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harrahs trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by gambling mom, Apr 28, 2003.

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  1. gambling mom

    gambling mom Tourist

    Apr 17, 2003
    southern california

    My Trip Report


    Just got back from one week in Vegas. A trip, which started out terrible. We left at 7:00 pm on Monday to check in and got there at 10:00 PM. Check-in was a nite-mare. Harrah’s was supposed to give us two connecting junior suites non-smoking. We came in and they said sorry but only have regular rooms smoking. I explained to them that my child had reactive airways and was allergic to smoke. They said there was nothing they could do. I asked them if I could get a host to help me as mine was not in…he seems to never be there when I check in or check out. Nothing they could do. However, the host said they would change us the next day. I explained that I was told I would have connecting rooms. Their attitude was sorry Charlie no connectors. Therefore, my kids slept in a room down the hall.
    Next morning everyone was sick. The smoke in the room lingered from the previous desk—so my daughter was a mess from the allergies, I was coughing and everyone in our party was complaining. I called the front desk and told them we needed something else. Again, they said they were sold out but would get us something that day. We eventually ended up in nonsmoking rooms both juniors with no connectors. They told me my host was wrong and there were not connectors. The rooms were okay but nothing like last year’s accommodations, which were the nice suites. According to my host, I am not eligible for those anymore. I find this very strange as I qualified for them last year—my play has not changed and yet now I do not.
    The service to our room was also lousy. I had to call downstairs twice to have our rooms cleaned as our maid was on vacation so there was no one assigned to our rooms ( Can you believe that?) I also had to call housekeeping for a stooped up toilet and each day they would not leave coffee.
    Now maybe I am dense but if you see that the guest uses the coffeemaker that is provided would that not tell you that they need the coffee replenished? By the way, this is the Diamond Player wing supposedly with nicer amenities. I only saw coffee makers and cookies brought every day. Nevertheless, coffee makers without the coffee. I guess I need to bring coffee from home? When I asked for the coffee before I went for dinner the first time...They brought one bag of coffee no creamer, sugar stirrers nothing. Therefore, I was to have black coffee and if I wanted sugar or cream, I had to go downstairs…Come on give me a break…

    Besides my stay being bad, the gambling was so so. I have started to play more on nickel and I guess they consider me a so so player. I played over 1000 points a day? To me that seemed like a lot of play. I wish I knew what they need to get a regular suite. They will not tell me though. We are taking a serious look at the Rio for our trip in May and canceling the May reservations at Harrah’s. I am told the rooms are nicer than what we had. We walked in the halls at the Rio though and noticed the halls dark. I remember one tower appeared to have nicer hallways I just forgot which one. There seems to be more activity at the Rio though. I am surprised that everyone says their slots are tight. I think that they are probably the same as Harrah’s. There seemed to be a lot of people playing there and winning. The seafood buffet was good. I got my lobster and crab for only 10 each person as we had a special coupon from Harrah’s allowing us 40 off the meal.
    In May when I go we will try out the other restaurants. I am trying to convince Hubby to try Rio as I think we will get a nicer room. I must admit I was really surprised by the lack of service at Harrah’s this time around.
  2. rje

    rje High-Roller

    Jan 14, 2003
    it sucks you had such a bad start to your vacation...i would write a letter to harrah's stressing your dis-satisfcation...
  3. Lynne in the Falls

    Lynne in the Falls Tourist

    Mar 21, 2003
    Niagara Falls,Ont.
    Hi gambling Mom!
    Just for your future information, my husband found a Casino Rating sheet for payouts at "LasVegas Advisor-LasVegas'Loosest Slots"

    The Palms was rated #1 for payouts 93.4170%
    Gold Coast #3 92.8432%
    Imperial Palace #5 92.6315%
    With Harrahs Right up there at #63, 89.3237%
    Rio at #66 88.7180%
    Last...The Venetian #69 86.6580%
    I thought you might find this interesting

    Lynne in the Falls [​IMG]
  4. Heathcat

    Heathcat High-Roller

    Apr 9, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am amazed at the poor treatment you received- especially for being in the Diamond club- I would definately write a letter to management. The Rio may be a better bet, but they are going to be just as tight with the rooms. I have heard the customer service at the Rio is great, so at least you'd be getting better treatment for your money. I would NEVER go back to Harrah's if I had to put up with such terrible service!
  5. nickm

    nickm Tourist

    Dec 29, 2001
    We are long time users of harrahs lv, the hotel and food service is not what it was, lost staff to the new hotels? the gaming, cocktails and change people seem fine but we have had a bad time both with the diamond check in and range restaurant we would sooner eat in the buffet (new diamond area, is this where they want diamond guests to eat?} The coffee shop also has slow service and cold food. We had to go to the Rio a few trips ago when they failed to find us rooms in harrahs, the actual rooms are better in the Rio but food was not much better, found it too big for gambling {just a feeling} and trapped away from the strip. The staff at ip seem much happier than harrahs staff who clearly would rather been anywhere than at work. Last trip 9-21 April spent a better few days at Orleans. Unfortunately we are diamond at harrahs which gets us a free room {never a suite} but that’s all. Hope u have some luck with your complaints in the past year we never have and we didn’t complain in the years before (no need to) thanks for bringing up harrahs current problems and please let us know if u stay in a better hotel in Vegas, it is still better than cold wet London nickm
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