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June 6-9 MGM

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Bamfbowhunter, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. Bamfbowhunter

    Bamfbowhunter Low-Roller

    Apr 27, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Hard to actually believe that my trip is almost here.. Feels like it has been years since my last trip to the great city of sin.. Although it has really only been a few days over a year.. My last trip was my bachelor party, last June. Now happily married we will be taking our first trip together to Vegas..

    This trip is sort of the doing of tragedy however. My entire family had a ski trip planned for last Jan, but a horrible thing happened.. My 13 year old cousin was burned over 90% of his body the day b4 thanksgiving.. By gods grace he survived and is recovering, though still in the hospital after 6 months. Because of his accident, my other cousin (his 16 year old brother), my wife and me all had vouchers to use, So why not Vegas? I talked my grandmother into going to get a room with my cousin, and my wife asked her parents if they wanted to go.

    So here are the travelers

    Tre(16 year old cousin)
    FL(father in law)
    ML(mother in law)
    DW(Dear wife)
    And ME JT

    I have been to Vegas 8-9 times, I don’t really remember anymore?? I love it. It is my favorite place in the US to take a vacation. I used to stay at CET proporties in the past but the last few trips have switched over to MGM.. I got an offer for 2 free nights (in a new room) and 75$ free play so I jumped on it.. Other family booked their room at MGM too..

    Plans for the week include.

    Brad garret comedy club
    and Garth brooks Friday night

    Taco and tequilas (restraunt.com deal)
    Sugar factory
    Jean Philippe
    Wicked spoon
    Jimmy Buffet margaritaville
    The patio at paris
    Milos at cosmo
    Carnevino (B4 garth...Jillys post convenced me)
    Hash house a gogo
    (I really want joel roubochon but cant get my wife into that idea)

    Lots of chilling by the pool
    Lots of walking around
    And even more gambling on my part..
    I will be playing ½ NL
    25$ min black jack
    and hopefully if I can muster the nerve some Baccarat
    I am not a high roller by any means but love to gamble.. My bankroll for the trip is 1000$ +75 free play= 1075$
    This is money strictly for gambling and nothing else..I can afford more of a Bank roll but my wife isnt so into gambling so I must please her.. :nono:

    I will give a full report when I get back and some liver reports while there..
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