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Jimbo Goes Downtown #2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jimbo338, May 3, 2004.

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  1. Jimbo338

    Jimbo338 VIP Whale

    Oct 8, 2000
    Laconia, NH
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Trip Report
    April 27 To May 1, 2004
    Day 2 (Wednesday)

    It's day 2 on our trip. Goldie Locks is still asleep but it seems no matter how tired or how sleep deprieved I am , I am wide awake at 6-6:30! I got up showered, got dressed and went on my search for a cup of coffee. I hate coffee in a paper or styrafoam cup, so that narrows down the options. I ended up at my favorite place...Bay City Diner. Seems like a little bit of home right there downtown. Sit at the counter, ceremic cup, refills, chat with other patrons and the waitresses. Counter people are pretty easy going, I think. I guess you are or you are not;;;my wife isn't, at all.

    I returned to find Matt up, showered, and ready for day #2. This was the night of the big show.....Mama Mia. I sat down and looked at my list of wanna sees and wanna do's. The plan was roughly to have a late breakfast, grab a bus to Harrah's and see Mac King. Matt liked Ron Lucas , and so I told him he'd probably like Mack King as much or perhaps even more. I checked my coupon and it said they start seating at 12:15 for the 1PM show. I figured after that we could explore the hotels, shuttle down to GC for dinner and back to the strip to MB for 6 or so.

    We crossed the street to the Fremont. I had never eaten there at all and was pleasantly surprised to find that they cooked eggs and omelets to order there. The breakfast buffet was nothing real fancy but it wasn't crowded, was clean and had a good variety of the usual breakfast foods. We had plenty and enjoyed our meal there. We returned to the hotel and grabbed what we needed for the day. Matt carried a small backpack which was so handy for my ACG, POV and other goodies or if we purchased anything. We walked to the LV Blvd and caught the 302. It was quite windy but it kept the temps down a bit. They were handing out Ron Lucas/Mac King 2 for 1 coupons out in front of Harrah's. I took one and we went upstairs where there was already a good line. The young guy who has this Caesar complex was strutting around making sure everyone in line had a ticket and ocassionally adjusting the rope poles. Finally they opened the doors and a female employee came out and announced that Mac King was on vacation for the week but that we have a substitute. I was a bit PO'd in light of the fact that there was no sign, and not even an announcement until people were actually filing in to be seated. I didn't want to just see a comic; I was taking my son to shows that I had seen and thought were really good, so we left. Since it was the focal point of the afternoon, my schedule was messed up but we adjusted by exploring Caesre's. We saw the statues and Matt enjoyed shopping; he is a good dresser (unlike his dad) so he was in his glory. I did poop on his parade though when I told him that he really didn't need $50.00 sunglasses. We ended up grabbing a bus to the Trop. where I thought I might be lucky and win a ticket to Rick Thomas since we had decided to buy tickets to the 4 PM show. I stood in line, took my pull......nothing. So up the escalator I went to try my luck at the other one. Sure enough the guy in front of me wins a buy one, get one free voucher for Rick Thomas (probably threw it away). I pull the lever and win a voucher for buy one get one free for Follies Bergere! Damn! (anyone want it? expires 6-30-04). We bought tickets and paid an extra 3 bucks I think to sit in front of the stage.

    I have seen this show 4 times and have enjoyed it each time. My first time was a free ticket that I won. I didn't want to go but my feet were killing me so I went in to rest and was surprised at how good a show it was. My daughter didn't want to go at all but was so impressed that she bought a poster and Rick signed it for her after the show. Each time I saw the show new things were added and the show was better. He now has an assistant, 4 dancers, 4 tigers and more. Matt admitted that he thought it was going to be boring but thoroughly enjoyed the show. Neither of us was very hungry so we walked over the street and went upstairs to the food court just past the MGM and
    Coke bottle. We ate at Wendy's. We had an hour to kill so we went to Excalibur. He bought some souvenoirs. we explored a bit and sat down at Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream. Is this a western chain? Never heard of it but boy was it good. They have three sizes of cups and a million flavors. When you pic a flavor, they scoop it out and work the ice cream on a counter like kneading bread. They work into it any type of nuts, candies, fruits or whatever you can imagine and then put it in the cup. It was sooooo creamy and an unusual textre. We were both pleasantly surprised.

    We walked up to the monorail to MB and took that over to the theater. I made 3 trips to MB in february before I could buy these tickets and was rewarded with my choice of any seat in the house. I chose front row, and an aisle seat. We were just off center, stage left. The orchestra pit was in front of us and they were very interesting to watch. I was surprised in feb to get front row seats because I read at Billhere.com that the first 2 rows were reserved for comps and high rollers and that he bought the best 8 remaining seats to all the shows and when they were gone, that was it. More on this, another time, another post.

    The seats were great and the show was fantastic. We had such a great time. It was a long day and we grabbed the 302 back downtown and up to our rooms. I tried to stay awake for JaY Leno but it wasn't to happen. I dozed off, woke up and went to bed. It had been a full day.

    Day 3 (thursday)
    I woke up at my customary 6:30 or so and slipped out for coffee. It was about 70 degrees out with a cool breeze. The first person I met looked at me and said ,"It's freezing!". I responded , "I'm from NH; it's great!" Off to Bay City Diner and coffee. Matt was up and showered when I returned. I showered and we headed to the Lady Luck. In my coupons from Billhere.com was a paper stating that you can show your slot club card for a free fun book which has a 2 for 1 buffet coupon or you can sign up for one if you don't have a card. So I signed up for a card but instead of a fun book was given coupons witn discounts with points earned at their slots. We left and went to the Gold Strike who had a 2 for 1 deal at their diner. We got there at 10:40 and they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. We left. I showed Matt the gold nugget at the GN, and we walked a bit. The new lights were installed all the way to Golden Gate where they were working while we were working there. We ended up taking the bus to that Stratosphere to get tickets to Viva Las Vegas. It was after 11 and there was no line. We got tickets just off stage....my best seats yet. Hint, go early, sit close! We walked over to the Sahara and went to their brunch buffet. It actually had a good variety of food, and was as yet uncrowded. I was surprised it was a bit better than it usually is and Matt commented that he liked the buffet. We walked back to The STRAT . We stopped into an arcade and some shops and I was surprised that they rearranged the area in front of the theater. There is a
    sitting area where the old line used to be in front of the bar and you enter on the right. They let us in early and it was so m;uch nicer sitting at the table than standing in line. We had some interesting table mates and chatted until show time. It was good.....not much different from the other 3 times that I have seen it but they did replace the first comedian. the new guy was not as good as the one he replaced. Funny, all 3 of my kids loved that show! We took a bus to the MGM and walked to the Tickets2Nite booth to see about tickets to Legends. They listed only the 10:30 show so I stood in line and asked if they had anything for 7:30. She just said no. I remember that in feb. I bought my tickets at TIX4tonight which was first located here and later moved near the HD Cafe. We walked there and it showed only the 10:30 show as well. I got in line and when I got to the counter I asked the guy if he had any tickets for the 7:30 performance. He responded, "Let me check", went into the computer and asked how many. I said "2" and he said that he could find 2 which we bought. This place is great and have a guy working the crowd giving out information and answering questions while were in line. We were off to try the buffet at Orleans. We took the CAT to BC and hopped a shuttle. I had never eaten at their buffet and really expected that it was on a par with the Gold Coast. I was disappointed in the layout, quality and variety. We grabbed the shuttle back and walked up to the IP. The lines were long but moved pretty well and had pretty nice seats. I didn't enjoy the show nearly as much the 2nd time around. Matt didnt care much for it. We walked to the Flamingo and caught the 302 back in time to see the light show at 10PM. They were only using half the dome for the show and the surprise was that it was the half that they are currently working on near the Golden Gate. It will be nice when it is done; The resolution is much much better! We called it a day and retired to watch some tv.

    Friday Day 4 (4-30-04)

    I missed Jay Leno again (fell asleep) but woke up the usual time and left for coffee. Matt and I returned for breakfast at Bay City Diner. He wanted some time to shop and explore on his own. I thought it would be good for him and said he could.....as long as he didn't come back with $50.00 sunglasses! He went to take the bus and I walked around downtownfor a bit. We met at 1:40 to go to Ellis Island for a late lunch. I had a coupon but forgot my player's card. We weren't very hungry so we took the bus back to the Fitz to get it and back down. At Ellis Island we both ordered the Filet of Sirloin for 4.95. I have had this before but it was exceptional ! So tender I swear you could have cut it with a butter knife. Matt who is not a big eater, did well finishing all but some of the steak fries. He really liked the homemade root beer too! I have been trying to see Madam T's Wax Museum for the past few years and this was finally my time! We walked to the strip and caught a bus up to the venetian and walked up only to find that a sign read "Closed due to a private function." I was disappointed......another reason to return to LV!! I figured we would catch the new Pirate show at TI. Incidently, I tink their new sign sucks big time. I read in a magazine shows were 6-8-10 but there was hardly a crowd there and it was 10 before 6. Matt said his brother and sister who saw the old show said that it was lame so he didn't really want to see it. So we returned downtown. The friday night crowd was a good one and there were two bands playing. The usual demonstrations were going on and the usual vendors were selling their wares. New this time was pictures with exotic birds or with a Boa wrapped around you!
    I went to the internet station in the Fitz and bought a time card and logged on to check in at SW. You can print out your boarding passes after 12:01 the day of your flight. I figured it was 12:30 in NH....didn't work; I had to return after midnight to check in. (Good thing I fell asleep waiting for Jay Leno, waking at abaout 12:30.) I called earlier for shuttle pick up.

    Saturday Day 5 (5-1-04)

    I ventured downstairs expecting the usual morning solitude of downtown at 6:30. Instead I was greeted by thousands of people all participating in the march for breast cancer. There were stands everywhere, 2 bands and lots of commotion. I had my coffee and returned early for Matt. We walked over to MSS for thier saturday runch and it was excellent. There was salad, eggs cooked to order, fruit, lunch choices, desserts etc. There was a good variety, that looked and tasted great. This is a classy buffet. We had a great meal and left to pack. Check out was as fast as handing in our two keys. We went out to meet the shuttle and drove directly to the SW terminal with one stop. SW was mobbed but the lines moved pretty well. I was sure glad that I had checked in the night before! I told her I checked in and she finished, "but you couldn't print the pass." She printed them up and gave them to me. We went up and Matt got in line while I went to get a couple of subs for the trip home. We boarded and were the 3rd family on and got exit seats so had a real comfy ride home with extra leg space and no one between us again. We left on time, arrived 5 minutes early and baggage was quick to arrive.....god, I love SW! It was nice to feel the cool temps but we were tired and it was nice to get home and relax and then climb into our own beds.

    Sunday Day -300 (5-2-04)

    Time to start planning for my february 2005 trip!

  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Holy cow, Jimbo, you're Mr. Show! Averaging about three a day, or more? Wow. Again, nice report. I'll be at the Bay City Diner in... 14 days and 15 hours.
  3. birdie88

    birdie88 Guest

    What a great trip! I enjoyed hearing about it and I'm soooo impressed with your planning skills, Jimbo!
    I sure hope your son appreciates you 'cuz, as dad's go, you are one in a million!
  4. Falcon_Rob

    Falcon_Rob Flying Winnebago

    Jun 29, 2003
    Columbus, OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report Jimbo! I too am impressed with the amount of shows you were able to see!
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