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July 24 - 29

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bubbakitty, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. bubbakitty

    bubbakitty Doing retirement again and happily so....

    Feb 17, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Late report for July 24 – 29 which was a birthday sort of trip for the significant other who was significantly pleased (whew!!!). Stayed at the Orleans; had stayed there the previous month to celebrate retirement (after all those years) and came back with the funbooks which we took advantage of 2x this trip (especially the spa coupons).
    Left Austin almost on time (45 minutes late) and arrived 25 minutes late via SWA. Our cheap seats got there almost instantaneously after the expensive ones. Our first highlight. Took the shuttle to the Orleans via San Remo, Tropicana, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, which took about 35 minutes and considering we were staying for 5 nights, it was ok for the price (4.25 $’s American) each way per person. No problem checking in; got the new tower, 12th floor with a clear view of the new Palm’s addition (and if you scrooched your face just right against the window, you could see the back of the Monte Carlo and northward) with a great view. If you really wanted a view it was at the end of the hallway and you didn’t have to scrooch. Housekeeping was great and the room was roomy as well (and shouldn’t it be?). The bed had some type of “foam†layer on top as it seemed one could get out of the prone position without disturbing all the other inhabitants at all (it works with 2 anyway).
    Tony Danza was in the Theatre that night but even with 2 4 1 ticket coupon, couldn’t bring ourselves to take a chance. MRS. America contestants were all about the casino and hotel hallways as it was being held there this week as well. As well? As well as some high school basketball tournament which had 10,000 students and then add the sponsors for some type of playoff format from all around the country. Very tall and amazingly polite young men. But I digress.
    Went for the Terribles hamburger (with coupon) (and did so twice more this trip) for 4.50 $’s American which included french fries (about ½ to ¾ pound) and a small drink (root beer). You add your own fixings. Ample for the price and the two of us. Then it was off to gamble. Over all ---good luck….only lost 264 $’s American over the 5 day period…not sure how much on gambling and how much on tips, quick eats / drink…just came home with 264 $’s less than left with (American). Had two nights comped for gambling and had to prepay one night. Ended up with a charge of 266.00 (American) $’s to the plastic upon leaving which included 160 $’s (USA) for the spa session and two buffets for two (28.00 $’s of good old USA George’s). So the room and all was about 78 with taxes and all for two nights (plus 59 prepaid). OR 264 + 78 = 334 for the 4 nights and damn well worth it (American that is).
    Gave the wife a 3 session massage package which made the rest of the week as a birthday present. After 19 years, what do you do material – wise you haven’t done before? She loved it and coo-ed for 3 days. Only other comparison was Caesar’s in Lake Tahoe and it was much better. She had access to the spa all day and took advantage –so with the previous coupons and the newly issued ones, she had 3 days of spa to my 2.
    I am not a pool person but it was nice. Some kids but they stayed in the main pool and we headed to the jacuzzi / hot tub in the back. Very nice and very laid back for the hour and a half I could take the heat. Went back to the room to watch the game of the week or something and was soon followed by the birthday girl. Did this 3 x during the week with about the same time spent outdoors at the pool. Fun, but not the focal point.
    Can’t say enough about the Orleans. Great breakfast buffet for the price and the made to order omelets. But nothing compares to the Paris breakfast buffet and the Bellagio dinner according to the party eating crepes at the first and desserts at the second. I couldn’t complain either.
    VERY friendly staff at Orleans and earned enough (she) in video poker to cash out for 30 $’s (Mexican) to eat at Don Miguel’s for free and get some junk from the gift shop for all the wanna be’s back home. I ended up with 9 $’s in comps from machine play for keeping her company. Bonus points for that came later as well. Cha-ching!!
    Ate at the Mexican place in Palm’s again and it was good again as well as the freshly made margarita she had. Yummy.
    Shuttle was great if you like to walk the strip—every 15 minutes or so—no waiting AND made it to the Barbary Coast just in time to see / hear / witness / experience the BIG ELVIS which was a thrill for all concerned. The crowd was wild and crazy. What a woman will do for a cd in a dance contest. Yikes!!
    Forum shops looked good and the extension out onto the street was nicely done. Wynn is very relaxed. And, still love the horses at the MGM…..and it’s only a quarter….lol
    Rained twice while there and that was nice (cool) and had thunderstorms until we left Nevada which was exciting to look at but safely navigated. SWA online registration is nice and convenient. We had the house-sitters log us in the morning we left. A group is the best (or at least the first)
    Drank about 60 Corona’s and two root beers over the time and saw way too many kids on the strip (but wasn’t bothered by it as none had any traceable traits it would appear) Would highly recommend the Orleans for room and spa; Bellagio for buffet, and Paris for breakfast. And stick with BJ….could have come home even if not for craps….where is Mikey when you need his guidance?? Ha
    Thanks for going this far for what appears to be a very bland report.
  2. Skyy

    Skyy High-Roller

    Sep 15, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It's always nice to read positive things about the Orleans since hubby and I will be there in just a few short weeks! Thanks for the TR, Bubbakitty. Sounds like you both had a great time!
  3. tara

    tara Low-Roller

    Jul 31, 2002
    Columbus, Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
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