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June 12-17 at TI (Long...)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by chalk, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. chalk

    chalk Tourist

    Mar 17, 2005
    New York

    My Trip Report

    Okay here goes

    Stayed at TI June 12-17 just me and the wife.

    Sunday June 12:

    Jet blue from NY Flight was good got to TI around noon check in only took 10 minutes. Left the bags in the room headed out to explore went to the Fashion Mall (Wife is not much of a gambler so I generally do what she want in the day and gambler at night or when she is at the pool).

    After the mall walked down to Circus Circus SLots of Fun was going to get the 48oz margaritta (sp) for 6.95 but the bartender said they were out of the 48oz glasses and all is had was the 32oz dor 3.95 ordered two. So I got 64oz for 7.90 ? Vegas math I guess...

    Went to check out Steve Wynn's hotel seem like a copy of Bellagio and the Mirage wasn't to impressed.

    Sunday night went to Rio eat at the Carnival Buffet. Self-serve cashiers were causing confusing. Food was very good ate to much. Watch the Mardi-Gras show.

    Went back to TI wife went to the room. Went to gamble a little blackjack, pai-gow broke even

    Monday 13 :

    Woke-up early still on NY time. Wife brings her own hair dryer (has long hair need a more powerfull dryer). Blow dryer burn-out lights go out in the bathroom. Reset the GFI switch light go back on. I take a shower use TI hair dryer something happens. Call maintence/engineer they came up in 5 mintues. He tested the sockets said they were fine and it was just a concindence(sp) that both hair dryers burnt out at the same time and he will have housekeeping to bring a new one. Okay no problem.

    Went to Dishes for breakfast has 75$ in rewards form MGM/VISA to use. Buffet was good got there around 8:30 no line by the time we left 9:30 long line. Wife wanted to go on the Gondolla ride again at the Venetian (yearly thing) she really doesn't bother me about going to gambler or how much so I can't complain. Went on the Gondolla ride it was nice . Caught the living statute and traveling misstrel show. Wife bought a pocket book in the Brightion Store ? I think it was $125 dollars said you wouldn't pay more the that for a pocket book Thank God (LOL).....

    Went back to TI pool in the afternoon. Windy got a chair no problem got a beer no problems. Went to Khaunavilla for dinner good food avergage NY prices (which is 15-20 per entree)

    Went to she We Will Rock You at Paris. Excellent Show . Not sold out ? I guess people are really into that Cirquis Ole stuff more ? Got tickets from Gold Star Events 1/2 price. No bad seats in the house.

    Went back to T/I Gambled a little broke even.

    Light went out in bathroom again rest it again. This time hair dryer still worked. Used Hair dryer in non-gfi socket the rest of the trip... Stopper in sink also broke in bathroom in the closed postion had to pry it open then left it off. Minor problems

    Went on Showtimes City Deluxe Tour/ Red Rock Canyon (44.95 each lunch at Westward Ho included) Went to Ethel M choclate factory /catus garden nice side trip. The drove dowtown and the strip could of done without that. Went to Elvis-Rama that was fun something we wouldn't have done on our own. Then we wet on to Red-Rock Canyon which was beautiful amazing it is so close to Vegas.

    At night wife had Madally Bay credit card comps took the shuttle from Bellagio/Monte Carlo went to the Market Street Cafe. We had $31 in comps . Waiter was very pushy trying to get us to order mineral water and wine. When the bill come it was $42 dollars gave the comp and a $20 (total $ 51 was just going to leave it) . He brought back the change and it wa $19 dollars he saw me counting the money and vey rudely said is there a problem ? I then said no left the orginall $9 tip and took ten back and walk out . If he was nicer I would of brought the error to his attention. Vegas math again?

    Still Windy
    Went to the South stip Tropicana, Excabuliar etc to add to my $ 1 chip collection . Went the Harrahs's while wife was Shopping at Ceasar mall . Played 3-5-7 poker at Harrah's won about $250 dollans never played it before begininer's luck.. Wife went back to the pool and I went to play poker at Wynn. Played 1-3 no-limit. plyaed a while then realized the is no maxium buy-in when a guy sat down and bought in for $2,500 . Got up shortly after that down $200 just couldn't compete with those bankrolls.

    At night went to 2 for 1 place and got ticket to Legends . It was a okay show It was sold out....

    Played poker at mirage 6-12 hold-em played about 4hour lost $80 .


    Wife wanted to go to Ceasear mall again more pocket book shoping. Found Fat Tuesday's was asked Do I want a extra shot for $1 :))

    Wife went back to roast in the sun and I went back to Harrah's and 3-5-7 poker.. The evil empire got me this time lost my shirt at thatgame, dice and blackjack.

    Final Thoughts :

    TI : Services was excellant. Room okay even with the bathroom problems. View was excellant of the Strip and the pool. Because of High winds and tech diff. never got to see the Siren show this year...

    We Will Rock : Excellant Highly Rec.

    Red Rock : Must see

    Stay away for Harrah's the evil empire you think you out but they pull you back in (LOL)
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