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Kind of Long Report FRIDAY 13th-17th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Mikel, Sep 19, 2002.

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  1. Friday the 13th

    The 4 of us flew out at 9:30. The flight was more like a flight to Spring Break. People were rowdy. Which is the way to be when going to Vegas. The flight consisted of all kinds of people and a group of guys that were going to a bachelor party. They kept saying if they were drunk enough they would have sex with a transvestite. (I don’t know if they knew they were saying this stuff out loud) The poor Grandma in front of me was biting her tounge the whole time but no one complained and the flight attendants enjoyed the humor. Ya Ya Sisterhood was the movie and it was terrible! 4 very long hours later I see the strip.
    We had a limo with Las Vegas Limo pick us up (38 bucks you can’t beat it to have leg room and show 2 of my friends the strip-it was there 1st time) We went to the Welcome Sign on the strip and the driver pulled over in parking lot and we ran over and had our picture made in front of the sign-Elvis rode by and honked the horn at us. Only in Vegas-right?

    We check into the Sahara for Friday and Saturday. There were 4 of us and we had a suite in the Algeris tower. The room was huge and we had 2 balconies that over looked the strip and had an incredible view we were in room 1644-16th floor corner room, 3 tvs, 2 bathrooms, wetbar everything we needed. We decide to eat at the Nascar Café and hit the pool for a few hours since it was 100 degrees outside. After this we all hit the casino. After a while Manda and Belk wanted to go see the strip and sight-see so J and I stayed around there and played. Things I witnessed in the Sahara-A woman chasing a cock roach with a digital camera across the floor, cigarette burns in the table so big you lose chips in them, random painters/street workers walking in to the pool and literally b athing in the water (I did not go back in the pool) BUT there was a very nice looking young crowd (I guess due to all the dollar tables and what not it gets a young crowd there) That night J. and I were going to go back down and gamble some more Manda and Belk were beat they walked all the way to Bellagio and back so they crashed (we were still on east coast time ) After a 20 minute wait for the elevator we go back to the room and I am pissed-after calling down we find out 1 elevator is broken the 2nd one “they don’t know where it is” I laughed my ass off-- what did it do shoot through the roof? Some idiot pushed the alarm button as they were getting out and the staff didn’t know where it was. The 3rd and final elevator for this tower (yes only 3 elevators) was messed up and not stopping on certain floors. Well I saw this as a moment to get a lower room rate-and the manager agreed and knocked $80 bucks off. So that worked for me. Instead of hoofing it down J. and I pulled the couch out on the balcony turned on the radio and got pretty much ripped on the balcony –sometimes it is fun to act like a red neck-we knew we could make up for it another night. A guy came knocking on our door told us they were partying a few rooms down and the whole hall was invited-they had 2 female and 1 male stripper and about 30 people in their suite. I will not get into to much detail about this but all I can say is WOW. After a few glasses of PJ I way to messed up to be in this situation-We had a good time as far as I remember but I can’t wait to get some of the pics developed that we took of these people. Ha

    Saturday the 14th

    Manda and Belk were up and at em early J. and I went to the pool to lay out only (I couldn’t stop thinking about those people blowing snot rockets and bathing in the pool) around noon-Afterwards we decide to go up to the malls but made the mistake of seeing a trolley pull up and we got on for a buck and 65 cents. HUGE MISTAKE! Took us 45 minutes to go to 3 hotels The driver didn’t care that the breaks were shot and it was metal rubbing against metal. The seats were so laquered up we slid off of them several times and there was not 1 shock on that thing so every bump sent you out of your seat. The whole car was laughing hysterically. The kicker is when we pulled into Circus Circus aka The Devils Spawning Ground the driver asked if anyone was going to the Fashion Mall I was like yea we are and he said well I am behind schedule so I will not be stopping there. WHAT! Well after arguing with him and telling him there was no way in hell I was getting off this car and waiting for another one in this heat he radioed another one and said 2 guys are waiting at Circus Circus come pick them up-well I told him we would wait on the air conditoned car-man was he pissed So another car came like 5 minutes later he said somethng smart as we walked off and I responded with a friendly finger-after shopping at the mall and the Forum we ate at the Cheescake factory. I love this place! After a ride on Speed (THE BEST COASTER THERE) we went and goofed off in Bonanza the World’s Largest Gift Shop. Here Belk and I bought huge foam sheriff hats and all kinds of junk. This store has everything you will never need. I highly recommend it. I even saw a midget dressed as elvis shopping here. The store is directly across from the Sahara.

    After some gambling and a power nap we went to Ghost Bar mostly posers trying to act like they have money (must have been here for the fight)-we met some locals there and they took us to Jaguars we said we wanted to go there since Anna Nicole Smith did on her show it was pretty damn good and then went to this club that was not on the strip and I am drawing a total blank on the name right now. It was a pretty cool club-Had a very diversed crowd and played incredible music and served very strong drinks. As the cab driver dropped us off he offered to bite my nipples (scary) I told him not now but maybe later. We partied till 6 in the morning and then realized we need to go home. Las Vegas is never asleep the roads were just as packed as they were when we came to the bar earlier.

    Sunday the 15th

    After crashing for like 3 hrs we awoke and got ready we were moving to the Venetian. Check out was quick and easy and we caught a cab to the Venetian. Our driver was oriental and didn’t speak very good english he kept going in between languages we all just nodded and agreed. We were so hungover –as we pulled into the Venetian from the backside they have a security check point and the little man kept yelling No Bomb No Bomb No Bomb and kept muttering it after we pulled thru. Well we pulled up and this hotel is amazing. Check in was short and sweet and I asked politely if we could get a larger room and the girl checked and said no problem and bumped us up. Manda and Belk didn’t ask but it didn’t matter the rooms here are immaculate and just incredible. I could not say enough good things about them. The best smelling shampoo and conditioner I have ever smelled in a hotel. Well after a short break we decided to hit the pool and nap in the sun and we did just that-The Mirage still has my favorite pool-These are just so plain. We were like zombies so we finally ate and that helped us a lot The Grand Lux café is really good and it should be since it is owned by the Cheesecake Factory. We went and did some gambling and shopping watched the Bellagio Foutains-the pirate ship and the volcano just walked around and had a few drinks. We were in bed my midnight.

    Monday the 16th

    Woke up feeling great and had breakfast at Grand Lux. MMMMM good. Went and did a little more shopping and went back to lay by the pool for a few hours. After that we had to make our last night count so we ate dinner at Grand Lux-Can you tell I meant when I said I like there food. We went and met some of Manda’s and J.’s friends at Harrahs. Here we gambled for like 3 hours and got smashed. I won $470 on the Betty Boop slot machine Manda’s friend got me addicted to that game-I had a few other B words for Betty Boop after she took it all back but all in all she was pretty good to me. Now there was like 9 of us and we were hammered and decided to go downtown. After drinking more and dancing in the streets and making complete idiots of ourselves we decide to call it a night around 1 ( I think) and headed back to the hotel-We ate one more time at GRAND LUX and it was even better.

    Tuesday the 17th

    Up at 9 and went and bought a few things for people back home. Were scheduled to ride the shuttle of LVL to the airport but instead they sent us limo for the shuttle price-since all the shuttle’s were full. On the plane ride home watched Life or Something Like It-pretty good movie

    Highlights of the trip

    Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart were staying in the Venetian

    Saw the American Idol cast on the strip they were there to record some special.

    A rude cocktail waitress spilling a tray of drinks-she was rude and ugly-But she had already brought us our drinks so we thought it was funny.

    The lady chasing the cock roach

    One of our cabs that would cut off everytime we stopped-literally cut off like 14 times-we had tears in our eyes we were laughing so hard-he was PISSED :mad:
    Next trip I want to Sky dive-visit Red Rock Canyon-ride Desparado-We are already planning our trip for next March.-We didn’t gamble as much as last time-I think this was more of a relaxing trip-more or less just to blow off steam and remember why we work everyday!

    We missed seeing Fat Elvis-bummer-But had the BEST time.
  2. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Nice report! Nothing wrong with acting like a redneck--I come from a whole family of 'em. (Going back to Nashville the week after my next Vegas trip!)

    Dang, chasing the cockroach--that is so "Sahara" [​IMG]

    Man, you nailed it with taking the Limo out to the welcome sign to get your picture taken and having Elvis honk at you...That is the very essence of Las Vegas.

  3. Billy from TX.

    Billy from TX. Tourist

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wylie, Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Good report! Sounds like you and your friends had fun. I went skydiving last March and had a blast. I highly recommend it. There is nothing like jumping out of a plane at 12,000 ft above the desert. [​IMG]
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