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harrahs 11/4 -11/8

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mardaho, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. mardaho

    mardaho Low-Roller

    Feb 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    HARRAHS 11/4 - 11/8 Day 1


    this trip started coming together this summer
    I always check the prices on Allegiant Air out of Green Bay and out of the blue the fare was lowered to 59 each way (our 26th Anniversary is in the beginning of November so I went with these days )
    well how can you pass that up
    so after all the fees and such it came to just over 300 for 2 tickets and we scored the exit rows each way WOO HOO major bonus

    we always get offers from Harrahs for free and/ or discount nights
    when I called to check the comped us all 4 nights

    After months of saving up for gambling we were finally off
    Flight out was great a little bumpy over the mountains but nothing too scary
    watched a DVD - rested - had a brewsky and we were there
    that's the way to go - no sitting around airports all day long

    Luggage was quick Taxi was quick and we were in our room less than an hour after landing
    while checking in I had asked if any upgrades were availabe because we were celebrating our anniversay (chickened out on the 20 dollar trick)
    she commented on the rooms that were closed down and said that those were all suites (I really wasn't looking for a swanky suite just a nice room with a decent view) She then said she had a newly refurbished room with
    flat screen tv's in the bedroom and the bathroom (this may cost us at home in the future)
    It also had a pillow topped mattress and a view over carnival court
    we were far enough away that the noise didn't bother us
    and we were 10 quick steps to the elevators oh and it had a safe in the room
    this is a nice extra, so you don't have to stash your cash in a safety deposit box.
    the room wasn't real big but it was adequate - They had taken out the armoir and replaced it with a cabinet type thingy built into the wall
    the bottom half of this was the mini bar so this took up alot of storage space
    the only closet was about 2 feet wide and it had 3 tiny drawers in it
    I didn't like this new feature at all not much room and ended up leaving shorts and capris in the suitcase and hanging the tops

    Well once in the room you can never get out of there quick enough
    so off we went to start our quest at an early retirement LOL
    for those of you who get bored and don't read this entire thing I will let you know we did not complete our quest and I am at work typing this BOO

    we started out on a couple of penny machines by carnival court and the piano bar
    I went to sit at a machine and on the ground was a woman's wallet just laying there half open with money hanging out of it.
    Looked around and didn't see anybody it might belong to so I picked it up and headed toward the casino cage but came up on a Total Rewards booth and the lady there said I should just leave it with her
    Went back near those machines cause that's where hubby was playing and just hung around there hoping this lady would show up. I would hate to be in her position and not know where to start looking PANIC TIME
    after about an hour she showed up and I could just tell on her face she was kind of Crazed so I asked her if she lost her wallet and then I sent her to the Total Rewards.
    Good deed for the day - maybe the casino gods will shine on me

    UH - NO

    we just hung around Harrahs for the evening and ended up eating the buffet there
    it was good but wayyyyyy toooo much food and I was really hungry so I had to try one of everything
    well nothing kills a good buzz like 25 pound of food sitting in your stomach

    We played a few machines and went to spend one last 20 on Gold Fish
    well that machine played with us for about 2 hours I was ready to bail at 60 but hubby wanted to keep playing so I waived the white flag and headed off the enjoy that comfy bed - body still on Eastern time - and boy did that bed feel nice

    Hubby showed up about another hour later but wasn't showering me with Gold Fish Cash so I guess he lost.

    Day One
    no cash wins but did score a nice room - great flight - and hey we were in Vegas

    More to come
  2. mardaho

    mardaho Low-Roller

    Feb 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    harrahs 11/4-11/8 rest of trip

    DAY 2

    started kind of early
    went to bed early (3 hour time difference)
    so by 6:30 am I was ready to roll
    started off with my starbucks and open the curtains to a good view and
    jump back in bed to relax and enjoy
    then it was up and at em
    roamed around Harrahs a little bit more and started off with the same Gold Fish machine as last night. cashed out 60 bucks up and headed out.
    we went towards the Planet Hollywood with stops along the way at Bill's and Paris (hubby cashed out 300 bucks on some jungle machine with wrap around pay lines that was really neat)
    Signed up for the A list card at PH but no luck on the free spin
    We roamed around here for awhile and then went thru part of the Miracle Mile shops - to get hubby thru part is a feat in itself.

    Walked thru Paris and went thru towards Bally's
    Stopped at La Brassier Burger for some food
    we split the sliders and the tower of Onion Rings
    very good meal and just the perfect amount
    Eating is not High on our priority in Vegas and we usually end up sharing

    Roamed thru Bally's and went to the Imperial Palace
    We had a room at IP for 2 nights because I had an offer for up to 3 nights
    and it came with 4 free drinks and 2 buffets
    didn't need the room but wanted the free stuff
    I was trying to talk my sister in to coming and staying but she couldn't get away. No comparing the 2 rooms I was glad we were at Harrahs
    IP had the best drink service of our entire trip
    we like our miller lite and we couldn't keep up to the waitress
    towards the end we had to pass on a couple of rounds
    we had side by side Ruby Princess machines that played with us for awhile and ended up cashing out about 80 bucks ahead :thumbsup:
    now we needed a little more food to counteract the miller lites we had
    so we went to the Pizza Palace (we had 34 dollars comp balance)
    so we had a bottle of wine and a pizza GOOD PIZZA it was yummy
    now I had a good wine buzz going so we staggered back to Harrahs and hung out there for awhile :drunk:
    we played some of the penny machines just outside the sports book
    there was an older lady who was our cocktail waitress and she was on the ball with drinks as soon as we needed (or maybe not) them
    Harrahs was pretty decent with the drink service but some of the girls would load up so much that sometimes it took about a half hour for a "free" drink which would ended up costing you if you wanted to move.
    was in bed by 10 pm vegas time (I just can't get that time change in my system)

    DAY 3
    Managed to stay in bed past 7 today woohoo
    same start as day 2 (this is my favorite part of vacation)
    sipping coffee and catching the today show
    just for an hour mind you any longer and I get a little antsy!!!
    called home and found out that they had a foot of snow overnight and a pretty bad windstorm (schools canceled - no power - degrees) hey that's a 50 degree swing!!!! It was in the 80's the entire time we were in Vegas
    Today we are heading the other way on the strip

    this is our 3rd trip in 12 months so we were concentrating on the middle of the strip since we did the downtown and both ends on the previous 2 trips
    went to the Venetian and gambled our way around here for a bit won a little but nothing to brag about but hey even if I'm even I consider it a win
    went to the WYNN next - last time we were there it seemed like we rushed in and out so we roamed around a litte and we were starving so we ate a little deli there
    the sandwiches were 10 bucks a piece but the were pretty good and we were pretty hungry we didn't even share on we each had our own
    I was surprised the WYNN didn't have a food court of any kind and we only saw a couple of sandwich type places
    I'm sure there were some fancy smancy places but we just wanted a quick bite
    walked over the overpass and meandered back towards Harrahs with stops along the way at TI and Ceasar's crossed back and hit the Flamingo and back to IP and cashed in on a couple of the free drinks (had a Mai Tai yum but really boozy)
    back at Harrahs - then we took the shuttle to the Rio
    watched a show and went to the Tilted Kilt for some food
    we split the shrimp and chips (had this before and it was great)
    also had some garlic bread and a couple of rum and cokes (3 bucks on special)
    the Rio was pretty quiet - during the shows the balcony is usually crowded but there was hardly anyone up there - maybe half full
    Back to Harrahs and our favorite cocktail waitress for some yummy kahlua and cream bed time snacks and then off to bed.

    DAY 4
    Anniversary Day
    last day in Vegas
    same start as day 3
    Then we went and checked out the Great Gift Wrap Giveaway
    there was only a few people up there and it started in 20 minutes so we decided to wait. Hit the big room and walked away with a cordless phone and a foot massager (that hubby of mine just spoils me rotten LOL)
    thanks for the gift honey
    Went to IP for our free buffet and checked out of our room
    Didn't really have an agenda for the day so we just roamed down the strip towards the Bellagio it was beautiful outside and nice just to roam and enjoy
    the view
    Hubby being a creature of habit wanted to hit the Jungle machine at Paris again after watching for a while a roamed outside to this fenced off area with a few tables and chairs and a bar and enjoyed a miller lite and soaked up some sun and read a magazine
    this was nice
    One thing I don't like around Vegas is that when the pool's are closed there is really no where just to sit and relax and enjoy the weather for an hour.
    then went to Bally's ( I just never get a good vibe from this place)
    hit up Flamingo and Wild Bill's again - Wild Bills had a new Wizard of Oz machine that we played it was fun but no big wins
    some guy next to us got 160 bucks in a bonus round - but that wouldn't happen to us!!! dern it
    Stopped at IP for our other 2 free drinks and Hubby hit 160 on a Pompei machine - this was an awesome hit cause he was draining his gambling funds all day long
    Had some more comp dollars so we had pretzels and hot dogs at Betty's Diner
    on our back over to Harrahs.
    For those of you not too familiar with Harrahs or IP these 2 connect by the monorail station so if you go out towards Betty's diner and walk towards the monorail station you end up in Harrahs by Toby Keith's
    this is a nice quick connect when you don't want to go past the time share people or bump your way thru carnival court.
    Finished up at Harrahs with a couple of Kahluas and then off to bed
    we had to be up at 4 to catch our flight at 6:45

    got to the airport around 5
    Allegiant Air says to be at the airport 2 1/2 hours early
    we have done this in the past and have encountered a ton of people
    AA has about 4 early morning flights and everyone gets to the airpot early
    well we waited a little longer and when we got the LAS there was a line of aobut 50 people outside but we went inside and there was not one person in line.. Awesome walked right up and got our boarding passes and then went thru securtiy - this probably only took 15 minutes so we were at our gate with about an hour before boarding began
    flight back was ineventful - I didn't even sleep - On our previous 2 trips I was exhausted on the flight home - but then again I didn't have that nice cushy bed to crawl into evey night!!!

    ready to start planning again!!!
  3. ThreeCard

    ThreeCard Tourist

    Jun 27, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. Your writing style is like spoken word poetry:

    After months of saving up for gambling we were finally off
    Flight out was great a little bumpy over the mountains but nothing too scary
    watched a DVD - rested - had a brewsky and we were there
    that's the way to go - no sitting around airports all day long

    By line, that's 15, 20, 15, and 15 syllables.

    Walked thru Paris and went thru towards Bally's
    Stopped at La Brassier Burger for some food
    we split the sliders and the tower of Onion Rings
    very good meal and just the perfect amount

    By line, that's 10, 10, 13, and 11 syllables. Mezmerizing.
  4. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. Too bad the gambling gods weren't smilling on you for your good deed; hopefully, next time they will be kinder to you than they were to you this trip. I have to agree those pillow top beds are the best sleep I've ever had.
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