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If I could predict the future.....it would go something like this.....

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by -KorkedBatz-, Jun 27, 2003.

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  1. -KorkedBatz-

    -KorkedBatz- Tourist

    Jan 29, 2003
    Houston, Tx

    My Trip Report

    July 29, 2003

    Sleep late (yeah right....I'll be up at 6)..drive to the airport....check all of our bags, including our liquor bag....board the plane @ 11:35...depart for Vegas @ 11:55. Arrive in Vegas (SWEET) @ 12:59....first ones here(my running dog is still @ work sucks for him). Pick up our bags and catch a Limo to NYNY, time 1:25. We are going to keep the "liquor bag" with us in the limo ( might have to ice a couple drinks down for the ride to the hotel). Limo pulls up @ NYNY about 1:40. Walk in the front door (OMG... I AM HOME)....(this is bringing a tear to my eyes right now writing this). Go check in to our room at V.I.P. check in ( because me and my running dog are special like that). Get a room by the chin chin elevators, and on a floor close to the elevators but where we can all can get rooms together. Oh [email protected]#t I almost forgot. While I was checking into the room and getting all our free stuff, i.e. city savers coupon book, FREE Rita tickets, free nights...oh I could go on forever, my (Running Chic) went over and got two bloody mary's from Will at America's....SWEET. Now we head to our room and unpack all of your wrinkled clothes and of course the liquor. Unpack, put the money in the safe, and fresh'n up a bit, then make a drink and head back down stairs. Head over to the slot exchange, my running chic lost her players card, I know I know ..its a sin. After we get her card, I already had mine, : ) we head over to ESPN a.k.a "the man" ZONE for some lunch. After we eat, we charge our meal to the room (my running dogs room even thought he isnt here yet) and get a to-go cup for our drinks. Can you see a pattern here..gulp gulp. Then we are off to check out the casino for new stuff since the last time we were here...(its been so long...3 months). By this time its around 3:00 and we need to go see if the second part of our party group has arrived ...a.k.a temporary running dogs. Then we are off to check out a few hotels that are close....getting drinks at each one and we even make a few bucks. Hopefully by this time, it will be time for my (Real Running Dog) to arrive. Once he and his (running chic) arrives we are off..........to be continued...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.