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has anyone been on the Mob Tour?

Discussion in 'Shows & Entertainment' started by user3657, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. user3657

    user3657 VIP Whale

    Mar 20, 2011
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    me and my buddy are set to do this, but just want some opinions from fellow peers :)
  2. mjames1229

    mjames1229 # of visits includes only trips w/ hotel stays

    Mar 5, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    YMMV (my tour was in May 2009), but I was not that impressed.

    1) I had been on a Sopranos-sites bus tour in New Jersey about a year prior to my Vegas Mob Tour, and it was a motor coach bus in which we got off the bus at each stop for photos (the diner steps where Christophuh was shot, Satriale's, Fr. Phil Intintola's church, the Bada Bing, etc)

    2) I am a whore for the movie Casino, as well as the American Justice "Vegas and the Mob"... both are required viewing before any Vegas trip.

    So even before the Vegas Mob Tour, I was had a preconceived notion of a quality tour and I kind of knew my subject matter.

    Which is why I was disappointed. First was a snafu with the reservation which led to the tour leaving before we got checked in (though they did come back and get us). We were crammed into a 15-person minivan and were driven from site to site (the restaurant in which Frank Rosenthal's car was bombed, the condo in which Rosenthal actually lived, the house where Sam Rothstein lived in Casino, etc).

    But we were never able to get out and take pictures or walk around. Further, the van windows were dirty and it was getting darker outside, so not one picture that I took turned out worth a hoot.

    A number of times, he stopped the van in an alley or parking lot and told a story (or played a DVD clip) that mirrored the American Justice special (which, had I not memorized it, wouldn't have been an issue) and he made countless comparisons to Casino. He even showed full scenes from Casino as we were driving from one location to another. It was frustrating that there were very few (if any) mentions of any family outside of the Joey Iuppa (Chicago) family and the skims and influences on other hotels than the Stardust.

    About the only thing that I learned that I hadn't known is that while most mobsters were looking to build casinos with Teamster money, Moe Dalitz was building a hospital and shopping centers, as all of these casinos will need people to move to Las Vegas to work, and therefore will need city services.

    Finally, after three hours in the van we stopped off at the Flamingo and were able to get out of the van to see the memorial plaque of Bugsy Siegel. As we were heading back to the starting point, the driver mentioned his collaboration with Frank Cullotta (a member of Tony Spilatro's crew), which explains the focus on the Stardust as opposed to the Tropicana.

    Again, I was likely spoiled by how that Sopranos tour was run, and with having familiarity with my subject matter, so didn't think it was worth the money.
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