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Leann Rimes concert

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Vegas Tonya, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas

    My Trip Report

    So the plan this time was to go see Leann Rimes at Buffalo Bills. Arrived at about 5:00, checked in and headed to suite #270 and room #268 adjoining. 268 has a king bed and the suite has a Jacuzzi in the sitting area that could comfortably hold 3 people. But drunk and happy it could hold about 4-7 ;) . I chilled some Hot Damn (Cinnamon Schnapps) and poured a couple glasses. Grabbed some ice and poured margaritas.

    Prior to leaving my sister’s friend told me she had a dream that while she was sleeping in the next room over, her husband and I were in the Jacuzzi together. I think we might have looked different in her dream. ;)

    My sister called and made reservations for the Silver Spur Steakhouse for 6:30. So we changed our clothes and did our hair to be ready to head to the concert right from the restaurant. My BIL was waiting for us at the BJ table and we were seated within 10 minutes. BIL is a big gambler so all meals are comped for us. The comp ticket was for $425 (not bad there were 7 of us). Drinks were ordered (total, 4 margaritas, 2 cokes, 2 Coors Lights, 2 coffees and 2 MGD’s). Food orders were 2 Blossoming Onions, 1 Porterhouse w/salad, 1 King Crab w/salad, 1 Lobster tail, 4 Filet Mignon’s and 1 Baked French Onion Soup. The meal was fabulous, it had steamed squash and a baked potato on the side. The bill showed up for $224 (or close to that) No room for dessert so we were off to the concert.

    We were 30 minutes late getting into the concert. But we arrived and took our seats in the second row in the floor area from the stage. Leann is a wonderful vocalist. She has a voice that belts like nothing I have ever heard. If you get a chance you should go see her.

    During the show when she was doing her last song (before encore) they allowed people to dance in front of the stage and some weirdo ran up on stage and tried to grab her. Staff grabbed him so quick he never made it halfway over the stage. They must have told her to move through her earpiece because she never looked that way but she moved like she knew he was coming. Kudos to her staff!

    After her encore but prior to her finishing the second song my sister told us we had to leave to miss the rush of people. So we headed out and I bought a shirt and mouse pad ($20 total). My sister picked up a few things including and autographed CD ($30).

    Leann Rimes Concert Buffalo Bills

    We danced our way through the bar and back to the room to take off our “concert attire†and have a drink. We then drove our friend with us back to Vegas where she was visiting her grandchildren and we were back at Primm by 2am.

    We played some Wheel of Fortune and Keno but never really won anything. So at about 6:10 in the morning Laker Girl and I headed to bed. Everyone else except us and BIL had already turned in at about 2.

    Sunday we grabbed some breakfast and we each put $10 in the oversized Midas Touch machine and hit a few times for a total of $100 so we each got $25 and we left town and were home by 7pm after stopping to visit with family of course.

    Oh and I don’t want to forget after we got some water and were leaving Primm, there was a guy on the curb and he was not looking good. He was puking. Laker Girl commented that guy looks like crap. Well on the I-15 his car was pulled over in the center divider and he was on his hands and knees puking on the freeway. Dude, we were embarrassed for him. The driver and passenger were sitting in the car kinda thinking WTF I am sure. Of course it slowed traffic down because NO ONE has EVER seen someone on the side of the freeway (Damn Rubberneckers!).

    It was a good time and I would love to see her again. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Hope you enjoyed reading.
  2. vegasdrea

    vegasdrea Buckle Bunny

    Nov 29, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Glad you had a great time. I love Leanne Rimes as well, that girl can sing!! Loved the pictures. Great TR, thanks for sharing.

  3. boxcars

    boxcars High-Roller

    May 19, 2004
    North Dakota
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the show.

    I was there playing for several hours at the craps and pai gow tables up until about 4 pm. Then decided to take in the roller coaster across the way before heading back to Vegas at 4:30.

    Roller coaster was fun, but it was mighty cold and rainy! I couldn't believe they were running the coaster in the rain, but it was fun.
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