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Luxor DAY 3

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by VEGAS $$$, May 4, 2002.

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  1. VEGAS $$$

    VEGAS $$$ Low-Roller

    Feb 16, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Woke at 9:30AM (slept in)
    Showered and had breakfast at Krispy Kreme. Yummy times 10!!!

    Went to MGM, gambled and lost. Hubby played a few hands of BJ and lost that too.

    Not a good start but it is still early.

    Watched the female lions for a while. Took some pictures and stood in awe of their power and beauty.

    Walked to Monte Carlo and wandered through. Very nice place! I love the decor and the folks are pretty comfortable to be around. Found tram!

    Took the tram to Bellagio to see their indoor Botanical garden. Took pics and walked around with mouths hanging open. BEAUTIFUL place. But, (no offense to those who stay there), the people their gave off a very pretentious vibe I did not care for. You can be upper class without being snotty. Just my opinion. I will move on now...

    Walked to the Mirage and saw the Tiger Habitat. No White Tigers, but there was one Tiger there wandering around looking bored. He sprayed towards the glass and then proceeded to play with the stone elephant that was there. He also loved licking the floor. Took pics and moved on.

    Ate at the cafe near by in the Mirage. Not bad, but not worth the money either.

    Played some slots and won about $75 to $100 between me and hubby. Not bad.

    Walked through their small Tropical Forest, took more pics. Pretty view!

    Headed towards the Madame Toussad's wax museum. Took lots of pics of fountains that are around.

    Forgot about the coupons for $3 off of the tickets, so we both paid full price.

    Worth every cent too! The wax statues were great!! Nice to be able to get up close. Hubby couldn't believe that Jordan was the height they made him. He said, "Jordan is taller!" I said, "Most likely not since these are all their actual heights from what I know of the process". (I saw a documentary about it on TLC a few months ago).

    Was very moved by the Flo Jo one. Very sad about her death.

    Loved the Princess Diana one.

    Not impressed with the Marilyn Monroe one. I am a HUGE fan so I was really looking foward to it. Oh well...snapped a pic with me standing next to her anyways.

    Left and walked to Casino Royale. Got their slot card for the funbook.

    Got a coupon for winning double on bonus spin with their Wheel Of Fortune machines.

    Played and hit 100 quarters on bonus spin. Cashed in my coupon and got $25 from that. Cashed out of the machine and watched hubby play one hand of BJ. He lost and we decided to head back to the Luxor.

    While walking past Harrah's we heard a band playing 70's tunes. We went towards the music and wound up in an outdoor bar where the band "Love Train" was playing. I remembered that one of my online pals told me that her nephew is the drummer in this band and to stop by and say hi! It was uncanny how this happened. I had planned to see them the next evening. I did't remember what time they started so I was going to check my notes when I got back to the hotel. Well, here we are! We happened upon them without having to get the times and location.

    We didn't stay long enough to chat with the drummer but we took a pic as proof that we did go see them. They were GREAT! Go see them next time you are there. Drinks are too expensive though.

    We left because the beer was $5 and the soda $3. When we were finished drinking our one drink (soda for me, beer for hubby) the waitor kept giving us nasty looks since we were not ordering more. We felt uncomfortable so we left. I will not spend that much for a drink.

    Walked to Ballys bought a couple of souvenier cups with Strawberry Daiquries in them. (resonable price/good drink!) Fed some slots and lost.

    Went to the tram which is very far from the front entrance. Waited another 10 min for the darn thing once we got there. Feet were sore again.

    Walked through MGM to Excalibur for the tram to Luxor. Dropped souveniers off in room. Headed down to go meet one of my online friends.

    Met her and her dad. Went and had a few drinks at a bar near the Blue Man Theatre in the Luxor. All of us talked for HOURS! We all had the urge to walk through the Monte Carlo so we took trams and walked through the Monte Carlo. Had coffee at McDonald's there and then went back to our seperate hotels. GREAT meeting! I think I made friends for life.

    Called it a night at 4AM.

    Day 4 coming up....

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