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June 15-17th Mandalay Bay

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by dawgfan11, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. dawgfan11

    dawgfan11 Low-Roller

    Nov 1, 2010
    On the golf course
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well i've been slacking on these trip reports as I have 2 to write now but I figured will be easier to put up the one I just got back from. I apologize for being long winded.

    Trip to Mandalay Bay with my wife for a wedding.

    My wife was one of the bridesmaids in a friend of ours wedding over at the Luxor. This wedding was a last minute thing as we found out about it 6 weeks ago. There was another couple who we hung out with alot of the weekend (K & S) neither gamble much at all so this trip was definitely light on that and K was a vegas virgin so we did the touristy stuff.


    The trip started off on a bad note as 2 days before we left I called our buddy John Rosalia from presidential limo to confirm our reservation and he told us that he had left the company. We've had John pick us up and drive us to the hotel for the last 6 trips so this was definitely a bummer. Anyways we still had a reservation with presidential limo and they were there at the bottom of the escalators. We had them put K's name on the sheet and she was just floored with the limo. The driver was still ok with running us over to In n Out before dropping us off at MB. Get to MB and driver pulls out the bags and not a Bellman to be seen for 5 minutes, this was a sign of things to come I guess.

    Head inside to the longest check in line i've seen at a hotel, it was probably a 2 hour wait to just check in. Thankfully my measly pearl status allowed me to check in the 2 person invited guest line, first win of the trip! Got a perfect view straight up the strip from the 29th floor, 2nd win!

    We head over to the elevators to head up to the room and there is a line all the way out of the elevator bay back into the lobby to just get on the elevators. This was a common theme all weekend there was a line pretty much anytime during the day, the only time we weren't waiting was late at night. Room was great 0 complaints there atleast, comfy bed, good shower, great housekeeping service all weekend.

    Wife and K wanted to do Madam Tuasads so away we went to Venetian. Had some fun there, took some good pics i'll try and upload later. After that we walked down the strip got to Casino Royale and went into the tix 4 tonight and the girls decided on the 10:30 Peep Show for saturday night. Wife didn't have to hard of a time talking me into going to see Holly lol.

    Cabbed back to MB and everyone else went to nap and I finally got to hit the tables. Bought in to a $10 single deck table had some good splits and a couple double downs and ran my stack up to $700 within an hour which was good enough for me and I headed back upstairs to change for dinner that night.

    As an aside here I really hate the Mandalay Bay casino. The table game selection is horrible. We ended up rarely playing here cuz of it. They only have 1 Pai Gow table on the main floor which was always at atleast $25 which meant my wife couldn't play here. I was really disappointed with this. They also didn't have the texas hold em game that I like (they had it next door at the Luxor). Also when is MGM gonna wake up and start giving us Mississippi Stud! I hate having to go to Caesars properties to play my favorite game. /endrant lol

    Collected the girls upstairs for dinner and away we went. The original plan was to try out Gordon Ramsays new place but we forgot to make a reservation and by the time we remembered on Monday the onyl reservation open was at 10:15. So I suprised the wife with dinner at The Foundation Room. Went upstairs and into the Lounge to one of the best views of Vegas i've seen. Loved this place. They also were giving us 2for1 drinks as well so we sat outside and enjoyed the view for a bit before heading to our table. Dinner was amazing! I had the 45 day aged Rib eye steak and it was easily the best steak i've ever had. My wife had the tenderloin which was good but didn't look great next to my steak. The other 2 people went with their Herb Rubbed 1/2 Chicken which also was probably the best Chicken dish my wife and I had ever tasted. I also forgot to mention that their pretzel bread was great to. The meal was so good which suprised me as noone here seems to ever mention this place as a good place to eat. We will definitely be coming back here next trip! After dinner we tried the Ice Cream guessing game over at RM seafood which was alot of fun and we guessed 7 out of 16!

    Then spent the next 3 hours over at luxor playing Paigow and Texas Hold em Bonus and finished the night there by hitting a straight flush for $300. Walked back to MB and decided i had no desire to sleep and i needed more drinks. Well that turned into a late night and dropping $500 trying to play black chip paigow in the high limit area. After that melt down finally got to bed around 4am down almost $550 in the first day not a good start!


    Since the wives would be off doing wedding prep stuff S and I took the day to check out the strip. Hit up Cosmo for the brunch buffett, still the best buffett on the strip IMO. Then spent some time up at the Cosmo pool checking out the amazing talent that finds it's way there. After that we came down to do the $100 on us deal. We decided to give video poker a shot at the bar next to the craps pit so we could people watch. S blew through hsi $100 quickly playing $1's while i stayed at $.25s and let it ride out. Had my money down to about $70 when i'm dealt 4 aces with a J, ditched the J and got dealth a 3 for a nice easy $500 ! Smartly cashed out to be about even after yesterday and let S play through his free play. After that we explored Aria, Monte Carlo, and NYNY stopping and playing in each casino. I actually played a star wars slot game that was alot of fun with multiple bonuses so our money lasted a long time. After this it was time for the wedding.

    After the wedding and the reception we had tickets for Peepshow. The show was pretty funny, although not as good as absinthe, and you really can't go wrong with the scenery!.

    Afterwards finally got to play some Mississippi stud. I love this game, not sure why as I usually lose but always have a good time. Watched the guy across from me lose about 1k in about 30 minutes. It was a $5 table so my wife was able to play to and we lasted about an hour and eventually cashed out up $40 for the 2 of us.

    Cabbed it over to hooters for late night wings and it was horrible lol. Wasn't expecting all that much usually hooters wings are servicable but they were really bad that night. Did get a bad ass banana split sundae though for only $3 though! Headed back to MB and went to bed.


    This was the designated pool day so we were down there until about 11 when we met up with the bridal parties for the Fathers day brunch at MB buffet. While not as good as Wicked Spoon it was still decent.

    We had a 2pm check out so I went over to the Luxor to gamble more and the rest went to see the Shark Reef. Had another good run at the Hold Em Bonus and got up another $200. At that point got a call from my wife that she had forgot her key. She called the front desk and they told her they would send a bellman up to let her in. By the time I cashed out adn walked back up to the room it was 40 minutes later and she was still waiting for the bellman. Called down to the front desk and they said the bellman was already on his way, that's fine since we needed them to bring our bags to check out, this was at 1:40. I went downstairs to check us out at 2 while my wife waited for the bellman. Around 2:20 while the clerk is still working on getting things my wife calls me to say the Bellman is still not there. I tell the front desk person (Kyle) who gets me checked out and they called the bellman and were told they were on the way to our room to get the bags. I told Kyle that my wife had been already waiting for an hour and 20 minutes he was really upset and provided me with a customer experience email. Head back to the elevators that have a line through the elevator bay so I tell my wife i'll be at the bar and that the bellman will be there soon. At 3:10 pm my wife comes down to the bar steaming mad and tells me that the bellman never showed up and she brought our bags down herself. Anyways we gambled a little more before we had to go and my wife hit some numbers on roulette which calmed her down a bit :)

    Overall it was a good trip and we ended up only being down $200 or so for the trip. I was very suprised at the issues at MB as i've never had any issues with any of the MGM properties i've stayed at.

    Yesterday someone from the customer experience team reached out to me to apologize for the bellman issues and offered to refund all of our room charges for the weekend. It was a nice touch and I was glad we didn't have to email them first but at this point I doubt that my wife will be ok staying there again lol.

    Sorry for how long this turned out to be :(
  2. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave Newbie

    Jul 31, 2002
    Las Vegas
    thanks for the TR. I don't think they can ever be too long, have u seen the novels some of these guys writer?
  3. LaRae

    LaRae Low-Roller

    Oct 8, 2010
    Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yo dawg! You could of written more. Great report!!
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