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Good times.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by doctor_al, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Pieces of the trip

    Ok, here’s my side of Rashomon. It’s kinda long. I haven’t read the others yet, so it may be kinda repetitive. Enter any complaints in the following space, and write neatly: { }. Okay, let’s move on.


    It all started well enough. Got into Vegas and down to the Golden Gate before noon. Checked into my little 10x14 vintage queen. Remember how I was wondering which of those windows would be mine? Try none of the above. My view was of a broken or painted over windows, a rickety catwalk, and the roof. Due to the oddities of the layout, I had no noise from the one possible neighbor, and got a slightly larger than normal room, but the maid station was right next door, and it turns out they get started about, oh, six-freakin-thirty every morning. The shower was just a little tiled room, no curtain or door to the rest of the can, which I referred to as the ‘prison shower’, not that I have any direct experience there.

    So it’s off to get a shrimp cocktail and a beer. There is no good reason that that line has to go that slow to dish out shrimp cocktails, except maybe that they don’t really *want* to sell shrimp cocktails.

    Went up to the Lady Luck to do a little coupon work. Here’s the deal on the “$45 for $5 slot play†scam. What you really buy for $5 is 50 spins on a nominal dollar slot, but you only get paid if you line up the $10 or $100 symbols, there’s no cashing out credits. But you do get a “free giftâ€, either a hat or shirt, or Ovation ticket comp. I took the Ovation ticket comp, but didn’t wind up going. I call it a scam, but I guess two show tix for $5 wouldn’t have been such a bad deal. I also had some matchplays here, but the blackjack looked terrible. Did I really see even-money BJ here? Never went back for a second look.

    Went off to place my only sports bet (another new Vegas experience). Only game I liked was Creighton. LVC had them at +2, but I remembered there’s all kinds of books downtown, so I wandered around looking for a better line, only found worse. Went back to the LVC and discovered I’d lost half a point. Creighton wound up losing by two.

    Wandered down to the Plaza early, saw somebody that looked a lot like CoasterKikky at a full blackjack table. Played a little bartop VP to get going. Hit a natural quad threes – on deuces wild, so that paid 4 credits. Guy next to me hit quad threes on one of the bonus poker variants – hit for a couple hundred.

    Got up from there, and went over and met CoasterKikky. Then RamBill walked up, and PrincePaul. We were planning on playing some blackjack, and putting the winnings into Mikeys bankroll, but we couldn’t get on a BJ table, instead grabbed an open mini-baccarat table. Little up, little down, nothing much going on there, so we cashed out and wandered down Fremont and stopped into The New Binions, which looks exactly like the Harrahs Binions.. Among other things, PrincePaul found a room downtown so he wouldn’t have to drive anywhere afterwards, and we bought into a $10 BJ table in the mini-pit on the Mint side. First time on a $10 table for this low roller. My first three hands included two elevens (doubled both, got a 3 and an ace respectively) and a 20 vs dealers 5 card 21. Down fifty in a couple of minutes. Nice! Bailed on that and played some VP with PrincePaul and chatted. Good times.

    After that it was pretty much time for the meet, so it was up to MSS brewpub. We had a hard time picking out Mikey’s table. Are you kidding? It was like a last supper tableaux, with the big guy in the middle. Lots of people there: Blackjack, Bastardo, Vegasbound, 3cats, who am I missing? Big thanks to SteveB for throwing in some of his comps on that big ticket. Good food there, as you can tell from the pic of me and Blackjack. Funny thing, a lot of people looked kinda like their pictures, kinda not, but when Neon walked in I knew it was him ‘cuz he was in That Shirt. It was great to meet everyone, and I do mean everyone. Good times.

    We had a few beers, and moved out onto the floor. Wound up pretty well taking over a craps table, had about 10-11 T2V’ers on it. My roll was hideous, three sevens, a point, a seven. Coaster and Jer threw well, but I was playing pretty conservative and didn’t go up much (nowhere near as much as some), but it was all good. Somewhere in there I got a call from DonD – “aren’t you guys supposed to be on the webcam?†After a little confusion, and the fact that we weren’t walking from that table until we were done taking money off it, we got it set up. Lost a bunch of people, somehow, on the way to Main and Fremont. Did the First Walk. Hoped someone caught the ambulance as it whizzed by, it seemed somehow appropriate. Got some blanks here, as folks split up and went this way and that. Jer, Becky, Rambill and I headed down Fremont, and stopped into La Bayou for a drink.

    La Bayou stole the handle, and this train it won’t stop, oh no it won’t slow down.

    Four brain freezes, and heck yeah we want the extra shot, we’re riding the grain train. Well let me tell ya, it’s just silly. We’ve got these fruity drinks with everclear in them and we’re sucking them down like high school students - “dude, you’re behind!†Got down to the El Cortez, and I’m told Becky and I sat down at a couple VP machines for a while. That would explain why my Jackie’s Club card was missing the next day (least of my worries). I do recall throwing the dice at the craps table. Becky wasn’t into standing anymore (girl, you got to get some better walking shoes), fortunately she found a stool nearby. (The kind with legs, mind you, I know what some of y’all think about the El Co.) I remember the boxman busting the chops of the break-in dealers, and me putting down two-ways and being, if not a complete ass, ass-like.

    Next thing I know we’re heading back up Fremont. Jer, Bill, and Becky are talking about breakfast at the Peppermill, I instead opt for driving a trashcan with one hand, throwing the thumbs-up at passers-by with the other. Staggered back to the Gate. Tipped the maid well the next morning. All you need to know.

    If you can read this, LVTerry fell off.

    Spent the morning re-assembling the jigsaw puzzle formerly known as dr_al. Don’t think I ever got it quite put back together right that day. Got a call from Ross, who had been up at some insane hour, and arranged to meet down in the casino. Couldn’t take that atmosphere long and elected to wait outside. Got a call from Jer, telling me his suite number, never did find Ross, so I went up to the suite where Jer and Becky were watching basketball and not looking real good either. I saw Mutha, the industrial-sized Patron bottle, and it did not look good. Don’t look down, don’t look down. LVTerry came by, said “I wasn’t feeling too good this morning - until I got a look at you people!†Noon rolled around and we headed downstairs for the Second Walk. Caught Bill and SteveB on the way. It was a pretty uninspired photo op, at least from me.

    After that we played some blackjack at the Vegas Club. Managed to take over a whole table, except for a persistent older gent nursing a cigar on the end. Right next to me. I wasn’t doing very good at counting – I don’t mean card-counting, I mean counting up to 21. Got a bloody mary, though, to start things off, and a screwdriver. You know, breakfast foods. Was feeling better, but started to burn through my stack, and needed to stretch my legs.

    Wandered down to the El Cortez, thought I might run into Ross, and wanted to get a new Jackie’s club card. Every place that gave me a replacement card gave me two. Nice vote of confidence. Played a little blackjack. Thought about poker, but that little poker room looked smokier than I wanted to deal with. Cashed out a little ahead, with help from a funbook matchplay. Went to the cage and was quickly sandwiched between a couple classic El Co characters. Got the old “mumble-slur-jabber-know-what-I-mean? Heh-heh-heh!†Smile and nod, smile and nod. Both guys were cashing out poker chips. Guy behind me, with a handful of chips, not a rack, mind you, was pretty happy to be up two bucks – after six hours of play. Make of that what you want.

    Headed back to the room and caught a few winks. Then Jer called to tell me where to meet for the limo, so I got up and put the khaki’s and slightly less comfortable shoes on for the Voodoo. Limo was late, but we still got there before most folks. Who the heck made up the signs at the Rio? If we’d actually followed the signs, we’d never have found the place. Anyway, turns out the Voodoo had been commandeered by another group. We were all standing around in the hall talking, when Angy says “I need a drink.†Well, now that you mention it... which is how we wound up at the Patron lady’s bar. Several folks opted for the margarita that really should have come with a lifeguard, it was so huge. When 3cats and I were walking out of there later, her carrying one of those things, women kept staring at that like, where do I get one of those...

    That bartender was something else. When the brassiere came out, she was all “what’s going on here?!†A question she repeated as the bra was turned into a highball. And then a hat. But she was cool with the fuzzy handcuffs: "Mine are black!" And she set us up with that cranberry-like concoction that went over big. As Terry said, “I don’t think I could drink more than, like, thirty of these.†But at the end of the evening, she laid it down on us – “you guys were much better behaved than the @ssholes we had here last night.†Dang.

    People started drifting off, Mikey disappeared with Angy and Cyndi, and that left Terry, Becky, Bill, Jer, Ron, Leon, Tammy and me for the limo ride back to Jer’s “hospitality suiteâ€. Where mutha was waiting. All I’m going to say about the limo ride was, it was fun. And yes, Tammy, you made an impression. ;)

    At night, Jer’s 22nd floor south tower suite had an awesome view of the Plaza neon atop the north tower. I recall Ron being the one to break the seventh seal and uncork Mutha, but if we’re talking about motive and opportunity, we’re talking about Frank the Tank and a bottle of Patron. Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste, and I got your four ounce Patron “shot†right here! Which everyone else put down, but I just set down. As Terry himself said, “dude, you can’t go two-for-two!†Ron went down for more of those cranberry-like things, and came back with a couple pretty ladies to carry them for him. Nice.

    At one point, Leon got the itch to play some poker, an itch I’d had for a couple hours, so we headed downstairs. We got on a 2/4 limit hold’em table that had just opened up. Kind of a nightmare table, though, most of it was a bunch of college kids who’d watched waaaay too much WSOP on TV, and put on waaaay too much hair gel. I figured I was going to just tighten up and wait for big hands, but honestly most of them weren’t as good players as they thought they were.

    Took me a while to get anywhere near half decent cards. Finally got something like QJ unsuited, threw in a couple raises, and took a small pot. Next hand I was in on I had AK unsuited, and Leon was in and raising. I called, pretty much the rest of the table folded, and we had our first T2V pot. I was limping in, called the turn to see 3 hearts on the board and a heart ace in my hand. Should have folded, but called to see if another heart would fall and bust whatever junk Leon was holding. It didn’t fall. I was down to about half my buy-in, and thinking I could make one more good stand and then I was going to just cash out whatever’s left when...

    ...into this mix of serious poker studs wanders Terry and Jer. Terry buys a guy’s seat from him for twenty and immediately gets on the tables good side. “What are you guys, like, in high school?†One of the kids asks if he wants to buy *his* seat for 20 (after Terry’s already on the table) and Terry replies “no but I’ll give you ten for your hair.â€

    I’m down on the other end of the table folding like it’s my job, which doesn’t escape Ter’s notice. “Dude,†(I’m not putting in any extra ‘dude’s here either) “dude have you even played a hand in the last hour? If doc sees a flop, it’s gonna be ‘everybody out of the pool’â€. Guy at my end of the table , that Terry was calling “Mr Loose Aggressiveâ€, asked me if I knew those guys (Terry and Leon) and I had to admit “yes, those are my friends.†But whatever smack Terry dishes out he takes with a smile, and once the poker studs figured that out, they got along, uh, better anyway.

    Finally got another hand worth playing, AQ unsuited. Don’t recall if I raised before the flop but I know I did from there on out (I wasn’t trying to be subtle). Just got the feeling that everyone else was limping in, and I was hoping that another ace or queen would fall. It didn’t, but I kept raising, and everyone folded but Terry. He saw it to the river, but laid it down rather than call the last bet. He’d thrown away a pair of threes to my ace high (of course I showed it), and it was on.

    Let me just say that Terry’s a better player than I am – when he doesn’t have assorted Patron and Southern Comfort shots in him. And I was starting to get some cards, too. Not great, don’t think I ever got more than two pair really, but they were good, and he kept laying ‘em down, so his stack kept migrating to my end of the table – some to me, and a lot to Mr Loose Aggressive, who (along with the guy to my left) kept feeding me smack to send back to Terry’s end. Best was when Terry bought in for “another rack of whiteâ€. Dealer instructed him “sir please take the chips out of the rackâ€, to which I added, “and then send the rack down here, son.†Good times.

    Worst beat for Terry (or “Rebuyâ€, as I fondly refer to him now) was when he showed 8’s full of aces, and was about to gather up the pot when the table slowly realized that Mr Loose Aggressive had kings full of 8’s. Dayum.

    I sat in for about three hours, but then needed to get up and move around, so I cashed out. Long day, but having finally rehydrated some, and with my friend’s money in my pocket, I was feeling pretty good. Went up to eat a little cold pizza (sorry about that bill, guys, my bad) and say bye to Jer, who was driving home a few hours later.

    Old School Saturday, or how RossW turned me into a penny-slot ho.

    Met up with Ross at the El Co for breakfast the next day, and hit the Western about nine in the AM. Apparently throwing a twenty in a VP machine there is an inappropriate display of affluence, because when I cashed out it tried to pay me off in nickels. Needed a tech (twice) and a cashier to get paid. Not a hand pay, they just threw a fresh bag o’ nickels in the hopper and let ‘er rip... again. That attracted some attention, and pretty soon a guy’s trying to sell me his VA bus tokens. All in all, though, not as bad a place as we thought it would be. But then, that’s at 9 am in the morning.

    We went back to the El Co, and over a couple of Guinness from the new “Irish Pub†:rolleyes: we threw a few bucks at the Beverly Hillbillies. Yeah, I’ve got a Ph.D., and have figured out pretty much every other game in the casino, but multi-line video slots have always confused the heck out of me. Very clear on the whole money-in, push the button thing, but after that, darkness. Ross shed a little light on that, and from then on I was hunting down promising looking penny slots. Thanks, pal! [​IMG]

    In return, I took him down to the Slots A Fun and got us squeezed in on the rail of the ‘sidewalk’ craps game. Saw a lot of dealers this weekend, and one of the guys at SAF ranks right up near the top, aside from that insanely fast IP table. Didn’t really make or lose anything significant off the table, but got a couple Heinikens and had a good time.

    Also set Ross up with a Proper vodka martini (shaken, not one of these free-pour things) down at the Bellagio, although the [email protected] short poured it badly. In retrospect, Ross was probably having a pretty good chuckle at the time knowing what Killer had sent along for Sunday. More on that later.

    Next we hoofed over to the Bally’s monorail station to take the train up to the LV Hilton. I bought in at a $10 BJ table, showed the dealer my matchplay coupon, turns out I failed to read the fine print on it. So I had to go stand in line for a players card, then go stand in line at the cage to get the $10 promotional chip. All this time, my stack of red is holding my spot at the table, a new Vegas experience for me. I get back and the dealer says “Thought you left me a hundred dollar tip.†Nice. Played my matchplay and then some and came out ahead at the BJ table for one of the few times this trip.

    By the way, if anybody ever gives me crap about how I play a hand at BJ, I think I’m going to just smack’em. Didn’t sit with any black chip players, but green on down, folks everywhere were just making it up as they went along. Doesn’t bother me personally, but I’m sure not apologizing for blowing a BS play here or there.

    On to the racebook. One minute RossW is telling me he’d never spent time in a Vegas racebook before, next thing he’s bringing back a winning exacta box. A what? We bet through the latter half of the Santa Anita card, working through a few beers and/or cocktails. After a while the scruffy dude a couple seats over with the pile of papers in front of him gets up to leave, and throws Ross a bone on the next race – “6-1-7 trifecta boxâ€. Sure as heck, it hits. So even though we’re just dinking around with $1-$5 (US) bets, he walks out up about a hundred. Me, my horse is usually the last one out of the gate, and 4-6 lengths behind pretty quick. He breaks late, everybody knows this.

    About the LV Hilton book – it is huge, and the racebook chairs were comfy enough, but the drink service was spotty, and I didn’t like the setup as well as Caesars.

    Had dinner at the LV Hilton buffet on a 2-for-1. Figure if I’m gonna play slots now, I should start eating at buffets too. ;) The food was fine, and beer and wine was included. Don’t think I’d pay $16 for it, but then – I didn’t. Then again, it was the second best meal I ate all trip. Which speaks volumes about my eating habits, I guess.

    Because it was raining (another new Vegas experience for me) we took the monorail again to get up to Sahara . Had the LVA $50-for-$40 promo, got another one with a new club card signup, and also got $10 slot money. Couldn’t get any love at the blackjack tables, but got Elvis to sing on the slot money so I came out about even, or slightly ahead. Went into the Casbar lounge for a while to watch the band. It’s kinda small, with high tables but ok chairs. The act was a singer called Michaelina - okay pop-rock singer, nice voice, but she really didn't need the microphone. Dealers were kinda stiff, but overall I like the Sahara.

    Wound up back downtown, and Ross, on East Coast time, called it a day. I wanted to see Lon Bronson at the Nugget, so to kill a little time I sat down at, you guessed it, a penny slot machine at the 4Queens (Blazing 7’s, if you must know). The machine didn’t have a real huge jackpot, but I kept hitting the secondary and lower ones, and cashed out ahead nicely. In fact, I missed the first half of Lon Bronson because the darn thing kept spitting out credits.

    Finally got up and went to the Nugget. Lon Bronson leads a ten-piece band that’s at least half brass, doing sort of “power funkâ€, kind of James Brown sounding. A Very Good Time, and highly recommended. And they brought me the stiffest drink in Vegas that Terry didn’t pour. Didn’t really want to turn in, but aside from a near-miss with spam musubi at the Fremont, nothing turned my crank, so I called it a day.

    We’ve got six people – that's seven Canadian.

    I’d reserved a car for Sunday (yet another new Vegas experience), to see some off-strip places, and to get to the airport the next day (apparently with Dollar you can pick up at the Nugget and drop off at the airport, no penalty if you reserve it that way). Didn’t finagle any kind of upgrade, though, so it was a Dodge Stratus, which was ok.

    First stop was Jerry’s Nugget. I had to get up there. Not a fancy place, but pretty decent overall. Had a couple BJ matchplays and a racebook matchplay. Won on the racebook, but got shafted at the table (not tables, there was only one $2 BJ table open). And the dealer was pretty surly about it, too, despite the tipping. Guess a stack of reds at Jerry’s is another one of those inappropriate displays of affluence.

    Terry called while I was in the racebook, said he was going to be at the poker tables at Rio that afternoon. Let’s see, Terry’s playing poker and my wallet's feeling a little light... I’m in! ;) After a short, uneventful trip to Texas Station (they do have a great-looking martini bar there, and reputedly a good steakhouse), I buzzed down to the Rio.

    Terry was in on a 4/8 table, which I’d never played on before, and as an added bonus, there was a guy with a gigantic chip stack to my right and another gigantic stack in front of the lady two seats to the left. Figured I was going to tighten up even more – and my first two hands both come AJ diamonds. I probably should have done more than call to see the flop and bail when nothing more promising than an inside straight draw showed, but I’d just sat down, so I got out. Got the exact same hand about an hour later, this time flopping a couple more diamonds and another ace. But I couldn’t get that last diamond and went down big to the lady with the big stacks. Did wind up having to rebuy to get more bullets, but caught a few pots (still, nothing larger than two pair) and got within a buck of my original buy-in (after dealer tips, etc), so I was pretty happy. In retrospect, I don't know that the players were any better than what we sat down with on Friday.

    Jumped back in the car to buzz down to GVR. Really only had time to walk through and look around – really, a very pretty casino, very nice, but the VP was uninspiring. Jumped back in the car and made the long trek up Boulder Highway to downtown. Was side-by-side with a Testarossa (I think) for a while. Would’ve stopped in at Sam’s Town if I’d had the time, it looked promising. But had to park the car and bus down to Barbary Coast for the meet.

    Got down to the BC a little late, and the gang was all there. RossW finally made it to a meet, but then he disappeared, then came back with – a watermelon martini, courtesy of Killer, with a little note. Thanks, Killer, you’ve come a long way, baby. Everybody else thought that martini looked good, so we got a round for everybody (Ross needs to learn Ron’s trick of getting chicks to help bring over the drinks) and toasted the Killer, and Sonya, and Dougie and everybody else who couldn’t be there. Got to meet Bosco, and Typhanie, and got to see Larry (SanOnofreSurfer) again, having run into him up here once before in exotic Minneapolis. Good times!

    Turns out, when Mikey gets bored, he goes looking for a craps table. So we headed up to the Imperial Palace. Couldn’t find a five dollar table, instead got on the fastest moving ten dollar table I’ve ever seen. Maybe it was the chick martini kicking my @ss, but I’ve never been as lost on a table as I was there. And got hit by the dice! That *never* happens. Anyway, you saw what happened to Mikey’s buy-in, I came out ahead, but I was too conservative. Heck of a roll. Oh, and while we’re at the table, Larry strolls in with the “Strippers direct to you†shirt. Score, dude! [​IMG]

    We hung around a bit more, Mikey played some other drunk’s VP money, and the conversation naturally turned to – food. So next stop was the Venetian, where the Grand Lux, Bill, is located conveniently on the casino level. The maitre’d asked how many in our party: “looks like we’ve got six – that’s seven Canadianâ€. Ross was probably ready to tell us to take off, eh, but we were already on our way. BTW, great food again there. Should have left it at the appetizers, but it was all good.

    Made a quick circuit of the octagon bar in the middle of the Venetian casino, but it was early yet, couldn’t have been more than a couple working girls there. Next stop, Frontier, as Mikey was wearing down under the influence of some influenza, and wanted to be close to his room. Ross had headed off to his palatial suite at the Orleans, so the six of us split a couple cabs. Doc got the cab with the cute blondes – score! “Once around the park, driver.†I kid, of course. Doc was a perfect gentleman.

    Played a little blackjack with Angy for a while, who was trying to get the quiet table to whoop it up, with no luck. Then went to roll the dice one last time with the Hurricane. When we got to the table, there was the mysterious rastaman having a heck of a roll, but kept his bankroll of green chips in his pocket. Went up a little on that, then went down as the dice went around the table and the table got cold. Mikey moved to the end to change his luck (and get away from the goobers on the other end). Dice got to me, I had another crappy roll, and decided to cash out what was left of my buy-in. By the time I came back, the kid next to Mikey was on The Roll. Kid had to have rolled for almost an hour. I stayed and watched, but didn’t buy in - no way I was going to be the guy to buy in and bring the seven-out – I left that to another poor schmuck. Not as profitable as the IP, perhaps, but heck of a roll. After that, I was done, said goodbye to the big guy and headed back to downtown.

    There are times when this town is a cold, hard place. Then again, there are moments like when I was walking back up Fremont from the bus stop that night, that it’s just magical. And when you’ve got friends like the folks I met on this trip, it is a very fun place.

    Think I’ll go back some day.


    Whoever kept calling me in the wee hours from the 818 area code (Paul?), I wasn’t dissing you, I just wasn’t paying attention to the phone anymore.

    Ok, now I can go read everyone else's TR...
  2. Jack21

    Jack21 Guest

    Holy Blackout City Batman - don't you remember HOW MANY times we crossed that street for the webcam? Or our treacherous discussion regarding GG shrimp while in line?? (refer to my TR).

    Enjoyable, as expected. And don't take offense to my description of YOU in MY TR...


    [ March 23, 2005, 04:51 PM: Message edited by: Jack21 ]
  3. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Rommel, you magnificent bastard--I read your trip report!

    Well done. [​IMG]

    Nothing like a watermelon martini (You mean we're not supposed to shoot these?) to get a party movin'


    [ March 23, 2005, 05:07 PM: Message edited by: HurricaneMikey ]
  4. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Al you are right about the shoes. I made the comment in some other thread that I won the prop bet for "first to bleed" because of my feet. And this even though I brought my most comfy (nice looking) shoes. Sometimes it's just a tough job being a woman and trying to look good, because sneakers just don't go with dresses dammit.

    And you are right, by the time we got to the El Co on Thursday, all four of us were utterly and completely obnoxious. I'd put money on it.

    Glad you survived - we'll have to do it again sometime!
  5. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas
    Sounds like everyone had a great time.

    I am having a ball reading all these reports and we are nowhere near being done with them.

    Thanks Al-Great report!
  6. tylerSA

    tylerSA Tourist

    Feb 23, 2004
    San Antonio
    Great Report, Doctor!

    A joy to read, and thus, travel vicariously to the land of chips and dice, if only for a few minutes.

    Congrats on the great time!
  7. blackjack

    blackjack Monkey!!

    Mar 28, 2003
    North Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Doc - Classic as usual. Not too bad for a last minute attendee. Sounds like you got your moneys worth. I figured that we would have some fun & you didn't disappoint. BTW, I love the thumbs up while falling off the train - beautiful.
  8. 3cats

    3cats High-Roller

    Dec 29, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Were those people looking at at my marg. glass or something else? [​IMG] I was flashing a little cleavage. Glad you enjoyed the limo ride. Sorry Terry's pictures are so dark. It was a pleasure meeting each of you and as for next year.. like I said I think I'm getting my hair done that week.
    I am glad I made an impression on you Doc.
    and it sounds as though you had a great last minute get away. good for you.
  9. sanonofresurfer

    sanonofresurfer Dude

    Jul 12, 2002
    Somewhere at the Beach
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Pleased to meet you....Hope you know my name!

    Damnit Doc, I got drunk just reading your report. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    And what's wrong with saying DUDE all the time, Dude?

    I almost paid for the taxi ride downtown to La Bayou for a ride on the grain train, but that would have been $50 roundtrip for one drink.

    Sounds like a great trip Doc!
  10. IllMarty

    IllMarty Orangutan

    Dec 7, 2004
    Will Co., IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yea Al we saw it. Also saw the paddy wagon that left just before it that was parked in front of GG for quite some time before 8pm. [​IMG]

    Hey did you guys see the man in the wheelchair who almost bought it on the curb when he crossed Main st.? Tonya and I thought you guys might have stole a wheelchair for comic effect.

    Thanks for the Great TR "DUDE". [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [ March 24, 2005, 06:13 AM: Message edited by: IllMarty ]
  11. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Random flashbacks that hit me in the last 24 hrs:

    - RamBill's boobies weren't the only thing that I will never be able to un-see. In the middle of the Lon Bronson show, Lon pitched their t-shirt (as a fundraiser), which was modeled by a six-four, 289 lb hairy dude, wearing the t-shirt - and a thong. [​IMG] Doctor, my eyes...

    - Had breakfast with RossW at the ElCo diner. Last time, I ordered my eggs over easy, and they came with runny whites (ick). This time, I ordered them over medium - and they came scrambled.

    - Downtown was busy. 2am and places were still packed. Sorry, I like a nice quiet table that time of the morning.

    - RamBill (who is still raking in votes for nicest guy on the planet), on the way out at Frontier Sunday night, tossed me a couple MSS red chips he had left, figuring he wouldn't get back downtown. Which was a great call, because it reminded me to go play a little BJ before I left, a nice "tradition" I started on a trip with my wife. Of course, I got RamBills cards, too. :rolleyes:

    Marty, didn't see that particular one, but that crossing is always an adventure...

    [ March 24, 2005, 06:34 AM: Message edited by: doctor_al ]
  12. vegasbound

    vegasbound VIP Whale

    Mar 3, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Well Done! I'm impressed, you are the first person that I can recall that *actually* made it to the Western. I was beginning to think the place was just a myth. All in all, sounds like good times were had. Nice meeting you, wish I had the chance to talk with you more.
  13. Beach Crazy

    Beach Crazy Hostess With the Mostess

    Jun 30, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Like I said in Vegas Doc...now aren't you glad we talked you into going. From this trip report sounds to me like you had a great time, well....most of the time. It was so nice to meet you and I'm serious when I say that if you do go to the Pair-a-Dice, drop me a line and Cyndy and I will come meet you for a few drinks and some blackjack. We would really love to see you again.
  14. Typhinie

    Typhinie Tourist

    Dec 5, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    SOunds like you had a great time! I wish I could have chatted with you a little more at BC... well there is always next year! It was nice meeting you
  15. Thekiller

    Thekiller Tourist

    Jan 6, 2004
    Funny report Al,

    I can now chalk the Golden Gates of hell hotel off my must stay at list.

    After Billy from Tex account of La Bayou I was anxious to give it a try but now I am reconsidering.

    Enjoyed the poker story - poor old Rebuy

    Glad I could add to the fruitiness in a small way [​IMG]
  16. PrincePaul

    PrincePaul Tourist

    Jun 30, 2000
    Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
    yeah, I do seem to remember calling someone at 3am or 4, or whatever, it must have been you. Good stuff.
  17. Jer

    Jer I kinda did a thing...

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good times Al, good times...

    Glad I got a chance to hang out with you!

    Until next time....
  18. RossW

    RossW North of the 49th

    Nov 1, 2003
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    It was a blast. Good Times indeed... I just wish I were 25. I only wish the 25 thing as my booze tolerance was much better when I was a younger dude.

    a trip to remember.

    Thanks for the proper Martini.


    Just wondering, did any T2Ver's need bail money??... :rolleyes: just thinking back on my call to you on Friday morn......al...it's Ross...I need Bail...... hee hee [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. CamelClutch

    CamelClutch Low-Roller

    Oct 11, 2004
    Awesome. I've always felt exactly the same way about those machines!

    Very well-written TR. Really enjoyed it.
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