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Guess I will too

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by BigLouie, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. BigLouie

    BigLouie Low-Roller

    May 1, 2003
    Birmingham, AL
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    It doesn't take a whole lot to entertain some folks so I guess I'll plan to do a report on my next trip. It promises to be un-noteworthy.

    My wife and I blast off next Thursday morning. Southwest has a Vegas non-stop everyday from Birmingham...4 hours and you're there. Cheap tickets too, if you catch the internet special, which they run all the time.

    This will be my 47th (I think) trip to LV and I still get as big a kick out of it as the first time many years ago. Staying at Ballys. They take care of our basic RFB so we get a room (not a suite) and a few meals. I don't play as strong as I used to but as long as they'll put us up, we'll take 'em up on it.

    We like the sights and entertainment but I'm mainly there to play...so my report will skew toward gambling...mostly dice and 21 but there are some slots I like too.

    Just a quick slot story from last October. We stayed at TI that time. I'm bleeding at the craps tables. Couldn't find a shooter all weekend. BJ is no better. But I found this one machine, a $5.00 Triple Double Diamond. Everytime I lost a few hundred on the tables I go back to this machine and get it right back and more!

    I came home with five tax slips from that one machine (which you get on any jackpot over $1200) plus it payed me $6-900 another several times. The biggest I hit was $3400. I kept thinking, this thing can't keep paying off like this!!! Never seen a machine that just kept paying off like some kind of money tree! Anyway, I'm not even a big slot player at all but that was fun!

    The other day my wife says "You going back to try out that machine at TI?" Well, duh.

    Here's another story and I've got no idea what made me think of this.

    A few years ago a dealer at the Mirage told me this. He said the weekend before about 3:00AM a lady is waiting for an elevator to go up to her room. The door opens and two black guys get on too and position themselves behind her. As the door closes she begins to feel very uneasy. Maybe she should get off. Suddenly one of the black guys says "Hit the floor" !!! She immediately falls to the floor in a panic. They both start laughing "No, lady! Hit the button! What floor do you want?"

    She regains composure. Major embarrassment. The guys happen to get off on her floor and go their separate ways. Next morning she gets a knock on the door. A dozen roses. The card says "Thanks for the material, lady. I'll use it in a movie someday, Eddie Murphy.

    Anyway, we'll be there Thurs-Mon. Gonna check out Wynn LV, do a show, eat well and try to make a minor dent in the Nevada economy (maybe even a Mikey sighting) And for the first time ever, will make a trip report.

    Your Vegas Buddy,
    Big Louie
  2. Red Sox

    Red Sox Tourist

    Apr 6, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I love this story it is an OLDIE but GOODIE!
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