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Late Trip Report 8/23-8/26

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by VoteForLou, Sep 16, 2002.

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  1. VoteForLou

    VoteForLou Tourist

    Feb 14, 2002

    My Trip Report

    I’m kinda late in writing this, we went August 23-26, and it was a bachelor party so some of the details are cloudy. We had 9 people going, with 3 staying at the AmeriSuites near the Hard Rock and the rest of us staying at the Flamingo. And we had a comped NYNY room for the last 2 nights, in case anyone wanted to stay longer.


    2 nights at Flamingo and 2 nights at NYNY for a bachelor party. 1st time at the Flamingo and enjoyed the rooms and casino. The bright blue, pink, and red colors of the hotel were annoying and made it look like a Toys R Us or something. I found it strange that the rooms and the casino were so different looking. The pools were large and reminded me of Mirage, but I didn’t go in or stay long because of the kids and fat girls in thongs. I still can’t figure out why they have those vents out on the strip that blow that horrible sewage smelling air.

    NYNY was the same when I stayed there 2 weeks prior, except they added a bar adjacent to the check in desk.


    As far as the Flamingo goes, stay away from Lindy’s coffee shop – food is inedible, even when drunk. Bugsy’s deli wasn’t bad, but make sure to use the 2-for-1 hot dog coupon. I mostly ate low-carb protein bars for breakfast and Golden Gate for lunch, and then we had dinners at various places. The French Dip at the GG blew away the one at the Flamingo coffee shop, and it was about $3 cheaper.

    The Flamingo Casino lounge has 2-for-1 happy hour everyday from 4-7, so we did that everyday and that pretty much laid the groundwork for the rest of the night. They also gave away a bunch of 2-for-1 Dos Equis Amber coupons, which is a Vienna lager style and actually a very good Mexican beer – besides Negra Modelo, it’s the only Mexican beer that doesn’t remind me of urine.

    The first night we went to Planet Hollywood, because the wait was too long for everywhere else. Surprisingly, they had no beer on tap, but the Jack & Cokes weren’t bad. I think I had the chicken finger and nachos; it was good drunk food.

    The next night we tried Kahunaville, which was pricey, but they had good ribs and lively bartenders that put on a show and give away free fruity drinks. I think they only have poor quality American Beer on tap, so I had a few more Jack & Cokes.

    By the 3rd night, only 4 of us were left, so we used the coupons we picked up at the Arby’s in Baker and we to Hooters. The waitress was a bitch, but the wings were decent.


    The Harrah’s steakhouse turns into a club at night called The View, and we had free passes so we checked it out. The DJ was great, but loud, and I think the free passes they give out bring a lot of riff-raff into the club.

    We went to The Beach and used $15 cover + 2 free drinks coupons we found in those guides they have in the cabs. The girls in thongs were amazing, I can’t say enough about how hot they were. I live in Southern California and every single one of the Beach girls would be SoCal “9 or 10’s†– and they were all in thongs! The girls walking around try to charge $10 a shot, a huge rip-off no matter how hot they are and considering the bartenders give free shots.

    Coyote Ugly was probably the best place to meet girls, and it was cool because we had a room at NYNY that night. It also had the most diverse music. The drinks were strong, but the liquor was very cheap – I’m almost positive it was supermarket brand.

    I was plastered and feeling sick from the cheap liquor, so I went up to the room to watch TV; I fell asleep instead. About 2 hours later, I hear someone pounding on the door, so I got up and the door swings open. It was 2 security guards wheeling my brother in on a wheelchair. I guess he drank too much and passed out somewhere downstairs. For some reason after they dropped him on the floor I got out my wallet and wondered how much you tip one of these guys, but they ran out of the room so fast that I didn’t ask.


    I didn’t gamble that much, and consequently didn’t lose that much. We played at almost all the downtown casinos, Barbary Coast, Flamingo, and Bally’s. Played some craps, baccarat, blackjack, Pai Gow, and VP but not for too long.

    They changed the 9/6 JOB VP machines at NYNY (that I played 2 weeks earlier) to 8/5 – needless to say I didn’t gamble there.


    When going with a ton of people, everyone having a cell phone is a must.

    I bought a 1-gallon jug of water at that Hawaiian convenience store downtown everyday and drink it in about 30 minutes.

    When looking for a cell phone charger at Neonopolis (that place will never survive) I discovered they sell vibrating tongue rings. I also saw one of the thong outfits at Frederick’s of Hollywood that one of the girls at The Beach was wearing.

    I had to come home on Monday because I had a final that night; I got a B on the final and an A in the class.

    I’m sure a lot more happened, but either I can’t remember or can’t talk about.
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