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MyVegas FYI - new batch of existing rewards

Discussion in 'MyVegas' started by willywilkes, May 25, 2017.

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  1. willywilkes

    willywilkes Low-Roller

    Jun 3, 2014
    Just letting everyone know they seem to have refreshed the "batch" of rewards - I was just able to purchase whiskey tasting and NFI 2 for 1 when I previously was getting the purchase limit reached message. I last used these rewards in February and I have been trying to buy about once a week, so if you've been getting a purchase limit message you may want to try again. As a bonus, neither of these increased in price with this refresh so that is good news.

    I don't know if every reward has been refreshed or not - I also know that these two seem to be refreshed every 3-4 months, I used in December, February, and just bought again for my June trip, so the "1 per person" rule might be as frequently as once per quarter (I do think it was luck that I could buy for Dec and Feb, that seems close together to me).
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.