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June 23-27th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by ilovevegasbaby, Jul 5, 2002.

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  1. ilovevegasbaby

    ilovevegasbaby Tourist

    Apr 19, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Sunday: Arrived at the airport. Told plane was delayed an hour because it was late leaving Minneapolis that morning and threw everyone off. That was okay though because we left exactly an hour late. I was expecting it to be worse because they dropped off those people, picked up the Oklahomans in Vegas, brought them back to OKC and then picked us up to go to Vegas. Security at OKC is fast and neither one of us had to be "wanded". We arrived in Las Vegas to find that the airport is under a lot of construction. The only inconvenience here was in the baggage claim. They had scaffolding all over the place going up to that HIGH HIGH ceiling. Husband got his position next to the carousel and he was able to get our bags pretty quickly despite the fact that the carousel had two planes full of luggage on it. We had never flown into Vegas on Sunday through Thursday and had been told that it was not as busy during the week. I later found that was true, but right at that moment I was getting worried we would be standing in lines all week. All the planes must have come in at the same time because every carousel was busy with two planes full of people. You could not hardly move your luggage.

    We walked out the door to find the cab line about 250 or more people deep. This was our first experience taking a cab from the airport as we usually rent a car and I was surprised at how quickly the line moved. I doubt if we were in that line for 10 minutes.

    We walked into the registration area of Treasure Island and we were immediately a little more relaxed. There was a very nice tropical scent when you walked in the door. There were huge (and I mean HUGE) vases full of flowers on the tables in the center and a few down the hall. When we checked in the person asked if we wanted a smoking/non smoking, king/double beds. I told him our preference and then asked what type of view we would have. He said hold on a minute. Did some typing, picked up the phone made a call, wrote something down and had his coworker take it over to what looked like a supervisor. He came back to me and said they had one room left that was king, non smoking and had a strip view, but it was not cleaned yet. He said we could go up to it and he would put an express clean on it. We said great. He upgraded us to a strip view for free. The rooms are decorated nicely. Very similar to the Golden Nugget, but actually a lot newer. Everything is done down to the last detail. The halls are even beautiful. The sconces - everything. Plus everything is clean, clean, clean. The room was not the biggest I have been in, but it was great for two people. The bathroom was the biggest bathroom I have been in so far in Vegas. The tub was deep and it had a nice curved back to it so you could soak. Our room was about four rooms from the elevator (BIG PLUS). Our view was great. Treasure Island is right on the little curve of the North part of the Strip, so we looked right up the Strip. We overlooked the pool and the Mirage. We had a great view of the volcano and you could see the Bellagio fountains going off. We were on the 29th floor. The next bonus was the room was already clean. We were so hungry when we got there that we dropped our bags, washed our faces and ran downstairs to eat. While we were out the maids came anyway and turned down our bed for us.

    That night we ate in the hotel cafe. It was surprisingly good and the food portions were huge. We joined the slot club right after eating because we did this at the Flamingo and they send you offers later.

    The rest of the night we took it kind of slow because we were tired. We went to the Venetian and Mirage.

    Monday: A new fresh day in Vegas is always exciting. It was HOT! After Monday I adjusted, but it always takes me a bit to adjust to that heat. We of course walked all over. We went over to the Mirage where I went to the Players Club and picked up my free tickets to see the Secret Gardens that I had won from playing on Wager Works. It was a nice thing too because tickets were $10.00 per person. It was very pretty. All the cats were HUGE! The dolphin habitat was also very nice. Besides dolphins and cats they had an elephant. I am glad that it was free because it would have been rather expensive, but what isn't in Vegas anymore.

    That night we went to the Orleans for their Seafood Buffet. They had shrimp and crab legs. They also had salmon, halibut and cod. They had shrimp prepared different ways. They had jambalaya and etoufee (sp?). It was $14.95 and was good. They also had BBQ, USA, Mexican and Italian stations. The deserts were wonderful. It was also nice because they had a cocktail waitress if you wanted drinks you could get them while you ate or you could order a bottle of wine. We took the free shuttle from Barbary Coast out there and back. We sat down at the bar outside Harrah's and watched a pretty good group performs for a couple of hours. This bar is really a great idea. We moved inside Harrah's and watched the band in the bar near the exit. They were also good.

    Tuesday: We noticed on Monday that you needed to get to the pool early. We got up and went downstairs about 8:15 to get a chair. We got our towels, picked our chairs and left some magazines and a book setting in them while we ran back in for a Krispy Cream donut and David needed a coke. I sat down and played Wheel of Fortune for a long time. I had not won anything from the night before so I was happy. We went out about 9:00 to the pool. It was not any where near full yet. Monday must have been busier. The pool area is small compared to Flamingo, but not as nutty. We were in the shade until about 9:30. When we were in the sun, we had to get into the pool. It was not anywhere near as cold as the Flamingo's pool. They also had a hot tub we sat in for awhile. Treasure Island has a new restaurant in it called Kahunaville. They also have the poolside bar, so it was fun that the drinks were really tropical. We had a flag on our chair that we just popped up when we needed the waitress. About 1:00 we decided we needed to eat. I had two more Wager Works free coupons for the Mirage so we cleaned up and went to pick those up. That buffet was pretty good - especially since it was free. There was not a huge line, but since it was comped we went to the front of the line.

    We did a lot more walking around [​IMG] . I made a major mistake by not taking my tennis shoes. Word to the wise - any shoes that may feel comfortable at home may not be in Vegas - especially if they have straps. Later that night we at the Venetian food court.

    Wednesday: I was having lousy luck. My hunsband's luck had been good until this day. He was hungry so we were going to walk to Paris to have a pastry. THAT IS A LONG WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We took the trams everywhere, but still a lot of walking. I walked in there and played one machine and hit about 600 quarters. I felt better because that gave me some more money to play on. I kept hitting in there. My hubby said that my luck had changed and now I would hit everything and he would hit nothing. This was not entirely true, because we decided to eat at NY/NY and we both lost there - in a big way. We ate at a Mexican food restaurant. We went to Mandalay Bay and then back to Luxor. When we went to Luxor it seemed every machine I touched I was winning. I did not want to leave! I looked at my watch though and did not realize we had been there for so long. My husband was hungry again though so we left and went to NY/NY and had pizza. We went to bed pretty early because my winning streak was over and his never kicked in that day. Before we went to bed we checked our club points. They comped all of our meals, gave us some cash back and gave us a coupon for free breakfast.

    Thursday: I was too sick to eat our free meal and hubby wanted to sleep a little so we did not use that :( . He did go down though and play the $.50 machines and won over $700 right before we left. Lucky [​IMG] We caught a cab and made it to the airport in time to stand in line for 45 minutes to check in. The line had at least 500 or more people in it. Champion Air had 5 planes leaving approximately the same time. They moved us through surprisingly quick though. We went through security and I was wanded. We went down to our terminal and while he was eating I played some slots. We made it down to our terminal just as our plane started loading. Our plane left the gate right on the minute. There was still a family sitting out there playing slots. Unless they changed to the next plane (because there were two heading back to our city - one an hour later), they missed it. I did not think you could do that though because it was a charter.

    We both had a great time though. We went to several new places to eat this time. We also stayed at a new place. I really enjoyed Treasure Island. I was surprised by how nice it turned out to be. My husband is already telling me to save up so we can go back in the fall.
  2. tahoeden

    tahoeden Tourist

    Jun 21, 2002
    Lake Tahoe
    Enjoyed your trip report.....Going to spend the second week of September at Treasure Island. [​IMG]
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