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Hot Times, Summer in the City....Atlantic City.

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by RamBill, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. RamBill

    RamBill Tourist

    Jun 8, 2004
    west hartford, CT

    My Trip Report

    It's 100 degrees with 74% humidity. Where else to go to ease the oppression but the ocean and her cooling breezes right? NAH!!!!!!! Give me that icy cold blast from the casino ACs in A.C. to soothe this heat addled brain!! [​IMG]

    The mission was a simple one. Transport oneself to Atlantic City in order to inflitrate the Borg Complex and wreak as much havoc as possible - resistance is fultile indeed!

    I left Hartford at 4:15 on Friday. The top down, the sun shining, Steely Dan providing prime accompaniment allowing me to relax and not bother with the inevitable horrendous traffic I would hit while making my way to the City. BTW, those of you who drive through CT to NYC, the Merritt and Hutchinson Parkways are a beautiful drive. It's not any quicker but driving through canopies of trees and under old stone overpasses sure make the traffic easier to deal with. About 3 hours later, I'm in front of my friend, Jeanne-Marie's apartment and there to greet me is that vision of pure loveliness herself. After hugs 'n kisses and a quickie tour of her place, I have her luggage in the trunk and we are off. She was a bit shocked that I was serious about the top staying down but she took it like a trooper( she's SUCH a girl! :D). Even windblown hair looks good on her! Due to her incredible co-piloting skills, we were in front of the Borgata in what seemed like no time at all. She had packed us dinner for the trip down - yummy potato crouquets with a hint of Mirin and citrus chicken breasts. It felt decadent to be fed such lucious morsels whilst cruising. [​IMG] To greet us upon our arrival were Becky and John who had gotten me a comped room for the evening there. Intros were made as JM registered and after a quick trip up to deposit our luggage we assembled in the Living Room to discuss our reconnoiter. JM immediately went into attack mode in the high limit area and Becky proceeded to give me the tour of the place while John hit the poker room. Yes I was an AC virgin which is why I was picked for this mission (no one would know me). Our first stop was the Gypsy bar where the Bartendress had Becky's Margarita already made and waiting. Obviously she had blended in beautifully and was accepted as one of their own. We sipped our libations as Becky gave me the lay of the land.The Borgata is very easy to navigate - they need all the little borg units to move efficiently and is laid out as such. I was impressed with the decor and the Cholula chandeliers (Not "Yo quiero Taco Bell" Chalupas [​IMG]).

    We set ourselves down at the B-Bar for another libation - a very good Caprihana and some VP. Dollar bar tops with apparent sentient life form sensors. Hello, Mr. Franklin, oops goodbye Mr. Franklin!! That was quick! I still have most of my drink! Jeanne-Marie soon met up with us as the Borg had recognized her and attempted assimilation (ie the machines were not being good to her). Her cover had obviously been blown as that was the order of the day for her. Each battle resulted in a victory for the heartless bastards. Becky wanted to play some craps and blackjack but the limits here were way too rich for my blood! I have never seen so many 100.00 minimum tables in one place before nor had I seen them so packed! I soon lost Becky in the crowd so I went off with JM to recconoiter the high roller area. I saw a few ancient Borglings hitting big jackpots there (on a 100.00 slot machine, they'd better!) but that wasn't to be our fate. Needless to say that night was the night of the Borg. Both JM and I were down - me way down! 200 out of my 400 stake down!! It was looking like I would have to be using their "replicators" soon and dreaded the thought. Those "bills" are filled with billions of nanobots that bore into your flesh at the slightest touch. Jeanne-Marie soon had enough of it and went off to bed. I quickly found Becky (JM was continually amazed at how quickly I could find her at any time. Our locator beacons were still operational) and we were off to the belly of the BEAST - 666 Harrahs. It was dead and their limits a bit more reasonable - 15.00 limits, so we stayed to recoup after our Borg encounter. We played blackjack for about an hour and I was down another 50. Yes sir, the king of 13, bust!! was in town! At this point (3 am) I was crashing from the 6 hour drive and needed sleep. We cabbed back and I went to bed. That is I laid myself down on a slab of concrete they called a bed! I guess Borg Units don't require "comfort". Thank God I didn't just flop down backwards or I would have fractured my skull! What is it with these places?! Haven't they ever heard of pillow top mattresses???? 3 1/2 hours of tossing and turning later I was up, showered and back downstairs where I met up with Jeanne-Marie (always an early riser). She was at the Roulette wheel and had just placed a bet for an LVA friend which, of course, lost.
    JM very graciously bought me a morning coffee at Starbucks and we moseyed about sipping and having our morning smoke. Even at 7 am, there was no love from the Borg. I cover was surely blown and assimilation had certainly begun. BTW, there were still a lot of 100.00 tables at this hour, still full and with much of the same people. With nanbots coursing through my blood, JM and I found a few empty 10.00 blackjack tables and sat down to a nice, friendly dealer. We chatted as we played, slowly losing (at least I was, but the dealer thought I was cute so I kept playing and tipping! [​IMG]). Although we were losing, I felt the allure of the Borgata. I was slowly being assimilated. My resistance was seriously weakening. I hungered for a "replicator" and food. I resisted the repicators once again.

    John and Becky soon arrived and treated us to Borgata's buffet for breakfast. It was VERY,VERY GOOD!! Fresh omelets, REAL corned beef hash (true NY deli corned beef coarsely chopped and real chunks of potatos - not mini cubes), big sausages, tons of fresh fruits and breakfast breads, etc. After breakfast we spent more time and money while the nanobots slowly did their work. Luckily for us, it was soon 11 and time for JM and I to check out of Borgland head to the Sands and meet up with another LVA friend of Jeanne's and I, a great guy by the name of James but known as Flip. Jeanne-Marie was staying at the Sands with James who had full RFB there (he has so far this year taken them for 20K). Flip checked JM's bag with the Bell desk as he was in the process of changing rooms to one with 2 beds.

    What to say about the Sands.....How about I loved it!! Old school, baby! Joey Bishop was finally back home and the ghosts of Frank, Dino and Sammie were there to greet me! The cursed nanobots were being repeled as my defenses strengthened. We all soon headed up to the second floor casino and sat at a bank of 25 cent VP machines and started our VP Tournament. It was a great time. We were screaming, hooting and hollering. Everybody was wondering what was going on as you'd hear one of us yell "Three of a kind, wooohooo!!!!" and start high fiving or "I'm a Jack Off!!". It was a blast. I officially "won" the tournament when, while playing Bonus Poker (or was it Double Bonus?) I hit 4 4's with the Ace kicker. $200.00 - Yahoo!!!!!! A much needed win as I was down to my last benjamin and was not looking forward to that slow, losers shuffle to the atm. It was nearing time for Jeanne-Marie and Flip to go meet another LVA member and for Becky and I to take that long walk down the boardwalk to the Trop where Becky had another free room and 150 promotional cash coming to her. We said our goodbyes and verified that we would meet back at the Borgata for dinner.

    Becky and I started our trek down the boardwalk to the Tropicana. Doing that walk in 100+ degree heat and 80% humidity was not fun! We walked slow, drinking water and getting a quick bite for lunch. What seemed like hours later, we were finally at the Tropicana. I got a room in the Havana Tower, 67th floor. Now this sounds good as it is the new tower but reality is this: The Havana tower is about 6 miles back from the boardwalk and hotel lobby and my particular room was about a mile away from the elevator! Now this isn't so bad when you're sober and strolling about drinking in the sights. Late at night, feeling drunk, tired and lugging a suitcase, that's a whole 'nother story! But hey, I was there due to Becky and John's gracious generosity and certainly had no complaints about that! I'm just warning you that it is a long walk from the boardwalk entrance to the tower. We walked through the casino to the Quarter where we were instantly transported via a wormhole to....The Aladdin! At least I swear it was the Aladdin! Everything there looked exactly like it, from the sky painted ceilings to the faux baroque storefronts. If this is what the architect "sold" them as being latino, then they need to get their money back! It was Midnight At the Oasis pure and simple! Anyhow I checked into my room to find....an even harder bed! I didn't think that was humanly possible but they did it. Hmmmm....had the Borg infiltration made it down to the Boardwalk and was it creeping it's way up? Further research will need to be done. We quickly made our way downstairs to the Red Square Bar (the sister to the one in MB) and had a couple of very delicious martinis, key lime pie for me, and their version of a Terry for Becky. They were exquisite! Hopefully next time I am in town, I'll get to try Cuba Libre and their Mojitos.
    Stay tuned for further reporting:
  2. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It's all coming back to me...

    Bill's done an excellent job of reporting so far. Here are a couple of my thoughts...

    The chandeliers at Borgata are by Dale Chihuly, the same fellow responsible for the glass flower garden on the ceiling at Bellagio. I think there are a dozen or more sculptures hanging there (and two towers of glass near the entrance).

    Bill must require an extremely squishy mattress. I remember him complaining about the beds at Rio during MM2. Since I've been able to compare a Rio bed now, I would give my personal opinion of it as slightly firm, but not all that bad. I love the beds at Borgata myself (although Wynn's are even better). I didn't even sit down on the bed at Tropicana, but saw Bill lay down on it and there was no give to the mattress.

    Bill does have a good "locator beacon". Good thing too, because cell phone service in the casinos there is non-existant.

    We don't normally go to the breakfast buffet at Borgata on Saturday. We typically eat there for brunch on Sunday. In comparison, I thought the breakfast one on Saturday wasn't all that spectacular. I guess I've become a jaded Borg!

    It's always satisfying to walk into Gypsy Bar and just stand there where you order drinks, and not have to say anything, just have my drink appear in front of me. You think maybe I've been in there a few too many times?? Nah, me neither! :D :drunk:

    Oh, and you should have seen Bill's face when we came down an escalator at Sands to the street level and found a huge sand "castle", which included, among other things, a scene with Frank, Dean and Sammy. I said "You're home Joey". I still think Sands is too smoky. But come to think of it, you might like the beds there, Bill :evillaugh
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