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June 16-19

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by NicholeTX, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. NicholeTX

    NicholeTX Tourist

    Feb 21, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well we are back and had a great time!

    We flew Southwest and had no problems getting there. We did get a package and included were airport transfers. Will never do that again-we were the last ones off so that added an extra 45 minutes trying to get to our hotel and check in! I think we will just pay for a cab next time!

    We stayed at the Mirage-had a room overlooking the pool and strip. Didnt have to do any $20 trick-just asked for it and he gave it to us. Hubby did give him a $10 tip then for that. It was our first time at the Mirage and the room was ok. We just had a deluxe room but cant complain. We are only in our rooms to sleep and shower. Loved the toiletries though! I always judge a hotel by those! :) Also loved the music in the casino! Good stuff!

    We ate at Delmonicos Thurs night-very yummy but thought the location in the Venetian sucked! No ambience whatsoever in the bar! We lied when we made the reservation and said it was our anniversary and they brought out a complimentary appetizer for us. Nice touch.
    Also did the Paris buffet Fri morn-so worth 12.95 and a must do every time we go.
    We were with a group of family/friends so they wanted to do the Aladdin buffet Sat morn- I personally dont like this buffet at all. And not worth 23.95 by far. However everyone in the group likes it so we do it when they are with us. The only good thing about this buffet is the deserts and between my husband and I we sampled 5 of them. Otherwise gag! Skip this one!
    Other place we ate at to note-Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay. Wonderful customer service-we had 10 in our party and the manager gave us each a free beer for our wait. Excellent burgers too! Will eat there again!
    Oh and our favorite place to go is Mon Ami Gabi-great as usual! Yum Yum! Love those frites!

    The pool at the Mirage was great! It was packed all the time but somehow we always managed getting a chair in the afternoon! Once we even were able to snag 6 chairs right by the pool when someone was leaving. Enjoyed watching the bachelor parties get drunk and some frisky action between an older woman picking up someone half her age! There was some definite "nuts to butts" action going on as my silly aunt put it! Great music by the pool! We rocked and drank each afternoon we were there!

    Gambling wise we were even all 3 days until the night before we left-but only dropped $150-we got off easy!

    Other thing to note-we had not been to Vegas in a couple of years so we saw the new TI sign! Oh how we hated it! Also this was the least crowded I have ever seen Vegas-Caesars was paractically dead on a Friday night! And finally missed the Bellagio Fountains-it was very windy all the time and the temp was low 90s. I admit I was looking forward to some more heat.

    Well thats it! Be careful with those remotes-I accidently rented some X rated action one night after drinking and getting ready for bed! But what a bargain! 24 hours for roughly 22 bucks! Cant beat that!
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