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Just Got Back...

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mistermoe, Mar 12, 2003.

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  1. mistermoe

    mistermoe Low-Roller

    Mar 6, 2003
    Houston, Tx.

    My Trip Report

    Was in Vegas 3-9 til 3-12

    Warning: I am not much of a drinker nor much of a gambler!

    Day 1--Left Houston 7:05 central..arrived LV--smooth baggage claim and shuttle to West-Ho!
    Walked in, checked in, ****upgraded to three bedroomapt. free of charge--to some that may be a good or bad thing--rrom very clean, small, but very clean--went to casino--nobody winning at black jack--got a rather stuffed roast beef sandwhich at the deli--ok--went to Stardust checked basketball scores--went to bed 11:00pm.

    Day 2--Tour Day! By the way when somebody tells you 3-5 blocks south--they really mean 1 to 2 miles. I have never walked so much in my life. That 1 to 2 miles does not count the walking you do inside of the casinos. Checked out Harrahs(i'm a member) Saw a guy roll dice 12 rolls without a seven--He won a couple thousand--9:00am--I broke even--checked out the "Pretty People District" (PPD)Venetian, Caesars, Bellagio---not too many smiling faces at the tables, but a whole lotta eye candy--I'm glad I'm single--a married guy can get into a lot of trouble--I feel out of place surrounded by all of the money--I'm a teacher--so I catch a shuttle from Barbary Coast to The Orleans--Ladies, please excuse me for a moment--Guys!!!! I am still adjusting my eyeballs in the sockets and trying to reattach my tongue--the coctail waitresses are less then scantily clad and most are FINE--I lost 10 bucks in a video poker machine just to keep one coming by, and yes she came by quite often because me and the other uuhhmm gentlemen tipped her better than well to keep her interested. None of us spent more than 10 or 20 bucks for about 45 minutes--I drank coke and the other guys were well on their way to getting BLOTTO!

    Ate the buffet--pretty good-esp.the Chinese--Crawfish looked like bait-tasted worse--
    Went to Palms--checked out a movie--Cradle to the Grave--mediocore movie--comfortable seats---bus back to strip, showered, change clothes, nap--8pm ate at Cafae @ W-Ho--Salad and Pasta Bar--not bad for 7bucks. Got in on a $5 Blackjack game with some youngsters from Texas A&M-- Bought in for 60, won forty--dealer change--left table--watched a guy win $120 on the giant slot in front of Slots-o-Fun--propositioned b a hooker--told her no thank you ma'am--she smiled--i ran--back to Sportsbook at Stardust--watched Basketball

    Day 3--9am--walked to Sahara--empty--walked to Stratosphere --1/2 empty--saw a guy drop off two rather young prostitutes--lots of touchy feely--gag--caught a bus to freemont--really like what they have done with the place--Golden Nugget and Four Queens--no happy faces at the tables--11am ate Buffet at Main Street Station--quite good-ate more fried shrimp than the law should allow--decent jambalaya-loved the pasta with sausage and peppers--left buffet--tables and Video Poker empty-walked lunch off on freemont--bus back to strip--Stardust Sportsbook from 1:30 until 10:00pm--bet ine horse $2--won $28.70--first time I ever bet on a horse--lost $10 bucks on two basketball parlays--darn Lakers lost to tha Bulls!! Sat with some local old timer's and listened to their stories--best time I had in Vegas--those old guys were a riot--one of the old guys got comped everything--including dinner from Tony Roma's-Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Cheese Sticks and all the Lobe and Heineken we could drink-- I drank 3-no more--went back to the Ho and slept like a baby

    Day 4--wakeup call-5:45--shuttle to airport 7:30--Security took 15minutes--board Southwest at 9:50--smooth flight- stop in Lubbok(sp.?) stop in Austin, arrive Houston on time 4:50pm. Get home 5:30 watch tv and type this veryuneventful trip report. I humbly apologize.

    You must remember-this was my first trip in 11 years--I was just happy to get away for a couple of days and spend time with adults--I teach High School--History and Computer Keyboarding--
    I did enjoy myself immensely--I like being by myself and just taking it easy--laying out a plan for doing vegas is a very unwise idea
    I am already planing a trip for early summer, and will be much better prepared for the tables and do a couple of shows--and I will not be staying at the Ho again--clean rooms, friendly people, easy check in and out, but really need to demolish the place--I will continue to keep up with everyone on this board--you al give good advice-Off to Bed


    P.S. It's boring but I gotta learn somehow! ;)
  2. Absolutdrinker

    Absolutdrinker Low-Roller

    Jan 21, 2003
    Yo Moe,

    that wasn't half bad of a trip! at least you won some money and got to see some of the best eye candy america has to offer. Vegas isnt all about getting completely shitfaced and then dropping big bucks at the tables, albeit thats what many many of us choose to do. At least your trip was relaxing.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. pezarino

    pezarino Guest

    Don't be silly - it wasn't boring. Any trip report is a good trip report in my opinion!! ;)
  4. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yes, yes... the Orleans waitresses... the Bellagio costumes aren't bad either, but it's a different vibe. My buddy and I did some people watching at the Bellagio also; most of those people seem to be the "clothes make the man" types, and not the other way around, if you know what I mean. But there were quite a few average Joes wandering through too. It's the shops that made me nervous, like they're giving you a visual credit check...
    For me, it's not about planning so much as getting an idea of what's where, otherwise you might never find some stuff (Like how I meant to go find the V-bar at Venetian, or the balcony at Fitzgeralds...)
    I was just reading the "Unofficial Guide to Vegas" and I believe the author said the current owner bought with plans to do exactly that, but can't line up either financing or approval?

    Anyway, nice concise trip report.
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