the place mat!!! Of course there are coupons in the LVA, and ACG.

    4/1 Wed
    Lunch at Villa pizza- used a coupon from the ENT book- pizza was marginal. 2 smalls cost us $10 Ill mention this later too but the best Pizza I think is Boston Pizza on Las Vegas Blvd just down from the Stratosphere . It looks like a dump in a shady area next to a strip club but good pizza.
    We went to see a free show Big Daddy Weave at Trinity Life Center Church on E St Louis. What a show! For dinner we ate at the Palace Station. The food stunk! Though it was almost 9:30 and they closed at 10. I was disappointed because we ate here a few years ago for dinner and it was ok.We had a 241 but still bad. As mentioned before I recommend Station Casinos for the buffets usually but not here. And actually Boulder Station had a bad dinner buffet a year ago as well. But had a descent lunch.

    4/2 thurs- Terribles for lunch. Just like the name Terrible!!! I should have known better from a bad experience a few years ago for dinner. I told the wife how can they mess up a lunch-They did. The food quality is poor. Need I say more? Avoid it at all costs. Don’t be tempted for a free buffet or 241. We made up for the bad lunch and went to Ellis Island and ate at the BBQ! :thumbsup:What great food. We used a 241 and if you go order the 1/2 chicken and ribs combo. You can’t eat it all unless you are extremely hungry or a pig. I recommend the root beer since I don’t drink!
    Went to see a show off of Civic Center drive at the Royal Resort. This is a small curtain lined showroom. No typo there, but the show we saw was Larry G Jones. He was an impressionist, comedian. We had a 241 so it was 45 for both of us. He was actually pretty good. I think the locals can get tix for almost free somehow! I talked to a guy who had a voucher and paid only $3 or so .Once again for the money it wasn’t too bad.

    Checked out of the Sahara and into the Circus Circus for 3 days. We got 3 nights free stay for being a sucker to see Tahiti Village timeshare. It was good though because the rooms at CC were remodeled and comfortable and clean compared to the Sahara.

    4/3 Fri- breakfast at Texas Station 241 coupon from the Las Vegas Review Journal (local newspaper). Great buffet, good quality food and good eats. For lunch Great Wraps inside fashion Show mall we used a coupon 241 from the ENT book. Late dinner at The Silverton buffet. They are a little on the pricey side at $22.50 per person but we had a 241. I think they have one of the best dessert selections/quality. The buffet to me is a little above average.

    4/4 Sat- Sonic for lunch. I still like In-n-Out. They have better food at a better price. We only ate at sonic cause of a 241 burger coupon for a light lunch! We went over to the Palms and signed up for players club and free slot play. Gambled a little and lost. Went to dinner at Guadalajara’s at Sunset Station. Good Mexican food and a 241. The wife and I got the shrimp fajitas. They were good and being from SD where we get spoiled with good Mexican food they had some descent fajitas. I would recommend this place. Went to see the magician Steve Wyrick at the Planet Hollywood. We bought tix from a lady on Craig’s list. We got 2 tix for $50 total. Good price and a nice show. Very personable guy. His show is similar to Lance Burton. I couldn’t tell you which one was better if I had to pick. They both are good and won’t cost a ton of cash if you look around for tix.

    4/5 Sun- Attended church at Trinity Life Center off E ast St Louis near the Stratosphere. Great to worship in LV. Christian Church close to the strip if you are interested. Sunday Breakfast at Denny’s (Wildfire Casino) once again $2 with your players card Grand Slam Breakfast! Went to several small casinos in North Las Vegas and signed up for freebies and free play. It’s a little shady in North Las Vegas but... We had dinner at the Cannery Casino. It is a very nice Casino at Craig Road and I15. Buffet is great, great players club too. Utilized coupons for free play etc. Newer and clean casino. They have rooms too but not sure on price.

    Checked out of the Circus on Mon 4/6 am and headed to the El Cortez for 2 nights. Used a LVA coupon for 2 nights for $30. I was hesitant to stay downtown based on seedy looks, crime, etc but glad I listened to some advice from the board. The hotel is within walking distance to Freemont St. The rooms were tiny but so was the price. I would not hesitate to stay there again. We soaked in a lot for 2 days worth of Freemont Street. Used tons of coupons and had a great time downtown.

    4/6 Mon- After checking in to the EC we walked to Freemont St and ate at the VUE bar. I forgot what hotel/ casino it was in but I think the golden Nugget? We had some chicken fingers and a couple cokes. Nice view but slow service. We ate dinner at the Main Street Buffet. My wife and I thought it was bad! The quality was poor and food looked old and cold. The best thing I found was pulled pork. Pizza was ok too but I will pass next time! 241 brought the price to $12 for both but not worth it. We walked around all night stopping in a bunch of casinos for sign ups and free play etc. utilizing coupons and match play. We really enjoyed being able to walk right into the casinos and all under 1 roof. It is a different but fun experience compared to the mammoth casinos on the south strip. Stop in Binions and you can get a free picture taken with 1 million dollars! We signed up for a player’s card at Fitz and used a coupon for 2 free tix to Fitz of laughter. A good comedy show though 1 time was good for me plus the price was right!

    4/7 Tues- Breakfast at the 4 Queens Magnolias restaurant. 241 for signing up at players club. Good breakfast and very reasonably priced even without a coupon. Stopped at the GOLDEN Gate for a 99cent shrimp cocktail. Normal price is 299 but 0nly 99 with players card. Great snack for the price. For dinner we went to the Golden Nugget Buffet. 241 was $20 for 2 of us. I thought the buffet was NOT good. I was expecting more. The choices were poor and not all that tasty. They do have a good selection of desserts though. Having a 241 helped get over the quality and disappointment.

    4/8 Wed- Checked out of the EC and back to the Sahara for 2 days. We did get a balcony again and on the 18th floor. The best thing about the Sahara is balcony rooms if it’s not too hot to open the door! Otherwise we only stayed here because of the price around $30 a day plus that wonderful resort fee of $6 per day:nono:
    For the last 2 days we concentrated mostly on using match play and seeing the casinos on Boulder HWY. Nice treat from all the traffic etc.
    Ate at the Eastside Cannery on Boulder Highway for lunch buffet. It is well worth it. 241 coupon we ate for $9 total. Once again a great buffet. They have 2 Cannery Casinos- 1 in north LV and Boulder Hwy. I would give them a high mark for cleanliness good food and players club. As said earlier both have rooms too but not sure on price.
    Went to the 3pm show of the Mac King Comedy show at Harrah’s. Free if you buy a drink. It actually cost around $13 each with the coupon and lovely LET tax! A good comedy/magic show, the kids would love it. We had a good time too! We headed over to Shadow Hills Baptist Church near Maryland Pkwy and Buffalo for a fantastic play called I've seen Jesus. What a great presentation. If you are looking for a church to visit or need a home church in Vegas I would check it out!
    For dinner we thoroughly enjoyed Boston Pizza- one of my favorites for pizza in Las Vegas. It is on LV blvd north of the Stratosphere . A dive looking place but get the pizza to go you won’t be disappointed.

    4/9 Thurs
    Back to Eastside Cannery for a huge club sandwich at the cafe for lunch 241coupon for signing up for a club card .Coupon was in their newsletter-ask if they don’t give you one. Dinner at Ellis Island- wife had teriyaki chicken, and I had the Chicken parmegian. 241 coupon- The bummer was they were out of root beer as they only make so much each day.:cry:

    What a great trip and can’t wait to go back. This was a long write/ read but I can’t paraphrase too much for 13 days. Have fun!
  2. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004
    Thanks for the Trip report!

    We also used the coupons in the Review Journal because I forgot to bring my entertainment book.

    Palace station twice and Fiesta henderson twice. Fiesta Henderson was pretty good and palace station wasn't much good except for the pasta cooked to order. Fettucini alfredo was great!
  3. Courtney

    Courtney Resident polygamist

    Dec 23, 2005
    Tampa Bay, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    In 8 years, I can safely say this is THE first trip report I have read that mentions attending church- more than once! I envy your convictions. If I walked into a church, especially in Las Vegas, I'd likely burst into flames! :evillaugh

    Glad you had a nice time, thanks for taking the time to write it down.
  4. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for posting a very good TR. Seems as though y'all got a bit of everything done on your adventure.

    later, GVJ

    Courtney - you' would most likely only catch fire if they doused you with Holy Water! But, since the churches mentioned most likely don't use H.W. you're probably safe.
  5. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So happy to hear that you enjoyed your first Vegas Adventure and nice of you to pass along the money saving tips you learned along the way!! I can't honestly say I've ever stepped foot inside a church in Vegas either, but I can say in complete and absolute honesty that I've done more praying in Vegas than I have ever done in Church (some of you know the drill the, Please Dear Lord get me through this hangover and I swear I'll <insert promise here......usually never drink again, but that one doesn't count>, please God, one more Ace and the ever famous morning prayer....please God, make that memory of me <insert horrific memory here> be just a dream and if it's not a dream....wipe the memory clean of anyone who witnessed it including me, lol. :eek:
  6. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    When Robin Leach was our guest speaker at a convention, he made a point of telling us there were more churches in LasVegas than casinos.

    My tummy is actually hurting from reading about all the food, LOL.
  7. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I think this is the first trip report I've read where some one has attended church and done a time share. Thirteen days is a long time to be in Vegas. I think I gamble too much to be able to spend that much time in Vegas. I admire your conviction to attend church while in Vegas.
  8. sailor53

    sailor53 Tourist

    Jan 18, 2006
    Pensacola, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Man you made the rounds; especially for a first trip. Outstanding trip report. I enjoyed every word. Thanks for posting!
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