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going to vegas 1-31-05 - 2-5-05 First timer

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by smitbit, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. Hello everyone out there in cyber world, I am a newbie and figured I would post on this message board and see what type of feed back I get back.
    Anyhow my wife and 2 kid's boy(2 years) girl (8Yrs) and I will be going to sin city from jan 31 to feb 5 for our first time and was wondering if anyone had any tips on where there are good places for the kids too stay while mom and dad play, in the meantime I will get my lapbook togeather and will update you guys on how my trip is going by te way we will be staying in circus circus, hope to hear from you guys and gals take care and happy winnings!!!
  2. Vegasluver

    Vegasluver Tourist

    May 11, 2004
    The Orleans and Boulder Station have a kids quest...(I think there are some other places that have them too, but these are ones I've used). You pay a per hour fee @ $6 per kid discount on the 2nd kid, max of 3-5 hrs. Our daughter loved it, she's almost 8 now, 5 then. They have all kinds of games, (arcade and video) and movies and a huge playscape to play on. They give you a pager and you can not leave the hotel. When we lived in San Diego we went a few times with the kids, now it's just for adults. If you have any questions just ask and enjoy your 1st time in Vegas.
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