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Long reort 18/ 23 dec. 2001 venetian

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DutchVegas, Dec 30, 2001.

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  1. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well here is my story.
    Sorry for the errors but English is more difficult for me then Dutch.
    I hop you will enjoy.

    Trip report Las Vegas 18-12-2001 until 23-12-2001
    Jan and Alien Oelen from the Netherlands

    18 december 2001

    Well here we are driving on the I-15 our last stop at Barstow seemed to be just minutes ago.The scenery is beautiful and the Ghost Town of Calico was awfull what a rip off just to see some old houses , must be us not liking these kind of things.

    There it is the first gambling oasis , Primm.We decide to get something to eat here and ride this Roller-coaster on the side of the Buffalo Bill Casino.

    The casino looks nice inside its big, at least for us.Since its our first real trip to Vegas and the casino`s.
    Inside a sign with the words Buffet.Well that sound like fun to me.It`s real quiet here, nobody almost nobody around.For the small sum of 8,95 usd a person we get seated to our table and the waitress brings us a bucket each with lemonade . I can not get used to the enormous glasses you have in the states.Again it`s an half liter of liquids.

    The buffet is good and tasty , my standards are not that high regarding food , but this is great.
    We did not get to ride the Roller coaster.Because I was to full and loaded.
    I went inside the casino and put my first USD 20,00 in a machine, and I lost it in about 3 minutes.This is the story of our trip to Vegas so you will read.

    After losing another 20,00 I call it a day for now and find my wife who also lost about 20,00 USD.
    Lost total USD 60,00

    After 30 minutes we saw it, yesssss, Las Vegas here we come, we are going to leave with are pockets loaded with money we promise each other.
    After driving the Strip twice we seek the entrance of the Venetian and we find it.The Valet parking goes smooth and quickly so is the check in.
    I thought after al my lessons on the internet lets do the USD 20,00 trick.
    I am in the mood for it.So I show this lady my reservation slip with the Reblast code and a cool smile together with a 20,00 USD note.
    And asked nice and smilling if she can arrange an upgrade for me to the most beautiful room she has.
    My wive on that point started laughing and did not really help at all.After explaining that I read this on the internet and that it was something everybody does , she just smiled and and declined the USD 20,00.

    She gave us the card keys for our room on the 25th floor, we were on the strip side of the Y- shaped building with a view of the strip, so I geuss she did alright by updating me.After calling the Bell-hop and receiving my luggage I went back downstairs to thank here again for the nice room.She seemed really happy with my comments.

    The Hotel was not busy no lines nowhere and most game tables where closed.
    What a nice Lobby and hallway when you walk to the casino.But I am sure everybody knows that already.

    After walking through the place and checking out the stores at the Grand Canal shopd we went outside, to walk the strip for a while.
    We ended up at Treasure Island where we decided to aet something at their Buffet.
    Whow , made we a mistake.This is not good, the only thing they seemed to care about was the fact they had shrimps which tasted like H20.Bad meat , little choice and messy deserts.
    Bye Bye TI we will not come back again to eat at your wonderfull Buffet.

    Gambling in TI was nice we played almost al night with USD 20,00 on VideoPoker machines.
    I lose and I winn.
    Total Gambling now is USD 80,00

    We are tired and head back to the Venetian and find our bed for some sleep.

    19 december 2001

    The next morning I am up at 5.30 AM( European time is still in my blood)
    I decide to buy a five day pass for the SPA and work out a bit and take a sauna and steam room.The SPA is really nice here.The best I have ever seen during al my travelling.

    After returning at 8.30 AM my wife is also ready and we decide to eat, because I feel like I could eat a cow.
    We eat at the Grand Lux café, this is good food but for me to little, I can easily eat three breakfast entrees so we decide not to aet breakfast again here.The food is great, that’s no problem.

    We go back to the strip and decide to check out some of the Hotels by foot.First stop Sephora the Parfum shop my wife buys for about USD 300,00 I suggest we bring it back to the room first because I doi not want to walk with it al day.She agrees that I take it back, who am I a slave, nope that’s called love.

    Next stop the Denny`s next to Casino Royal.I take again some breakfast, the wive just coffee.
    After this superb Food we went inside the Casino Royal, OK seen it.
    Harrah`s nice place , Ceasars Palace is a great place.The forum shops are also fantastic.The atmosphere is better then at the Grand Canal shops.We ate again here, I like to eat and I need to eat a lott, since I work out and sport a lott.
    The cheesecake factory is great.I can honestly say I LOVE CHEESECAKE.I can eat it al day long.And added al the cheesecake I ate in my whole holiday well that’s a big chunk.I must find it here in Holland to, I never had it before.

    Now its almost 5 PM so we head back to the Venetian, My wive takes a bath and relaxes a bitt I go to the SPA again and run for an hour.

    At 8 PM we go to the Buffet of the Mirage , again not to good , it’s the same bad food as in the TI.
    We go back to the Venetian and sign up for their Slot club.
    I start to Black-Jack.A USD 25,00 table.I played for three hours in a row and lost about USD 100,00.
    My wive played slots, this Ripley believe it or not things.(funny)But after three hours irritating.(she said) she losed about USD 40,00.

    Total loss USD 220,00

    We go to our room and crash a sleep in no time.

    20 december 2001

    Again I wake up early it`s 6.30 AM now.
    I decide to go work out again.

    At 8.30 we are ready in our car and head for the RIO buffet, people told me I had to take this one.
    Well it was good, damn what a nice cheesecake they had.This woman thought I wass crazy that I just eated 5 pieces of cheesecake and a plate of spaghetti.
    I honestly must say I was filled alday long.

    This day we visited the Mount Charlston.Its a nice drive and some breathtaking viewes.We had some drinks in the lodge up on the mountain.And yess my luck started here.
    They have these videopoker machines in the bar and I started to play on one.
    I wonn USD 90,00.

    So now we have lost in Total USD 130,00

    In the after noon we also drived to the Red Rock Canyon area and took this scenic route for USD 5,00.Also a nice route.

    At 5 PM we were back at the Venetian.And I wanted to take a sauna visit.My wive buyed a movie on their PVP channel , I think it was American Pie 2.She liked it.

    This night we had diner at the Buffet in the Bellagio.This is the best one I had upto now.
    Their cheesecake is superb.

    We watched for 1 and half hour to the fountains.Nice to.

    At 11.00 PM we went back to our room no gambling because I wass tired.

    21 december 2001

    The routine 6.30 Am running for an hour and a sauna again.
    Eating at Denny`s and a cheese cake again, I bought also a whole one for the Hotel Room.
    We gambled this day in the Venetian.I played black-Jack until 3PM loosed about 200 USD.
    My wife booked some kind of SPA arrangement this day .
    At three I went to the Hilton and checked it out.Nice place, next time I am going to stay there.Did the Star Trek tour.I bit expencive.

    Went back at 6.00 PM and we took diner at this restaurant in the SPA.Not my place to eat.
    Al these overweight people wo think they can eat their extra kilo`s away with three days healthy food.
    Don`t mind being overweight but don`t be a hippocrit.
    After dinner I did some working out again.
    That evening we did some things I will not bother you people with.

    22 december 2001

    Our last day in Vegas.
    Today we went to the Surf Buffet at the holiday Inn.
    People at the Black-Jack table told me it was the worst buffet in Town, so I feld I could not mis out on this.
    I must be Honest but I liked it more then the Buffet at the TI or Mirage.

    We gambled a bitt here, and wonn about 60 USD.

    Our total loses now 270 USD

    This day we went to the Valley of Fire scenic route and checked out al the beaches on Lake mead on our way back to Vegas.
    This was the most beautifull route we had done this week.

    It took us almost 8 hours and we were back in our room at 7.00 PM.
    I wanted to run a bitt and went to the SPA again.You could tell it was weekend because there were a lott of people in the SPA now.

    This last night we would gamble again , our budget for Gambling was USD 1000,00 so we had some money left for this purpose.

    The funny thing is when you are satisfied with your loses and you don`t mind losing because you sett your mind to losing USD 1000,00 you can not lose.
    I played Black –Jack on a USD 50,00 table for 5 hours and did not lose a dime.I was so fed up with Black-Jack I think I will not play it anymore the first 5 years.

    Craps I do not understand and roulette is a boring game.

    I went up to the one dollar slot machines togheter with my wife.
    We played for one hour and losed about USD 200,00 so that was my sign to quit.

    I also was tired.

    23 december 2001

    I visited the SPA just one more time and eated the rest of my cheesecake in the room for breakfast.
    Went to the host I get to know during my last night gambling session.

    And asked him for any comps.
    First I got to spin the wheel of fortune at the Player club counter.I get a keychain, and he took of the Movie my wife watched and now I have points on my card I can use within a year he said.Ok since I am from the Netherlands what do you think I will come back within a year.I am no freaking millionaire.
    He could not give me anything more because there was nothing on my bill, the SPA and Grand Lux breakfast I payed with my Credit Card.

    So I learned you have to put everything on your room to get comped.

    Checking out was easy and quick.

    On our way to ANAheim for our X-mass celebration at Disney.
    We stopped in Primm again and went to Buffalos Bills Buffet again and gambled here for one hour.No luck.

    In total we gambled about USD 500,00.
    Which is in my opinion a lott of money but hell we had a great time doing it.
    By the way, drinks are easy to get by when you are gambling.I never had to wait.

    We will go again because we did not see any of the other Hotel like NY NY or Luxor or Mandalay Bay.

    Who knows next year.
  2. Jimbo338

    Jimbo338 VIP Whale

    Oct 8, 2000
    Laconia, NH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    On behalf of the US Economy, let me thank you for your contribution! :>)

  3. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Jan -

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Some ups and some downs, but sounds like you got to see a lot and do a lot of fun things.

    I was laughing at your cheesecake addiction. Seems like you'd better find a place in Holland that makes them quickly. Or maybe I can send you a recipie so you and your wife can make your own. [​IMG]

    I can't believe that you ate at the Buffalo Bill buffet, but missed the coaster. You've got to come back just for that. [​IMG]

    Also that you enjoyed the Surf Buffet more than the Mirage? That just seems so strange to me. Maybe the Mirage buffet is doing downhill or something. Or you're very strange. :D

    I'm sorry I didn't tell you to charge everything to your room so you can get comps. I should have said that, especially with how much you guys gambled. Sorry about that.
  4. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    About this cheescake , how to make it, please send it to me.
    I am addicted to it...

    Really the Mirage Buffet was bad.The surf Buffet was better.

    Yes we had a great time, people were friendly all around, and we will come back next year.

    I love Vegas.

    We did not see enough, but 5 days is to little to enjoy every aspect off Vegas.
  5. Comeoutroll

    Comeoutroll Tourist

    Mar 22, 2001
    Dallas, TX.
    Really enjoyed reading your trip report!! Glad you two had a great time!
  6. Elmridge

    Elmridge Tourist

    Dec 15, 2001
    Gainesville, GA
    thanks for the great, very humorous report. Hurry back to the US and enjoy!!!
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