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Just back from Bally's

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by susieq, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. Just returned Monday from a great - but hot - trip to Vegas.

    Who we are - hubby (Bill - 56) and myself (Sue - 48) both federal employees from the Wash DC area. Also both Vegas Virgins. Trip was originally to be with Bill's brother and sis-in-law but due to last minute health issues we ended up going it alone.

    Flights - Southwest out of BWI. Uneventful and ontime - even early - despite a slight delay leaving Vegas. Took shuttle to the hotel and were the only ones on the bus.

    Bally's - Did airport check-in which I never would have either known about or found if it weren't for this board! Did not do the $20 thing or even ask for anything special. To Bill and I a room is a room, just want something kinda nice and clean with working stuff. View etc. not important. Not tipping didn't get us a very good spot though - we were on the 6th floor, North tower, unrenovated room. It was decent but there was construction that began early each morning. On the last day there it was deafening. Think jack hammers on cement. Next time I would try to tip or ask for a high up room to get one that was not subject to so much noise from the street. Only disappointment other than the noise issue was no mini-frig. It would have been nice to have a cold bottle of water available. Instead we chilled them in the ice bucket. I found the staff to be helpful and nice. Bally's came to "feel like home" after going to larger more congested hotels and casinos during our trip. The connection to Paris was nice. We did spend time at the pool and enjoyed it. We didn't mind that there was no waterslide etc. and never had trouble finding lounge chairs. We did go to the store and get a coffee pot to leave in the room and did enjoy having my coffee in the morning first thing. Also a basketball thing was going on and there were young men bouncing basketballs on the floor above us frequently. A minor irritation at times.

    Weather - HOT HOT HOT. 110 the whole time. 95 at night. The first night there we were walking around getting to know the place and walked out of Paris to see the fountains at Bellagio. Bill said "I could stand not being in this blast of hot air" so we moved. Turns out the blast of hot air was a breeze!!

    Shows - we saw Danny Gans and totally enjoyed it. Also saw Jubilee and did the late topless version (thought hubby would like that [​IMG] ) It was a good show and just what I wanted - feathers and rhinestones. We were in the second row of theater seating and it would maybe have been better to be a few rows further back.

    Gambling - just did slots and video poker. Bill won $177 at Bally's the first night after putting in about $10 or so and won another $59 or so at the Golden Nugget another night. I did OK on video poker, OK meaning I played a long time on my $20 but eventually gave it to them. We are not big gamblers.

    Food - we enjoyed the tequilla bar at Bally's for a snack and a margarita. We ate at Paris buffet for breakfast twice and were very pleased with that. We had nice dinners at Al Dente (Bally's)and Pinot (Venetian) and Onda (Mirage). Al Dente well worth the money, but Pinot was overpriced or we just aren't fancy enough for it. We were there with relatives who came for the day and the bill for the 4 of us was $300 after tip. That with a cheaper bottle of wine than the $160 bottle the waitress suggested! We don't mind spending money on a nice meal but we just didn't think this meal was worth it. My favorite meal was at Onda. Very nice atmosphere and wonderful meal.

    Other stuff we did - went to Freemont Street. A lot of fun to see that part of town and have the change of pace from the strip. Went to the Monet exhibit at Bellagio which I really enjoyed. Went to Red Rock Canyon and really loved that. Saw burros, quail, a road runner, petroglyphs and pictograms. Very beautiful place. Also went out to Summerlin to spend the day with a friend of Bill's who has retired there. Nice house, but very close together and the funniest tiniest patches of lawn. Maybe 6 feet by 8 feet. Really! Also did the Bellagio fountains a couple of times as well as the Mirage Volcano. \

    Getting around - we used the new monorail and liked it. Having used DC's metro made it pretty easy to navigate since it's similar. Actually it's better in that you only have to put your ticket in to enter the station - not to leave since all trips are one price. The stations could use fans or something though - very very hot, but we never waited for more than a few minutes for a train. Also used cabs a couple of times but mostly foot power.

    On checkout we got comped a big $12! Better than nothing! 5 nights at Bally's, one show on the hotel bill along with meal at Al Dente and a snack meal at the Tequilla Bar and the bill was $691.

    By the way - the Venetian stunk - does it always? Smelled like carpet fresh or something. Very strong, and all thru the casino and halls. All of us smelled it strongly.

    Had a great time, will definately go back. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions!!
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
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    Nice report. I thought all the North tower rooms were renovated, guess not. Never noticed the Venetian smell, myself, but then I never notice the Plaza either...
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