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Harrahs Summerfest Aug. 3-8th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bethbas, Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. bethbas

    bethbas Newbie

    Aug 3, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Dates: Aug 3-8th, 2003
    Place: Harrah’s Las Vegas
    People: Mom, Dad, Colleen-friend, husband-Andy and me-Beth

    3rd -Flight from Cleveland on Continental after the plane stalled once while backing out the flight was fine, waited in the taxi line for almost an hour, Check in at Harrah’s at 11:30 am also very long lines, but staff was passing out water and soda in the line so that helped. We had 3 rooms and all used the Summerfest vouchers, so that was 4 free nights for everyone, the last night we had free from another offer and the other 2 rooms were $60 each. We were on the 6th floor of the Mardi Gras tower and the room was nice. Thanks to the 3 people who sold us the Summerfest vouchers! We played slots and video poker at Harrah’s, Barbary, Flamingo and Casino Royal. No big wins and went to bed early.

    4th –8:30am waited in line to get into slot tournament at Harrah’s (line took an hour and Andy was not happy about waiting in line), decided to sign up for the latest times possible and that if we won anything we would split it among the 5 of us, we went to Gold Coast, Palms and back to Harrah’s for the tournament, We played in the 3:40pm session and I came in 3rd($20) and in the 4:00pm session Andy came in 1st ($50) Andy played in the finals and came in 6th and won $450! It was so exciting and we were all cheering him on. So we had a total of $520 in winnings that we split among the 5 of us. My parents went to see Mystere and we played more at TI, Mirage, Venetian, Casino Royal and Harrah’s. Called Showtime tours to schedule Laughlin tour for the 5th.

    5th – waited for the Showtime tour bus at 8:20am, it finally showed up at 8:50am and took us to the bus depot where we were told to get off and another bus would take us to Laughlin. People stared to get on the 2 buses going to Laughlin and there weren’t enough seats!!! We get off the bus with about 5 other people and they tell us “I guess I overbooked, we can send you on the city or the Red Rock tour for free or take you back to your hotel.†We decided just to go back to the hotel, and they had a mechanic take us back in an airport shuttle. It was a waste of almost 3 hours. Headed out on the strip to Tropicana, parents stayed and saw Rick Thomas show and Airplay, we went to NY NY, Monte Carlo –did the free slot tournament-didn’t win, ended up back at Harrah’s went to the Improv and called it a day

    6th – spent some time at the pool, went to Rio saw Ronn Lucas show and were in the Show in the Sky (kinda lame) went back to Harrah’s, TI, and Mirage

    7th – went to TI, Fashion show Mall, Palace Station (where Andy got 5 Aces on a quarter Progressive Dues Wild Machine-I think he won $148) Aladdin-did slot tournament-didn’t win, Ballys, Paris, and ended at the Rio to see Penn and Teller (great show!) Colleen, Andy and I each put $20 in and played a quarter Risky Business slot and go the bonus and ended up cashing out for $300 Went to Barbary and Andy got 4 deuces on a $1 Deuces Wild machine he was playing $1 at a time so he got $200. We did one of those oxygen bars for 10 minutes and it really does give you a boost of energy!

    8th - went to TI and back to Harrah’s checked out and decided to take Limo to the airport, a couple shared the limo with us and one of their bags fell out of the trunk, we had to go back to Harrahs so they could make a report- I’m sure they missed their flight. Flight home was fine, slept almost the entire flight.

    Overall it was a great trip with family and friends. We did come home with some money so that’s winning to me. We already are planning our next trip for March or April.

    Coupons used:
    ·Continental Free drink coupon (2=$10)
    ·FREE ceramic mug - Aladdin Casino 5)
    ·$10 FREE slot play - Aladdin Casino(3=$30)
    ·Aladdin $25 free Slot Play $50 coin-in (4=$100)
    ·Free hot dog and a beer at Barbary Coast (5=$5)
    .Free cocktail at Barbary Coast (5=$5)
    ·2/1 buffet Rio (2 Dinner=$33.98)
    ·Rio show in the sky 2/1 (5=$24.88)
    ·Rio Ronn Lucas show for $6.95 (5=$94.75)
    ·Rio 25% off Penn and Teller (3=$48.75)
    ·2/1 Improv Harrahs (1=$24.95)
    ·$10 off Impov (1=$10)
    ·$5 off buffet Harrahs (14=$70)
    ·$10 Free Machine Play Palms (2=$20)
    ·$10 in Free slot play new members Palms (3=$30)
    ·Buy ½ dozen get 1/2 Krispy Kreme (1=$5)
    ·Treasure Island Kahunnaville breakfast 2/1 (2=$14)
    ·Station Casinos sign-ups $5 free cash (5=$25)

    Total savings for 5 people = $551.33 that’s over $100 per person! It makes all the time put into coupon trading worth it.

    Thanks for reading and for all who traded coupons with me!
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