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Luxor DAY 2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by VEGAS $$$, May 4, 2002.

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  1. VEGAS $$$

    VEGAS $$$ Low-Roller

    Feb 16, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Woke up at 6AM! Very excited to start the day. Especially after such a wonderful gambling day yesterday.
    Made it to NYNY and signed up for the slot club. Signed up for the NYNY Slot tournament since it is free when you get their slot card.

    Both hubby and I got this ugly yellow and black checkered cabbie hat for signing up.

    Tournament doesn't start for a few hours so we decide to walk around the strip.

    Went down to the 9/11 memorial in front of the NYNY. Very very moving. Almost cried when I read a letter from a man's parents to him. He died in the WTC. Said a small prayer and moved on.

    Walked into MGM and headed towards the Lion exhibit. Not open for a couple of hours so we walked around MGM and did some gambling on a few slots. Signed up for their slot club (took a while, line was long). Didn't win, stayed even then lost some so we stopped.

    Watched the MGM Lions walk around their habitat. Great show! I love big cats!!

    Walking out of MGM got handed tickets to the CBS screening of some shows. Decided to come back later for the screening. Went to NYNY for tournie. I didn't do well and hubby came in second place but not good enough for the finals. Needed to come back for finals though, since they will draw two names as wildcard players. So while waiting for that to happen we ventured out to the Luxor for lunch. Went to the buffet and was not impressed. Hubby liked it though. Had to go back to NYNY for wild card drawing and we came back five min. late! Luckily the other group was still playing so we were not late at all! After waiting about 15 min the drawing started and neither of our names came up. We chose to stay and see the tournament anyways. 1st place got $1000 2nd place $500 and 3rd place $100. Everyone else who was in the finals all got $25.

    Went back to MGM for the screening and saw a pilot for a show called "Without A Trace". We got to rate it using a computer as we were watching, then we were able to type in our opinions about it and the characters when it was over. We both recieved a $10 certificate for the Television City store across from the screening rooms. Very nice. We got a CSI bag, and a David Letterman show mug. We had to pay the difference and the tax so the total came to $6 or so. Not bad!

    Headed to Walgreens for the film we dropped off earlier (forgot to add that).

    Lots of timeshare folks, got annoyed so we stopped chatting with them and just started saying, "No, not interested" every time one approched us.

    Checked out the M&M World and got a couple of bags of the candy. Overpriced and not much to see in there. Asked about the shuttle to Ethel M's choc. factory and the guy who ringed us up could not answer that questions since he didn't know. HOW CAN HE NOT KNOW????

    Went back to the Luxor to drop off our goods.

    Decided to check out Mandalay Bay and I wound up hitting $150 on a machine in there. Hubby loved the garb the waitresses were wearing. I like the machines and hubby liked the female employees so it looks as if this is our new favorite place to be.

    Headed off to the Shark Reef for a look see and once we waled that LOOOOOOOONG way to the reef we decided to go ahead and go through it. Got the tickets, turned them in for the portable guides and went on our way in. I don't wanna spend too much time with details, but it is AWESOME!

    Lots of walking, but well worth it. I saw things I have never seen up close before. We were both very very impressed. We regretted that we did not take our camcorder in. (Left it in the hotel room) Oh well, that gives us a reason to go back to see it next year.

    Left Shark Reef and headed back to gambling. Lost some won some.

    Went to Bellagio for their fountains. We walked the whole way not knowing there are trams from either the MGM or the Monte Carlo.

    Feet were KILLING me, but oh well. We stayed for three shows it was so beautiful! The first one made me ball since they played Celine Dion's Heart Will Go On. I cried for the beauty of the show and I cried for the song being so sad. (Made me think of my late grandma who died last year).

    Hubby got the show on tape.

    Second and third shows were opera. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Headed back to Luxor on foot (still not knowing about the trams). Showered and then went to bed with very sore feet.
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