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I made it back alive (barely)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by midwifemama, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. midwifemama

    midwifemama Tourist

    Jul 21, 2004
    Dallas, TX

    My Trip Report

    This trip was crazy! I haven't partied like that in forever. Overall it was a good trip. I was more than ready to come home yesterday. A week is a little long to be in Vegas. Next time I go, I won't stay more than 4 days or so. We had a good time hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

    Day 1 - Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    We left DFW for Vegas at 2:00pm. We had a great flight. We flew out on AirTran and upgraded to first class for $50. I HIGHLY recommend the upgrade. Having never flown first class before, we loved it. We're spoiled.
    We checked into the Mirage at about 3:45. We loved the Mirage last year and were very excited about staying there again. This time it was. . .disappointing. I don't think I'd stay there again. We were on the 6th floor, room 123. The only good thing about the room was the fact that "123" is easy to remember when you're wasted. It was smaller than last year's room and had a lovely view of the rooftops.

    After dumping all of our bags we headed over to Caesars. The new addition to the Forum Shops was beautiful! It was under construction on our last trip. I drug my husband through the mall and straight to Chinoise. They didn't open until 5, so we had to wait a few minutes to grab a seat at the bar. Finally got a seat and I ordered a blueberry mojito. Yum! My husband got the bucket of beer for $10. It came with two large Sapporo's and a carafe of sake. We got a nice buzz going and had a great lunch: Firecracker Shrimp for him and General Tso's chicken for me. I could eat there every day for the rest of my life and it would never get old. I love that place. We (reluctantly) left the bar at Chinoise and headed up to the registration desk so my husband could register for Black Hat and pick up all of his swag.

    After that was taken care of, we went over to Harrah's and took up residence at a $5 craps table. The dealers were great and so was the rest of the table. We were having a good time. We were up for awhile and started losing again. When we were back even, we left the table. While we were playing, we met a group of (drunk) guys who were in town for the same conference. We decided we all needed to go out and drink more, so we went to the little outdoor bar at Caesar's. Drunk as we all were, it took forever to find it. We were hopping over walls and cutting through the bushes. We were on a mission. We finally found it and sat around drinking with the guys until they started losing steam. We parted ways and Kirk and I stumbled back over to the Mirage. We were hungry, so we decided to hit Caribe Cafe. After consuming what were possibly some of the worst nachos I have ever eaten in my life, we got the rest of our food to go and went back to the room. It's hazy after that, but somehow we ended up asleep in the bed. Quite an accomplishment considering our condition.

    Day 2 - Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Woke up with a hangover as Kirk was leaving for Caesar's. I stayed in bed until he came back for lunch. I didn't want to go far and I wanted something fairly easy to eat. We ended up going to the Carnegie Deli. Unbelievably huge portions. I had the chicken soup with two matzo balls the size of my fist followed by the latkes with sour cream. Great comfort food if you're hungover.

    Kirk went back to his conference and I thought I would go play a bit. I went to Casino Royale and Harrah's again. No luck at either place, plus I was feeling a little light headed and queasy. I went back to the room and hit up the minibar for some bottled water and then tried to take a nap. One of my childhood friends, Lauren, was coming in from LA with her friend, Rick, and I wanted to rest up for the partying that was about to take place.

    Rick has a friend who is in Zumanity, so he called him up and asked for tickets. Unfortunately, it was dark both nights Rick and Lauren were in town. Instead, he got us tickets to his friend's wife's show, "X". We met up with Lauren and Rick at the lobby bar at NYNY and then took Rick's car over to Aladdin. We had just enough time to grab dinner at Lombardi's, right outside the theater. The food wasn't memorable, but our coked-out server was. That dude was flying!

    The show was great. Loved the music. The women were beautiful. We met Rick's friend after the show and she was still in costume. While walking up to her, I kept telling myself, "Don't look at her boobs don't look at her boobs don't look at her boobs. . ." What did I do as soon as she got over there? Looked straight at her boobs. I'm sorry, but sequin pasties are a little hard to miss.

    After the show, we went back to NYNY and hung out in Lauren and Ricks room for awhile. Cute room. They were in the Chrysler Building. It was a little small (or maybe it was just that they had two beds in there), but the decor was nice. They also had a great bathroom. The view was amazing. We had some wine and chatted and then headed back to our hotel for the night.

    (More later whe I don't have a small child screaming at and pulling on me.)
  2. Jer

    Jer Master, Master…

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    This is good news! Can't wait for parts 2-??? :thumbsup:
  3. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Man, if I had a dollar for every time...
  4. Mia4071

    Mia4071 Tourist

    Jul 28, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So funny -- that happens every time and whats worse is for some reason the person notices it more also :D

    Cant wait to read the rest :)
  5. midwifemama

    midwifemama Tourist

    Jul 21, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Excuse any typos. My keyboard is a little fakakta right now. Ok...back to my report. . .
    Day 3 - Thursday, July 27, 2005
    I didn't sleep in too late. I got Kirk sent off to his conference and took my time getting up and getting ready. He came back for lunch and wwe met up at TI. We decided to grab lunch at Kahunaville. More bad food. I had some kind of teriyaki stir-fry that tasted like some kind of funky pot roast over jasmine rice. Gross.

    Lauren and Rick were going to the gym and we were meeting up later in the afternoon. I wennt back to the room to get ready for the evening. Lauren called and they met me downstairs in the Baccarat Bar at Mirage. We headed over to the Forum Shops and did some shopping. Rick and I took Lauren over to see the Fountain of the Gods. She was not impressed. It wasn't nearly as cool as I remembered, but then again I hadn't seen it in 13 years. We did see Pete Rose, though. It doesn't count as a true celebrity sighting since he was signing autographs at a shop. Kirk called as we were watching the fountain and said he was going back to the hotel to change and he would meet us for drinks at Chinoise. This is where the craziness began.

    We started off at Chinoise for happy hour and started pounding mojitos and champagne. Our original plan was to go to happy hour at Napoleon's and take advantage of their appetizer buffet. It didn't happen. We got a nice buzz and then went back to the Mirage to pick up Rick's car and head over to Paris.

    We get to Paris and as we're walking in, we see a large group of Asian college-aged kids laughing and joking around on the escalators. They are going up as we're going down. They were carrying two of these big long sticks with them. We joked that they were either gondola guides or pole vaulters. We're having a good laugh about it when we heard a squeal coming from their group. We looked behind us and one of the sticks had gone straight up through the ceiling over the ecalators. We laughed our asses off while they screamed and ran. It was hilarious.

    We went to Napoleon's and found out that they didn't have food. After tossing around the idea of having a bottle of champagne while we were there, we all agreed we needed to eat something. We decided on Mon Ami Gabi. We walk up to the hostess stand and had the following exchange:

    Kirk: Hi, are you on a wait right now.
    Hostess #1: (glaring) I don't know.
    Kirk: Do you have anything available on the patio?
    Hostess #2: (Huffs) Probably not.

    Ouch. We were a little irritated by their bitchiness and settled for a table inside. The food was excellent and we polished off two bottles of wine during dinner. We moved on to Gustav's Casino Bar and Lauren and I grabbed a glass of wine. We were having a good time and then this creepy guy showed up. He was one of those look-how-trendy-I-am types. He was quite the metrosexual and if he hadn't been shamelessly hitting on Lauren we would have sorn he was batting for Rick's team.

    Creepy dude: (to Lauren) Hey, I have a booth at Risque'. Would you like to join me?
    Lauren: No, that's ok. I'm with my friend from out of town.
    Creepy dude: (lifting up the back of Lauren's shirt to see her kanji tattoo) What does this say?
    Me: I think it says, "I'm so not into you."
    Lauren: (to creepy dude) Oh my god! Are you wearing lipstick?
    Creepy dude: No!!!! It's lip balm!!! Uh, I have to go find my friends. . .

    We wandered over to Bellagio to watch the fountains, but the patio at Fontana was closed. We grabbed more champagne and headed over to Mirage so we could pick up passes to Tangerine and take the tram to TI. The line to Tangerine was ridiculous. Lauren tried to hit on the bouncer, but it didn't work. We still had to wait.

    We finally made it in and the scene was nauseating. MEAT MARKET!! After dancing our way through the crowd, we made it out to the patio bar. We ordered a round of drinks and Lauren got to work trying to get into the VIP area. After a lot of drinks and sweet talking, she got the two of us back to a couch. The only downide was that we had to hang out with this really strange guy who we'll call "Pumpkinhead". All I wanted to do was sit down, so I didn't care. Kirk and Rick were up at the bar talking with some guys they had just met. I was bored, so I left Lauren with Pumpkinhead and their two bottles of champagne and went back to the bar with Kirk and Rick.

    Rick and I were in an in-depth conversation about the latest season of Queer As Folk and didn't realize that Lauren was sitting in Pumpkinhead's lap, totally making out with him. I asked him if we should go get her, but he wanted to let her do her thing. Whatever. Finally, Lauren started looking a little worn out. We decided it was time for her to make her exit. We got her out of there with a fake phone call and told Pumpkinhead that she had someone she had to meet.

    Lauren and Rick caught a cab back to Paris to pick up the car before heading back to NYNY. She was out of it. I called rick and he said that she was passed out cold in the car and that he had called security to bring him a wheelchair so he could get her up to the room.

    Meanwhile, Kirk and I went to the casino bar for more drinks with one of the other guys from his conference. While we were all hanging out, a round of drinks showed up. Pumpkinhead was back and he had bought us a round. As it turnss out, he works for MGM/Mirage and lives at TI 5 days a week. Not a bad gig for a 25 year old bachelor.

    We left Pumpkinhead and decided it was time to gamble. We took our other new friend with us and went to Imperial Palace to play craps. 5 minutes after getting to the table, we were down $120. Not cool. The table was so bad that all the players picked up and left at the same time. It was not pretty.

    I wass hammered and my feet were covered in blisters. It was time to head back to the hotel. It was around 6am and everything was empty. e went out to get a cab and all of the cabbies were just standing around with their thumbs up their asses, totally ignoring us. Finally Kirk yelled over to them and asked if we could get a cab. The taxi pulls up and the driver is a total ass.

    Driver: You want to go to the Mirage?! Ive been standing here for 45 minutes not doing shit and now you want me to take you to the Mirage?! Can't you just walk????
    Me: Um, no. My feet are covered in blisters and I'm tired and I'm not walking over there.
    Driver: I can't believe this shit!
    Me: Dude! Shut up! We're paying you. Just drive.
    Kirk: Hey man, can we get a couple of reciepts?

    It was so funny!

    We got back up to the room and decided we were hungry. I called room service for breakfast. We never ate it. I must have passed out as soon as I got off the phone because we never got the order. I woke up at 10am and realized I hadn't moved at all.

    More to come. . .
  6. FLGambler

    FLGambler Tourist

    Sep 19, 2004
    Clearwater, FL

    Great report! Is "Pumpkinhead" a good or bad nickname
  7. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    All I can picture is a huge head with an orange fro......And, well, THAT can't be good:goofy:
  8. midwifemama

    midwifemama Tourist

    Jul 21, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    FLGambler - We called him Pumpkinhead because he had a big ol' round pumpkin head.

    Day 4 - Friday, July 29, 2005

    I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed. I barely remember Kirk heading out to his conference. I called him and we decided to meet at California Pizza Kitchen downstairs. Kirk was irritated that I wanted to eat at a chain, but I didn't care. I was hungry. Once again, the food sucked. Even the CPK pizzas you buy at the grocery store have more flavor than the one I had. Garlic chicken pizzas are not supposed to be bland! The hummus we had for an appetizer was worse! Hummus is not runny, dammit! By this time, I was starting to get a little pissed off at the fact that you can't get decent, well-seasoned food in Vegas for under $50/person.

    I bitched to Kirk for awhile about how crappy lunch was and then went back upstairs to bed. I slept all afternoon and decided to get up and get ready to go out again. I talked to Lauren briefly and she apologized profusely for being so wasted the night before. I told her it was no big deal AT ALL and that it actually made the evening more memorable. She said, "I feel like Vegas raped me." Aww....poor kid.

    Kirk and I met up with one of his coworkers at Wolfgang Puck's @ MGM for dinner. I had never met Pete before, so I was on my best "corporate wife" behavior. I had to tone it down a lot. Dinner was wonderful, but Pete was so quiet. I still wasn't too sure how to act around him so I stayed on my best behavior. It was getting close to 9:30, so we needed to head on down to Carnival Court to meet the other T2V'ers. The taxi line was so long at MGM, so we walked over to the Trop and caught one there.

    We made it to Carnival Court and met up with Coaster Kikky, Keno, Mrs. Keno, and Vegas Jer. They were all sitting at a blackjack table. I had never played before, but Kikky talked me into it. I sat down next to her and told Kirk and Pete that they could meet up with me later. They looked really bored. The next thing I know, I've got a stack of chips in front of me and shots (HUGE shots!) coming at me. I didn't know what to think. What a great group of people. Thank you, Jer! I had an amazing time and learned a lot. If any of you are ever in DFW, let me know. I definitely owe you!

    I played with them for awhile and the Kenos left. I stuck around for a little while longer and then decided it was about time to find Kirk and Pete again. I cashed in my chips and called Kirk. He said he was at the Flamingo and would be right over. I waited and waited and finally he showed up. He neglected to tell me that when I called him he was at a table and was about to roll next. I had to wait on him to finish.

    The three of us decided to go back to the Mirage and have a few drinks. We sat around in the Baccarat Bar and Pete finally started to loosen up. We were swapping stories of drunken partying and being potheads back in the day. It was fun. We talked about our racist families and stupid people in general. Pete got to the point that he was slurring and I was feeling no pain. Our waitress was a total bitch. She complained everytime she came to our table about how she had been supposed to leave at 1 but had to stay on because people wouldn't leave, blah blah blah. WHATEVER. We ignored her whining anc carried on. Some crazy drunk chick came by and was ranting to us about how you should never play cards with an Asian and how some lady said something to her and she wanted to snatch off her weave and punch her in the face. Lovely. Drunk chick finally left us alone. I got up to go to the ladies room and stopped at a slot machine on the way back. I turned $5 into $30. Not too bad. Finally, at around 6am we decided to call it a night.

    We stuffed Pete in a cab and sent him back to the Trashy Castle. Kirk and I stumbled up to the room and screamed as soon as we walked in the door. The curtains were wide open and the sun was blazing in the windows. Not at all what we needed to see.
  9. midwifemama

    midwifemama Tourist

    Jul 21, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Day 5 - Saturday, July 30, 2005

    Somehow Kirk managed to get up and make it out to Alexis Park for his second conference. I was still drunk, so I wasn't moving. I tried to sleep, but didn't have any luck. I called Kirk and told him I was getting ready and that I would meet him somewhere for lunch. I felt lightheaded and my blood sugar was low, despite all the alcohol I still had in my system. I figured my safest option for food would be something Asian. I can keep that down in any condition. We decided on The Grand Wok at MGM. I took a cab and met him over there.

    I had the Kung Pao Chicken - extra extra spicy. I'm glad I ordered it that way. If I hadn't, it wouldn't have had any flavor. It was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Kirk had some kind of fish. I don't remember what it was, but he said it was good. Their potstickers weren't too shabby either.

    After lunch, we hopped in a cab and headed downtown. A lot has changed down there just in the last year. We were pleasantly surprised. Our first stop was the Chicago Brewing Co. at the Four Queens. It was a nice place. We had three beers and a pina colada and it was $14! Unbelievable. Kirk acted shocked when we got the tab and the bartender asked if there was a problem. Kirk told her we had been on the strip all week. She said, "Oh, in that case it's $36!" Hahaha! We called Pete while we were sitting there and found out that he hadn't left his room. He was so sick. He spent the entire day in the bathroom, poor guy.

    I decided to play some slots and lost my ass. By the time we got to Binions, I decided to hit the craps table. I didn't last long there because they pissed me off. I was up to roll and the stick man put the dice in front of me.

    Stickman: You know how many to take, right?
    Me: Um, yeah.
    Stickman: You take two.
    Me: Yes, I know that.
    Stickman: Use one hand and make sure they make it all the way to the other end.
    Me: I play all the time!! I know what I'm doing! Please stop telling me what to do!

    I got a 7 on my second roll. I didn't even care. I picked up my ships and left. I was just ready to get the hell out of there because that guy pissed me off so bad. I could do without the patronizing bullshit. That was so unnecessary.

    We gave up on downtown and decided to head back to the strip. We went to Circus Circus and ran as fast as we could to Sluts A Fun. Oh my god! Kids everywhere! If I wanted to see children in Vegas, I would have brought my own. That's another rant for another day, though. No luck at Sluts or the Ho. I was in a pretty foul mood and was tired and hungry, so we decided to move on.

    We decided to go to Paris and grab a bite to eat. We went to JJ's Boulangerie. A good sanwich sounded good. I got the ham and cheese croissant and it was good. It came with soup (chicken vegetable) that tasted like it came out of a can. We decided to split an order of pommes frites because the ones at Mon Ami Gabi were so good. Big disappointment here. They were just generic concession stand french fries that tasted like oil they were fried in. We had like two and then left the rest.

    After we ate, I wanted to go watch the fountains. We stayed for three shows and Kirk got bored. I could have stayed there all night. We decided to go back to the room and set up my new iPod and go to bed. We got up to the room and were going to grab something out of the minibar. It was still empty. We called Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning before we went out to ask them to please replenish the minibar. It still never happened. I got on the phone with the front desk and they said they would send someone up. Riiiiiiiiight. . .never happened.

    Kirk was out cold by 11:30 and I was out at 12:30.

    Day 6 - Sunday, July 31, 2005

    We slept in and Kirk decided to blow off the last day of his conference. We called in room service. How do you screw up oatmeal? Seriously? Kirk said it tasted like wallpaper paste - and that was even after he added brown sugar and cream. We took our time getting ready and Kirk caught up on phone calls and email.

    We finally made it downstairs and caught a cab to Wynn. Wynn was beautiful. We didn't play or eat or drink or anything. We just wandered around and looked. I loved all the bright colors. I liked the mosaic floors and the parasols. Just beautiful!

    We left Wynn and hit Mandalay Bay. We did some shopping at Mandalay Place. They have some great shops there. 55*, the wine store was very cool. We meant to go back and have a glass of wine, but got distracted. I bought some perfume at Oilily and a cute little case for my cell phone at Urban Outfitters. We had dinner at The Burger Bar. It was delicious! I had a Black Angus burger on an Onion roll with blue cheese, bacon, and carmelized onions. Kirk had a black angus on sesame with avocado, swiss, and sprouts. Their sweet potato fries were so good. I had a caramel apple martini there that I drank way to fast. They coat the rim of the glass with caramel so thick you can chew it. It had vanilla vodka, apple schnapps, butterscotch schnapps, and apple coulis in it. I switched to Stella Artois after that.

    We caught the tram and headed next door to Luxor. I got a cool picture of Kirk with the sphinx in the background. We went to the Nile Bar and played video poker. We chatted with the bartender a bit and then headed to the Trashy Castle. We walked in and walked right back up. Why would a casino smell like diapers? Gross.

    We walked out and over to Monte Carlo. As we were walking in, there was some crazy drunk college kid stumbling around, ranting and yelling. We alos passed another trio of drunk college kids. The girl couldn't walk and had two guys practically carrying her out of the place. This was at like 9:00! Hehehe. Amateurs.

    We went straight to the Monte Carlo Pub. They had some good beers. We finished our drinks and caught the tram to Bellagio. We went straight to the Fontana bar and got a table on the terrace. It was beautiful! I drank white peach bellinis and had a glass of champagne. We sat there until the last fountain show. They ended with the Star Spangled Banner, which we thought was totally lame. I still think my favorite one is All That Jazz.

    We walked across to the Flamingo and I had decent luck playing slots. We threw some dice at Barbary Coast and Harrah's. We finally made up for our crappy day on Saturday. We went back to the hotel and crashed at about 3am.

    Day 7 - Monday, August 1, 2005

    We were ready to go home. We had planned to have breakfast at the Palms, but didn't get up until after 10. We packed and got ready and decided to hit the Bellagio buffet. We called the bellman and sent our bags down and went to the front desk. They asked how our stay was and we were honest. We told them that compared to last year, it was pretty lame. We also told them that we had begged the company to put us up there again because we liked it so much last time. We told them that the food and service were all pretty disappointing and that we probably would pick another hotel next time. The response? "Oh, sorry. Would you like to put this on your credit card?" LOL! I don't know what we expected, but that certainly wasn't it! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to get anything out of it. I was just very honest when they asked us how it was. That's just not what I expected them to say.

    We caught a cab and rushed over to Bellagio. The buffet was a pleasant surprise. I have heard mixed reviews about it. It was very good, though. Some of the better food we've had out there. They had a chicken Wellington that was amazing. Their desserts weren't too bad either. We were very happy. I was even happier after having another bellini.

    We rushed out of the hotel, took a cab to Mirage, and then another to the airport. We checked in and upgraded to first class again. We were able to take advantage of the first class security line. That was nice, but a little disconcerting. I could have walked through there with a kilo of coke under each arm and nobody would have batted an eye. Even after having my purse x-rayed, I made it through with two lighters! Wierd.

    We stopped in one of the airport bars, had a beer and a shot, and were on our way. The flight home was great and we drank the whole way back. I vaguely remember getting back to the airport. I was trashed. My mom showed up with our daughter to pick us up. We were so glad to be home!

    Some Final Thoughts:

    * The whole "scene" is getting so unappealing. Sometimes I just want to go out and have a drink. I don't need to "see and be seen". I just want to have a beer without having to pay $12 for it. If I wanted to go to LA, I would go there.

    * I didn't go into a single public restroom without seeing at least one or more chicks puking. As I said before - AMATEURS!

    * I still can't get over the food issue. I have never had so much bland, boring food in my life. I understand that they get tourists from all over the world and that they have to appeal to different palates. However, can't they appeal to the folks who like their food to have flavor?

    * Downtown looks great now! We didn't stay for very long because we were losing our asses, but from what we saw it was very nice.

    * Every man we met that was attending the same convention as Kirk (aside from Pete) was married and looking to screw around on their wives. Eeeww.

    * Flying First Class was awesome. I would definitely do it again. It was totally worth it - especially as much as we drink.
  10. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well worth waiting for all installments Erin!! Sorry you had to put up with as much BS as you did, but you still managed to have some great times. It was terrific to meet you, up-end a few glasses (plastic, yes, but glasses) and rake some chips at Carnaval Court!
  11. ilovevegasbaby

    ilovevegasbaby Tourist

    Apr 19, 2002
    I haven't finished the full report yet. I read the first installment and just now read the final thoughts as I was printing it off for my husband to read on the plane for our trip. I agree with you about having to pay $12 for a drink! That is horrible! I too just want to sit and have a drink and enjoy myself. I don't need the "LA style" to go with it (since it seems to cost so much) :).

    Thanks for posting your experience!
  12. Dean Martin

    Dean Martin VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Mamma... I liked your TR. Interesting points you make. Folks...it's "just my opinion", but I believe Corporate Las Vegas is going to find out (just like they did w/ the "family friendly" era) that the money to keep those giant hotel/casino's going doesn't come from the age group they seem to be catering to these days w/ the addition of all those "too cool" (???) clubs. How many times do they have to take the course? It's Vegas 101.... G-A-M-B-L-I-N-G. ~ Dino
  13. midwifemama

    midwifemama Tourist

    Jul 21, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Sorry about the novel! It was a long trip with a lot to cover. . .

    Dino - When were standing in line for Tangerine, Rick (catty bitch that he is) was going on and on about how exclusivity in clubs is so 80's and how LA quit doing that a long time ago. There was no reason that it should have taken an hour to get through the line. The club was not at capacity. They were just making people wait for shits and giggles. Personally,the only reason I wanted to get into the VIP area was so I could sit my ass down. I couldn't care less about the "cool" people.

    We really liked Tangerine last year and had a great time there. They weren't trying so hard to be cool last year. You could actually be able to sit down without blowing your bank account or the bouncer. This year, we were pretty turned off by the whole thing. As an aside, I will NEVER understand paying for bottle service at a club. I don't think anyone out there could possibly convince me that it is reasonable to pay $300 for a bottle of Absolut and a table.

    All in all, it was a good trip. We were just surprised at the few things that disappointed us (Mirage and Tangerine) since those were the things we had most looked forward to.
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