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i promise i will write

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kitson, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004

    My Trip Report

    ...a trip report when we get back.

    leave the house about 5 tomorrow morning, arriving in las vegas about 10 their time. bride will take a cab right over to the last day of one of the trade shows we are attending, while i shuttle the luggage to the four queens. i will then make my way to the hilton, and scout another trade show, that cant be covered in one day, because tomorrow we are trying to cover it in one day. then, will make my way toward the alladin, and meet bride at commanders palace at 6 for our big dinner of the trip. just hope we can do it justice, it will have been a long day of travel and business, without much las vegas fun. afterward, if we arent totally wiped out, want to make it to the ava lounge, at the mirage, to hear crossfire, reportedly one of the top classic rock lounge bands in las vegas.

    wednesday, a full day of working trade show, then hopefully we get to spend some time looking at the remodeled forum shops, havent seen it since the remodel, and back downtown to play a little, maybe dinner at the redwood

    thursday, bright and early we will transfer ourselves to the rio, we have a free room there for our last night. as soon as we can check in, or get our bags checked, still another trade show there. again, last year this one took us two days, and have one day to finish it, so will go hard all day there. dont know what dinner will bring, fiore steakhouse, maybe, or the all american grill. maybe just chicken wings and breasts at the tilted kilt! finally will have a chance to play that night, might make our way over to the palms for their reputedly looser video poker, although i have never had any luck there. need to play some at the rio, in that we want those free night offers to keep coming from harrahs!

    friday, will get to play until about 2:45, then to the airport and home by about 10. no shows planned, and a lot of work, i know i will be scheming about when we can return for a leisure trip, probably before we get out of the airport. see ya!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.