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Jan 20-23 at the Palms

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by BigTinFW, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. BigTinFW

    BigTinFW Tourist

    May 7, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Been reading reports here for a while so I thought I would test my memory and recap the events of last week.

    Background - I am a SWM, 51 years old working as the controller for an orthopedic brace manufacturer. Have been to Vegas many times (20?) since 1982

    My best friend Bill (B) hit quite a few NFL future plays and money was burning a hole in his pocket. He wanted to hit Vegas for a quick weekend so we booked to fly out Friday after work and back late Sunday afternoon. After I agreed and got tickets, he asked his son (C) to go. His son is 26 and I have been around him since Bill and I went through our divorces in the early 90s. C does not drink so we have a designated driver. Woo hoo.

    B quickly decides we need more time so we change to Thursday after work. Thanks American for the $150 fee and $188 extra fare to make change. Oh well, tax refund will cover it. I contact my host at the Palms only to find he has left. No problem, I get set up with Tara and get 1 nite comped up front and we will see abvout the rest. Try to use my 2 nights for the Super Bowl but no dice.

    Get to DFW and C has a checked bag. Oh well, i will go get rental while he waits. First win of trip, I get an exit row. I am 6'6" so this is really nice. Smooth flight with only 2 Bacardi and sodas. Off to Dollar and only 2 people in front of me. First guy does not act like he understands English, insurance, refueling, etc. B&C catch up and we finally get to lot and no Chrysler 300s to be seen. BTW, how in the hell does $99 for 3 nights = $151 with fees
    We settle for a Ford Escape and we are off. Down the Strip to Flamingo and over to the Palms. Welcome home.

    I tell the desk clerk as long as I have a non-smoking King, I do not care about the floor, view etc. Result? 28th floor B&C are also in Fantasy Tower but end up on the 9th floor. Off to room and it is close to elevator. Great. In the room to wash up and unpack my carry-on and WTF No closet. I end up hanging them on a rod in the bathroom.

    Down to the casino for a few drinks and an early night. That was the plan at least. Settle in at the bar and fire up a $.50 DDB Quickly hit 3 quads, all non premium When that finally runs out, I decide on one more drink and then off to Pai Gow Hit a great table for fun and MANY drinks and it takes until 2:30 to lose $100. OMG, that's 4:30 to my body. Time for more VP

    Crowd has taken on different vibe this late. I quickly run $100 into $20, cussing myself for staying out and BOOM, my first Royal since 1989. As I was getting paid the $2,000, I noticed I was getting a LOT of attention from some young ladies. Sorry, not tonight and I finally make it to be at 3:30

    8:00 wake-up call and thank god for long hot showers. We all hit the Palms buffet and it was pretty good. The omelet station was a nice touch. After breakfast, we hit the VP for a couple of Bloody Mary's. I think I will live after all.

    C wants to shop so we get the car and head to the Premium Outlet Mall (I think) It is the outdoor mall with the nice label shops. Nothing for a guy my size so I enjoy the sun and eye candy. No matter what country they are from women like to shop, I guess.

    Back to the Palms for more VP. I show B how to play DDB as he was used to JOB I hit a few quads then B hits As with the kicker. 3 hands later he hits quad deuces with the kicker and like the game. We decide the next quads will but dinner later at Mon Ami Gabi Lucky me, I hit jacks for my last quads of the trip. Wish I had know that at the time.

    We take a break and B buys the tickets and concessions to see "True Grit" After the movie we all agreed it just was not that great. Photography was nice, Jeff Bridges was funny (at times) but it just did not draw you in. I made a remark about liking the John Wayne classic better and C did not know that John Wayne had made the movie in 1970. Generation gap, I guess.

    Short rest and we are off. We park at the north valet of the Bellagio and take the walkway over the Strip to the Paris since B&C are seeing "O" after dinner. Can someone please get all of the porn-slappers out of the way?

    Short wait and we are seated inside MAG but can still see some of the fountain. I have the Roquefort steak frites and the french onion soup. B has same thing but no blue cheese. C opts for the filet and we share the shrimp cocktail. Couple of glasses of wine and some wonderful bread. The soup was fantastic. My steak was good but why so many fries/frites. Bill was $175 and the Jacks paid $125 Why do I not feel like a winner?

    Back to the Bellagio and I cannot find my way out of the place. Finally locate the lobby and off in a cab back to the Palms. Time for some blackjack. I find a spot at a $25 double-deck game and commence the battle. I keep finding people who knew my name but they were complete strangers. Evidently i was quite the sociable type last night. Tonight I am just tired. Get up to $500 and decide I need sleep more than drinks. I hate to get old.

    Sleep in until 9:30 and feel great so maybe it was for the best. I am sipping a Bloody Mary playing VP (losing) when B comes up. We decide to check out the Cosmopolitan. Wow! This place was nice. Very open and different. We head up to the Buffet and find it is a brunch. B buys and we start checking out the different foods. As you know many dishes are in indivudual pots which does seem to add something to certain foods. C is a foodie and tries things I cannot spell. We leave very satisfied and decide to play. After some quick losses at VP, i get on a $15 single deck BJ game. The pit supervisor asked if I had a players card and offered to get me one while I played. I was winning steadily at first with 2 other players playing first base. B&C come by and decide to play. Uh oh. C will NOT play basic strategy and he quickly upsets the other players. My luck turns so I am ready to move on. Stop by a roulette table and put my remaining $75 on 17. Ball is spinning, spinning, slowing, getting close and in to 17 and out. Dang it. I would have ready for the nice, friendly girls in the Palms bar.

    Down to the Wynn so Bill can change their La Reve tickets to the early show. Nice place but some of the customers can rub me the wrong way. Back to the Palms to chill for a bit. I rotate between blackjack and PGP with steady cocktail service. Amazing what a smile and nice tips will get you. I play for 4 hours and make $50. Beats losing. Clean up a bit before B&C return and we are off to Playboy Club.

    I was supposed to have VIP access but something was wrong in the system. I tell the front girl no problem, I will just sign to the room. She says thanks for not making b big deal and charges me $25 for the 3 of us. Up we go and man what a scene. I could look out those windows for hours. The scenery inside the club was nice also. I find a $50 table and get a marker for $1,000.
    Table gets hot and I am up to almost $2k when B&C come over. Lose, lose, lose, lose. I ask them to watch from afar. No change. Down to $200 I take a little break and just buy a drink $13 so I am back and find a $25 table. Good karma and a great waitress who will NOT let my glass get under half full.
    At 3:00, the music is getting way too hop hop so I count and wow, I have $850. Close enough to even so I stumble to 24 hour coffee shop. I look down and see country steak with gravy, eggs and bacon. Finish about half of it and go pass out.

    Up at 10:00 and have to check out by 11:00 Long, long hot shower and make it downstairs by 10:55. I stop and see Tara and get a 2nd night comped and use my points to pay most of the bill. I did not get a copy so I am not sure what all they fit me with. I think I drank the $7 water so shame on me.

    We hit the Hard Rock for the Green Bay-Chicago game. Setting at the Center Bar with a Bloody Mary and the NFL Times are good. I play $.50 DDB and it takes until halftime to lose $100. B finds another bar with better sound. VP is not as generous here. Last day and the drinks are flowing so who cares. Green Bay covers and we must leave for the airport. Finally time to use our designated driver.

    Short line at rental check-in and off to airport. No exit row available but I did upgrade to an aisle on Row 10. Watched some Pitt-Jets at the California Pizza Kitchen and crap, flight is boarding. Of course we are way down the concourse. I get on and still find room for carry-on. B&C are last on plane but they dropped me off a burger. Flight is smooth but I miss the extra legroom.

    We get C's bag and see that we are only 3 gates from where we parked. Not easy to do at DFW. Make it home and drop the bags. Over to my Sunday night hangout to see the highlights of the Jets game and show off the pictures of my Royal.

    Count up the next morning and find I had won $50 for the trip. Funny how the little losses add up.

    Great time and looking to go back in May perhaps. B wants to stay at the Cosmopolitan but I will probably stay with the Palms.
  2. Rush

    Rush MIA

    Aug 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice job!
  3. Ice Tray

    Ice Tray Low-Roller

    Sep 28, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That was great! I love how everyone knew your name !! Thats pretty funny and very vegas!
  4. kel3420

    kel3420 VIP Whale

    Jun 13, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report thanks!

    "I keep finding people who knew my name but they were complete strangers. Evidently i was quite the sociable type last night."

    HYSTERICAL! I love when that happens!:drunk:
  5. Jersey_Bill

    Jersey_Bill High-Roller

    Dec 30, 2010
    Exit 8, New Jersey Turnpike
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Really wonderful report - thanks for taking the time to give us the detail!

    I have to try to grind one out next time - but fear it won't be as entertaining.

    I feel your pain as a "middle aged 50 something" trying to keep pushing around the clock in Vegas to not lose a minute of fun while I am there. I crash earlier than I used to - but the bloody marys are a wonderful tonic.

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