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God, how time fly's

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Goose, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Goose

    Goose Tourist

    Apr 10, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This is going to be a long trip report so I will break it down into 2 parts. The first part covers Days 1 & 2 ( July 16th - 17th ).

    Places stayed:

    Binions - 16 July
    Rio - 17/19 July

    The Crew:

    Myself (Goose) - Die Hard Craps Player
    Wife - Slots, but converted in to a Blackjack player while we were out there
    Wifes friend "V" - Vegas Virgin
    "V"'s Boyfriend "B" - Vegas Virgin, Poker Player

    And AWAY WE GO........

    I can’t believe that it is over, after all the anticipation, all the excitement building and now, it’s over. Another trip to Vegas is in the books ladies and gentlemen, someone say it isn’t so. Well, this trip report is much better then last year’s trip, that’s for sure. This might be a long read and I hope that I don’t leave anything out. I tried to keep notes, but like just about anyone else, you lose track of time and memory cells while in Vegas. So without further delay ( drum roll please)…..

    Started talking to my wife back in May about the possibilities of taking a trip to Vegas, she was hesitant because of the bad time we had there last year, not a good time gambling and even got in to a little spat about stupid stuff. On the way home last year, she said that we would not be going out again for a couple years. Anyhow, we both had some vacation time saved up and our daughter was going to be visiting her “Biological†father for the summer after her school, figured we could try and make it out there “IF†I behaved :nono:. Set the plan in motion, got 3 nights comped at any of the Harrah’s hotels. We stayed at Bally’s last year and didn’t want to make a return trip there so we looked in to The Rio. Booked 2 nights free and 1 night at Casino rate 17 – 19 July, for the Premium Suite paid $109 for the 19th. After booking the rooms I was playing Airline Ticket “Rouletteâ€, checked the cheapest flights out of Colorado Springs, at the time Allegiant was wanting around $250 a piece but I knew we could fly out of Denver on Southwest for about $270 Total for both. I waited a couple weeks, checked back at both and Allegiant was still wanting about the same as previously, however, if we flew out on Monday 16th July we could get them cheaper, around $270 total for both. Called the wife and checked on the possibilities of flying out on Monday night and getting a room somewhere for Monday then check out Tuesday and in to the Rio. She said it was no problem, went on line to check for a cheap room and found that we could get Binions for $28 for 1 night, DONE…. Set up the rooms, set up the airfare out of Colorado springs and set up a rental car from Dollar $145 for the week for a compact, DONE and DONE. Everything set, now it was up to TIME. So let me break it down a little bit
    Flight Colorado Springs – Vegas
    Allegiant - $276
    16th: Binions - $28
    17 – 19: Rio – 2 nights comped 1 night $109
    Rental Car
    Dollar: $145

    16 July: Woke up in the morning and drove my wife to work, she was only working until 2:00 I would pick her up from work and head straight to the airport which is only about 10 minutes from where she worked. Went back home after dropping her off, packed and pretty much sat and wasted time until around 12:30. Headed out to the Cigar shop downtown, got me some Cigars for the trip then back to my wifes work. After she got off, we grabbed a quick bit to eat and then off to the airport. Before we get any further I have to mention that we did not go on this trip alone, a friend of my wifes and her boyfriend ( will call them V her and B him) went out with us on the spur of the moment. I set them up with rooms at the Excalibur all comped all they paid for was the plane tickets. Ok, so we are at the airport, check in was fast as Colorado springs isn’t that big of an airport. After check in we waited for V&B to show up. They came in about 15 minutes after we checked in so we headed down through security. My wife and I go through security no problem, however, V decided to have ALL the things that you are "NOT" suppose to have in your carry on and both her and him got pulled in to security. Took them about 30 minutes to get “Released†from the Annal Probe room, luckily we had plenty of time until our flight took off.

    4:45 – flight leaves on time, pretty choppy flight because of storms over the mountains and then the decent into Vegas was choppy because of the heat coming up from the desert floor. Land on time and head to baggage claim. Bags came out in record time, about 25 minutes. Gathered the bags and head to the shuttles to go to the rental place. Walked straight out and right on a shuttle, 15 minutes later we are at the Rental center. Dollar Express is great, got a free upgrade to an intermediate (Dodge Charger) without asking for one. After getting the car we head to the Excalibur to check in V&B. Check in was quick, no waiting, walked straight up to the counter , a few minutes later and we are in their room. Throw their bags in the room, do a quick check out and we are out of there and headed for the car. Next stop is Ellis Island for some “Steak Specialsâ€. Now we walk in to the place and it is PACKED, these guys have the right idea, Good food and a Cheap price. We take a number and have to wait, no problem, B and me go check the place out. I have been there before, but this is B’s first time ever in Vegas. Walk up to the “Mini†craps table and I am explaining to B how to play craps. Still with a long wait to get seated, I drop 3 $20’s on the table just to waste time. Very different then the usual size table, my first roll goes off the table, FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! Finally realize that depth precision adjustment is needed and get it under control before the stick man whacks me upside the head with the stick. Anyhow, I play there for a while, drink me some Corona’s and then our number is called. Color up and actually made a profit of $70 while piddling around there. I would say that it was enough to buy dinner, but that would be an understatement. My wife had the Shrimp cocktail for appetizer and Prime rib and I had the Steak special and a micro and the bill came to under $20, you just can’t find good food for that price.
    After dinner we load up the Dodge and head out to go downtown and check in to Binions. I must add here at this time that during our drive on Flamingo we saw 2 “Ladies of the Nightâ€, WOOOOO were they looking rough. Anyhow, down Flamingo to get on the highway and then downtown. No traffic on the highway at all, easy drive. Had to do a loop around after getting off the highway because I missed the turn for Binions Valet. Finally got the car checked in with Valet and on to check in. Receptionist gave us a “Suite†room, thought we lucked out but once we went in to the room the only thing that I could see might be different was it was a King bed. That’s ok with me, we are only in there for a night anyhow. Do a quick look around then it’s out to the Fremont Street Experience for V&B. Got outside just in time for a show to start, this worked out because I am ready to get my “CRAPS†on and get to some drinking. I didn’t want to play tour guide while we were out there. Show over, head down to the Golden Gate. Did a quick loop around the Casino and drop a Benji on the craps table. Order my first drink and before I know it, I’m down $80 and my first drink didn’t even show up yet. I’m not a “High Rollerâ€, I play $5 on the pass, back that with $10 and play the 6/8 for $6 each. Being down $80 in a quick amount of time, well, you can figure out that it was Point set, 7 out, Point, 7 out. This happened a lot UNTIL…..Point established, 7 out ( 35 minutes later ). This little chickie held the dice for about 35 minutes, got my benji back + about $80 more. With in this aloted time I managed to get me a Corona and 3 Capt. and cokes in me. After the little lady sevened out, I should have colored up and walked, but NOOOOOO, had to stay and drop the $80 I was up + the Benji I bought in with. Walked away from the table down $100 with my tail between my legs. Me and B find the ladies outside checking out another show and then we walk up to ABC for some water. V&B catch a cab back down to the EXCAL and my wife and I walk back in to Binions. I stop at a Craps table and my wife said to go ahead and play, I know she is getting tired because of work and I told her that I would play for just a little bit. She sits down at a slot machine just across from the table so I drop another Benji on the table. Not as bad as at the Golden Gate, couple numbers were hit for me and a couple points, and after about 30 minutes I make up for the fiasco over at the Gate and am up $50 so I decide to walk before I lose it all again. Grab my wife and we head upstairs. It’s about 2:30 by this time so I grab a quick shower just to feel clean and cool because the AC in the room isn’t working that great. Climb in to bed and finally fall asleep after about 30 minutes of watching TV.

    Gambling Total for the Day : +$20 :)

    Tuesday 17th July:

    Wake up to this Thump, Thump, Thump somewhere in the hotel, upstairs maybe or outside, dont know, but it woke me up, look at the clock and it’s only 5:30. I lay there and contemplate trying to go back to sleep but the Thumping noise is not letting me do it. I get up as quiet as I can and scuddle around trying to find my shorts and shirt without waking up my wife. I hit the bathroom and leave the light on so I can find my clothes and then my wife wakes up. I tell her to go back to sleep, that I was going out side and walk around. She knows what is on my mind “CRAPSâ€, she doesn’t mind because I like playing early in the morning, it’s quiet and it gives her time to get some more sleep, get up, shower and meet me for coffee. Anyhow, downstairs I go, check out the tables, but not really feeling it so I head over to the NUGGET to get me a Starbucks. Proceed down the street and pop in to the Fitz just for a walk around, stop in at the 4 Queens for another walk around and then over to the Freemont. Walk up to a craps table and, you guessed it, drop a Benji. I go down quickly and then find a hot shooter and he brings me back and actually after his roll I am up another $100. Yep, you guessed it, I learned my lesson from the night before and I color up before I sit there and lose it again. Not bad, $100 in about an hour’s time, I wouldn’t mind making $100 an hour in any job. As I am walking out of the Freemont I walk back in to the 4 Queens to make a deposit and NO it wasn’t money. Something hit me in the stomach and I was not going to make it back to the room. I finish up my business and just as I am walking out of the 4 Queens my wife calls me on the cell, she tells me that she is up , showered and heading downstairs to meet me. I meet her at the elevator and we walk over to Starbucks for some more Triple Venti Cappauchino. We walk around down the street and then head back to the room. The plan is for me to take a quick shower and then go down and check out and then meet V&B for Breakfast. B wants to play in the Holdem tournament at the EXCAL at 11:00 so we want to get down there by 9:00 and check in and then go to breakfast. We check out of Binions, jump on the freeway and before we know it, we are dumping the car off at the Valet at the EXCAL. Call V and tell her that we are down by the poker room and for them to meet us down there. B comes down, we sign up for the 11:00 tourney and then we are all off to the Sherwood Forest Café for some Breakfast. Before heading to the café, I stop in at the sports book and grab some sheets on Horse races that are getting ready to start up. While waiting for my breakfast I check out the horses and want to make a bet on the 2nd race, they have 5 horses running and 2 of them are pulling really bad odds so I think I am going to bet a trifecta on horse 5,6, and 2. Eat breakfast and tell my wife to meet me at the sports book because I wanted to get this bet in. Place my bet and then sit at my own table and pull up the race track on the tv. I have to admit, the Sports Book at the Excalibur has a pretty nice set up. They changed it a lot since the last time I was there. 1 minute to post, the odds are still pretty good for my Trifecta. And their off, 1 and 3 break out for the early lead, I’m not worried, they will tire, into the back stretch now and as I figured 1,3 fade back and 5,6 pull up to take the lead, 2 his hanging back but within striking distance of the leaders. Around the far turn 5,6 still out in front followed by 3 , 1 and the number 2. The NUMBER 2?????, what the hell, come on 2, come on 2 get your ass up there. AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME, it’s 5 and 6 battling it out for the lead followed by 1 and then the NUMBER 2. COME ON 2, COME ON 2, I’m screaming acting a fool right about now, COME ON 2 COME ON 2. The race is over and I’m sitting there waiting for any king of Jockey’s objection, stewards objection, but there is none to be had, final racing order: 5, 6 , 1 and NUMBER 2 for 4th place. So much for my Trifecta. I walk out of the sports book with my head held low and just waiting for some smart ass to say COME ON 2 COME ON 2.
    Ok, next stop the Holdem Tournament, maybe I will have better luck and I better not need a 2 for any reason at all. Draw for our seats, I am at table 1 seat 2, yep that’s right “2â€, B is at another table. Shuffle up and deal, I play tight for the first round, make a couple moves and drag some small pots. Right out the gates I already know that I don’t want to get in to any pots with the only lady at our table. She is a calling station and no matter what you do, she will call you and will chase to the river and catch. Watched her catch on the River 4 times with nothing but draws, 2 of them for inside straight draws, just no sense in that. Anyhow, blinds move up and this is one thing I didn’t like, the blinds went something like this: 5 – 10, 10 – 20, 20 – 40, 50 – 100, blinds moved every 15 minutes. By the 3rd round I needed to start making some moves if I had any chance at the money. I started playing some hands and catching some pretty good flops. By the start of the 4th round I was sitting on $400 in chips and the short stack, pushed all in with QQ and held up against AK. Pushed all in a couple more times and won and the next thing I know we are down to the final 5 (MONEY). Play tight because I am sitting on the 3rd highest stack and If I wait it out the blinds will take out 2 more people and I will move up in the money. Get dealt AK Suited and 1 short stack pushes all in, I push all in to cover the 2nd Short stack, Big stack and 2nd Big stack fold, Flop an ACE and it holds up, take out 2 guys, down to 3 and I am sitting on 2nd Big Stack, guess who is sitting Big stack, yep the Lady who is a calling station, however since getting into the money, she is playing tight. Fold a few hands and then catch 8’s, decide to push all in, 3rd guy calls and Big stack folds. 8’s hold up and now we are heads up and just about even in chips. 2 hands later I am holding A,7 Diamonds on the small blind, push all in, big stack calls, she flips over K J off suit, guess what hits the flop? A stinking J, I lose to the J’s, that’s ok, for $35 I placed 2nd for $200. With that win, the $100 win at the Freemont Craps table and the NUMBER 2 FIASCO, I am up around $250 for the day, and it’s still early in the day, around 1pm. After the tournament was over, I scoop up my wife after she was done shopping and me and her head over to The Rio and check in to our room. Tell V&B that I am going to take a nap and will get with them later in the day. I’m really anxious to check out these rooms, I want to see if it’s really worth the Name “Premium Suites†because I have heard that it’s just the same as a standard Suite, it just has a strip view. Check in was fast, straight up to the counter, credit card for incidentals, get the keys and we are on our way. Masquerade Tower Room 32003, walk in and am impressed. Dump the bags, do a walk through and really like the room, pull back the drapes and we have a view of the strip that starts from the Mirage all the way to downtown. Spacious room, huge changing room and now my wife wants a makeup room like this room had. When we get a bigger house I tell her. We unpack and relax and the next thing I know it, it is about 5pm. We both ended up taking a nap, which was well needed. Get up, shower up and get ready to roll on out again. My wife calls V to see what they are up to and they are heading to a show. We are not really into shows this trip, this trip is gamble and relax by the pool. So with them out of the plans, we hop the shuttle to Harrah’s, walk straight through and out on to the strip and the 118’ heat, that’s right, I said 118. Walk down past the “SLAPPERS†and duck in to the Flamingo because it is, after all, air conditioned. Out of the Flamingo and cut over to Bally’s, walking in to this place gives me the shakes. We had such a bad time there last year that I vowed never to go in there again, however, my wife wants to eat at ASIA. We ate here twice last year, about the only good thing that came out of the place in my opinion. We get seated right away and order our food, Chicken and Cashew for my wife and Beef and broccoli for me. 1 Meat dish would have been plenty, but since it was so good, and I’m on a winning streak, we finished off both plates, YUM YUM. After finishing dinner, both stuffed to the gills, we walk out to the casino. Not really wanting to play here, we notice a $5 craps table which is unseen over at the Rio, the minimums over there at this time of day (8:00) are $25 and I will not play them, I won’t even play $10 craps, just doesn’t make sense to me and my $1000 for the week could go pretty quickly. Anyhow, we step up to the table and with hesitation, I drop a Benji down along with my “Total Rewards†card, just to show the comp gods I gave them some play. With my wife by my side the “Bad†luck we had there last year, just continued. I lose the Benji without even batting an eye. Out of here I say and we had over to Bill's. I liked this place last year when it was the Barbary Coast and vowed to hit it up again. Walked in and Dropped another Benji down on the table. The table was choppy without anyone hitting more then 1 point, a lot of “7 OUTâ€. Managed to walk out of there with $50 of my buy in and a few beers to boot. Back over to Bally’s to catch the shuttle back to the Rio. Walked back through the casino enroute to our room, just for kicks I decide to check out the tables. My wallet hurt just by looking, $25 craps and $15 min on Blackjack. Unreal, 2 Crap games going and the min was $25 with 4 tables closed down, just don’t get it. So we walk out and up to the room, the plan was to grab a cigar and head back down to some Video Poker at a bar there in the casino. Found the Bar at the Sports book to be pretty much empty so me and my wife plop down on some stools and I light up the Stogie. Order me a Banana Margarita ( had one in Disney World and thought it was good ), slid a $20 in to the ole 2’s wild and started the count down. Didn’t hit much, came close to 4 2’s a couple times, but the 4th one eluded us, lost the $20, slid another one in, lost and slid another one in. 45 minutes later, 2 margaritas and $60 lighter in my back side and we head up to the room. It’s about 2:30 again and we decide that Day 2 was in the books.
    Gambling for the day: + $50
    Total so far for the trip: + $70

    To Be continued….You won't want to miss the "Craps" session at Green Valley Ranch on Wednesday....
  2. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    $25.00 minimum craps; man, that's getting steep for an off strip place. Nice score on the poker tournament. Hey, but at this point you're still up money.
  3. SlowRoller

    SlowRoller Tourist

    Jan 4, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    $25 craps on a Tuesday night. That's crazy. I wonder if they were targeting the WSOP leftovers since that was the night of the main event final table. There was probably still a bunch of new found poker money floating around the joint that night. It just doesn't make any sense to have the limits that high on a Tuesday night. Even the $15 BJ sounds high for midweek, off-strip.

    Nice score in the poker tourney. Sounds like a crap session of it's own near the end with the crazy blind structure.

    I'm loving this trip report. Can't wait to read the next half.

    Come on 2!!!!!
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