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Going to Vegas; Trip Report Coming

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by The Juice, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. Hey guys, first post here. I just found this place while getting ready for my big Vegas trip. I'm going to be there 1/20 - 1/23, staying at the Lady Luck. Never stayed downtown before so I wanted to check it out. The highlight of my trip will be seeing my buddies' band, Soundboy, playing on the strip. Should be a good time. Me and my crew rock pretty hard we they play a show and I believe that this vegas trip will be out of control. I can't wait.

    Well anyways, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself and I will definatly be posting an exhaustive trip report once I get back. If anyone's gonna be in Vegas on Friday at 8 you should come by and check out the band. I am pretty sure that they are playing at Gameworks, but I could be wrong. If you are interested drop me a line.

    Well, I hope to get to know all of you and I hope to rock out in Vegas with you guys sometime.

    The Juice.
  2. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe
    Juice, welcome aboard!
    Hey, we definately might check out "the band"! We arrive the 21st through the 26th. What kind of music do they play and when and where? My wife used to be in a rock band and loves to sing. She is trying to find a band looking for a singer where we live. Kind of hard in our area cause no one listens to rock and alternative rock much...

    Also, definately let us know how the Lady Luck is as like you, we have never stayed downtown before. But for MM will be at the LL for the 1st time.

    Again, Welcome to the Board!!!
  3. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    One foot in Music City, one foot in Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Any 'out of control' Vegas trip is a good one. Try to stay lucid enough to remember the details for a trip report.


    Mikey's Ali-Like Return to the Ring for March Madness
  4. The Juice

    The Juice Guest

    Hey NEON,
    Soundboy plays rock with ska and other influences. they rock. Check out www.soundboymusic.net for what they sound like. I'm pretty sure it's at Gameworks on the strip around *pm on friday.
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