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Imperial Palace Oct 11 to 14

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Little Bob, Oct 14, 2002.

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  1. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This was a family trip. My wife and I are Vegas veterans, but we took our 21 year old daughter and her husband for their first trip to our favorite city.
    Flew from Wichita, KS, to Vegas on United on Friday. Everything went smooth arriving on time about 3:30 pm. Took a cab to the Imperial Palace. Check in was very easy. Less than a 5 minute wait. We had reserved a luv tub suite package. Our room was on the 9th floor overlooking the pool. The room was clean and the bed was comfortable. The room was certainly not plush but was acceptable and certainly a much better value than other properties on the strip the Columbus Day holiday weekend.
    My wife wanted to try the buffet at Mandalay Bay against my suggestions. As we were riding in the cab to MB the cabbie said the Orleans was a better price and better food. Of course we then went to Orleans. Why is it that wives listen more to cabbies than husbands? The Orleans buffet certainly was good. We played a little blackjack and took the shuttle back to the Barbary Coast. It was convenient and saved on cab fare.
    Our IP package included tickets to Legends and a buffet. We caught the late show Friday night. I tipped the maitre'd $10 and the 4 of us sat on the center aisle right off the stage. The Dolly Parton impersonator sang part of a song right next to me and actually pulled my head into her bosom. I don't know what the real Dolly has got, but the impersonator was mostly foam. Other impersonaors were Rod Stewart, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, the Supremes and of course Elvis. Elvis kissed my wife during his act. The show included 2 drinks and was really pretty good. I certainly got my $10 worth.
    We had a free buffet at IP in our package and used it Saturday AM. It was OK but no more. It was something you would expect at an interstate truck stop. It was free though. I have enough old German in me that I eat free stuff even if it is only OK. The food was not bad, but there are certainly better choices if you are paying (hard to beat free).
    Saturday my son in law and I spent the day at the Caesar's Palace sports book watching college football. We started at Bellagio but could not find a seat. Cp was nice but no drink comps. Beer was $4. We made enough on the games to pay for the beer. The girls spent the day shopping. They were disappointed in Desert Passage at Alladin, enjoyed the Forum Shops at Caesar's but liked the shops at Venetian the best.
    We had show tickets for Lance Burton (front row purchased 60 days ago on the internet) for the late show and dinner reservations at Sir Gallahad's prime rib at Excalibur. Sir Gallahad's was OK but not exceptional. My family had a steak and lobster special and I had prime rib. They liked the lobster but thought the steak was very average. We will try another place next time. We saw Lance Burton 2 years ago. It was about 80% the same show. The kids loved it, but my wife and I only enjoyed it. The theatre was not full for the late show on Saturday night on a holiday weekend. That surprised me. I think Lance needs to freshen up his act.
    On Sunday AM we caught the brunch buffet at Alladin. It was very good. I would definitely go back.
    Sunday was a road trip to the Hard Rock to get my 13 year old son a t shirt and gamble along the way. I mostly play blackjack and like low limit tables. IP always had room at $5 tables (occasionally had $3 tables). Played $10 tables at Treasure Island, Mirage and Paris. Played a little Pai Gow at Hard Rock. Did most of my gaming at IP and did well. I was up about $150 gambling which is good at the cheap tables. IP lets you double down on any 2 cards and lets you double down after splits.
    Sunday night was Cafe Andreotti at Harrahs. We have eaten there before and really enjoyed it. I had the tortellini Andreotti with a nice merlot. Excellent food at a good price. Dinner for 4 with a $36 bottle of wine was only $120 before tip. The servers were attentive. It was the best meal of the trip.
    After dinner we walked down to watch the Mirage volcano, the Treasure Island pirate show (what a crowd at 10 pm on a Sunday) and to eat gellatto (spelling) at Venetian.
    We flew out early Monday and had good flights back. To work tomorrow---yuck. Thanks to everybody who has posted so I could plan our trip. I have coupons for Clint Holmes, Penn and Teller, the Scintas and the buffets at Rio. Let me know ([email protected]) if you are interested and I will mail them to you. I think they expired in December.
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  2. Jimbo338

    Jimbo338 VIP Whale

    Oct 8, 2000
    Laconia, NH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed your report.....very objective! You can have a great time and save $$$$ by paying attention here and surfin' the net! Thanks. You can start planning for the next trip now!

  3. Coecat

    Coecat Low-Roller

    Aug 21, 2001

    LOL!! Is THAT why I do that? I never thought about it before but I think you're right!

    Enjoyed your report. Thanks.

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