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full trip report - 14 nights a LOT of hotels, very long.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by jenaphir, Jan 1, 2005.

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  1. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004

    My Trip Report

    i tried to not make it so long, but im just incapable of doing that. so if you don’t like long trip reports, please hit the back button right now and save yourself a lot of grief.

    this was a trip i had planned for a year. i wanted to go to vegas for two weeks and move hotels every night and maybe, just maybe, finish staying in every one. then along comes my sister. she wants to go to vegas with me. i agree and before you know it, i am whining about making this mistake left and right. since she wanted to rent a car, we stayed at a bunch of off strip places. it turns out i don’t like staying off strip. or vacationing with my sister. big shock. she drove me nuts a lot. a LOT. but i digress.

    here we go...

    Thursday, December 16, 2004 - day one

    i call a cab to the airport. the driver lets me smoke. yay! i get there and my sister is waiting for me. we go through security and they take my lighter. my lighter was a slot machine. its front lit up and the flame was green and it had my name engraved in it. oh well.

    the flight was a flight. it sucked, it always does, just bring me to vegas.

    we get off the plane IN VEGAS. its around midnight - 3:00 am for us. my sister rented a car. or should i say i had to get her license and credit card information and rent the car for her, because she cant do anything by herself. we shuttle over to dollar. and problem number one arises. a week before we left, she lost her credit card. a new one came and lo and behold, it was a DEBIT card, with no logo on it. she then tries to transfer money to a different credit card so she can use it at dollar, it never goes. so now here we are at dollar. her credit card has no balance on it. they wont take her debit card or cash. she wont let it go. we just got here and she is WASTING my vacation. she keeps freaking out about this. they arent going to let you have the car, lets just GO and deal with this later. we go to take the shuttle back. she is complaining to the driver. i want her to SHUT UP so the driver can walk away from her and DRIVE US back to the airport. he is stuck there as she is freaking out. LET IT GO.

    finally back to the airport and into a cab. waste of time. get to the stardust. free room via lva. i ask for a balcony room, i am told that tower is closed. we get a room in the west tower - room # 13125. pretty much the same as my last stardust room, only with two beds. we had a great view. by now everyone should know how much i HATE the new treasure island sign. so i found it amusing when my sister asked me what “ti†was. i told her it was treasure island. she says “no, tj maybe?†pointing at the sign. i say again “its treasure island†and she informs me “no, treasure island is nice, this is ugly†referring to the stupid ugly sign that i hate so much.

    we drop off our stuff, head out and lock the keys in the room. two minutes later i have new keys and we go to the peppermill to eat. hey, where is the peppermill? its supposed to be right here. where is it? what? oh my god - there it is - why are all the lights off? its CLOSED?!? until tomorrow? whaaaa...??? ugh.

    we go back to the stardust. this trip is off to a lousy start and we are tired and defeated. we eat at the stardust coffee shop. never again. i got a steak sandwich. it was awful. i couldnt even take a bite, i couldnt get my teeth through the steak. my sister got nachos and said they were awful.

    after a very LONG wait, the waitress comes and gives us a check. the wrong check. and then vanishes again. right now i am so frustrated. the check she gave us is for far less than our check. my sister thinks we should keep this one. i tell her thats bad karma. she picks up the check and shows it to me and says “but look, our luck is changing!â€. so we pay the lesser check and run away.

    played a bit and lost, then won, then put my winnings back and went to bed at 3:00 am.
  2. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    Friday, December 17, 2004 - day two

    up early. my sister calls dollar again and fights with them again. because you know its their fault this happened. zzzzzzz. then she calls her bank and clears up the credit card problem. they put the money through to her actual card and we now have a new reservation to pick the car up. since we can no longer use our code, we booked it for a few less days and it worked out to the same price.

    call the belldesk and have our bags checked, off to the sahara we go. i signed up for a card and got $10 free play. play animal house and cash out $50. play price is right punch a bunch and cash out $50. woo hoo! we eat their buffet with the acg coupon. its not a good buffet, but for $4 each, it was a-okay. their pizza was gross. it had some weird flavor. i spit it out and actually wiped my tongue with a napkin like i was three years old.

    after eating, played a new monopoly - once around deluxe and won $70. yay!

    go get our bags at the stardust. on the way, some woman stops and is watching the stardust sign. her husband says “come on†and she says “wait, i want to see if the buffet is still all you can eatâ€. yeah. we head to the imperial palace. my fourth stay here. i did not want to stay here. i have many hotels to cross off my list, i hate repeating hotels and yet here i am at my fourth stay here. but my sister demanded it. she LOVES the imperial palace.

    we get out of the cab and the bellman wants to check our luggage for us. no thanks. he then says “well what are you going to do if you cant check in yet?†i say “then we will come back†and he is so visibly annoyed with me. i am not going to tip you twice (once for taking my bags and then once for delivering them to the room) on the off chance there is no rooms available.

    check in, get room 696. my sister is a bit confused as to why the hotel isnt as nice as she remembered. i get to say “I TOLD YOU SOâ€. don’t get me wrong, i like the imperial palace. i like it a lot actually. but listening to someone whine on and on “but i wanna stay at the imperial palace†was a bit much for me. especially since this was MY vacation that she invited herself along on, and then started demanding things like the imperial palace (and paris) when i have already stayed there and wanted to try NEW hotels.

    the room was smaller than all the rooms I’ve had before. we had NO view. there are no blankets on the beds at the imperial palace. you have to call for them. the hallway had that smell, that i have now smelled twice. i guess its all a matter of what part of the hotel you are in.

    we drop our stuff off and head to the barbary coast to see big elvis. my sister gets lost. i have to look for her. i am getting annoyed. i find her and tell her to tell me where she is going when she walks away. i will find myself saying this 23987432897432987438294723894738297482 times on this trip and each and every time, she will continue to walk away and make me waste my time looking for her.

    we walk to bourbon street and its hot as hell inside. to the westin, super empty and quiet. to ellis island for the $4.95 steak special - with the two for one coupon the bill came to under $15 with drinks and an appetizer. super good. i win $100 on mash, but I’ve lost more than this on the way to mash so its all even.

    we head to key largo where i am supposed to be staying tonight. but since i discovered after booking it, that the only time i can get my spa treatment the next morning at treasure island is at 7:30 am, i have opted to stay at the imperial palace and just visit what would have been my room at key largo (pre-paid via a discounter for $19 - no big loss). i cant move my spa treatment to another day since i am with a 31 year old baby who cant be left alone for an hour without a hotel room. since we are spending two nights at the imperial palace, i can leave her alone on Saturday and she can stay in the room.

    i get a room on the second floor (no idea what the number was). not that it matters now because its closing, but i had to go outside and through a gate (key required) to get to my room. i didnt see an elevator, but maybe there was one. the room turned out to be really nice. decent size, kitchenette, bar table, huge dressing area. we stay for a little while and then go play in the casino. lose of course. head to terribles. lost. cab back to ip. see a men in black machine with frank the pug on it. so cute!

    head to bed at whatever time, no clue and i have to be up at 5:00 am to go to my spa treatment.
  3. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    saturday, december 18, 2004 - day three

    the alarm goes off at 5:00 am. i manage to crawl out of bed at 6:00 am. walk to treasure island. its FREEZING OUT this morning. so of course i have to stop at harrahs and play some slots while waiting for some hot coffee. spot a new machine “its my partyâ€. play it and lose. never got the bonus. i reach treasure island by 7:00 and try my luck on a quartermillions machine. i get $100 out of it and head to my spa appointment.

    i had booked a “royal treatment†package. you get a facial, a massage, manicure, pedicure, paraffin, aroma therapy bath and a haircut and style. they couldnt schedule the bath the same day because their schedule was full so we scheduled it for the following day, but i never did make it.

    everything was great. my only complaint is that the woman who did my facial kept trying to add on things for more money. she offered eyebrow waxing (i had mine done the day i left, i was fine), some enzyme cream, something else i don’t remember. i came here to get pampered, not to have to ward off her marketing products to me.

    i was out by 12:45 and headed back to ip - completely exhausted. EXHAUSTED. all i wanted to do was eat and nap. i never did eat before going to the spa this morning. so i meet my sister at the room and we head to the coffee shop - i have a $25 comp here. we get the teahouse buffet. it was fine.

    we go up to the room and i want to sleep forever but i only get to nap for about an hour since i have to go with my sister to get the car. because she cant do anything by herself. i was so tired and so cranky about this. i have to get up because YOU cant go rent YOUR car by YOUR self. ugh.

    get the car and head to the cannery. we played foxworthy and a new igt game “mermaidsâ€. lost. head to santa fe station - our money lasted forever on the slots here. we didnt come out winners, but a $20 lasted forever. that was fun. i cant remember how long its been since i got to play for a long time without running out of credits.

    once we’re done, we head back to the strip and stop at the peppermill which is OPEN this time! i get a bacon and cheese omelette, and it didnt have bacon or cheese. i tell the waitress. she apologizes and tells me they wont charge me for the bacon or cheese. so. you arent going to charge me for something i didnt get, how nice. now how about taking the entire meal off the bill since i didnt eat it since it was not what i ordered? she has to go speak to her manager. comes back and its taken off. thank you.

    head back to the ip to go to bed. for those of you who have seen my room photos, you will notice that in a lot of them, there is a little stuffed westie that i bring everywhere with me. yes, i am a 33 year old woman who sleeps with a stuffed animal. when i got into the room, i was so pleasantly surprised to see that the maid had made him his own little bed. she used towels for a mattress, laid him down, put another towel on top as a blanket and tucked him in and used a washcloth to make him a pillow. it was by far the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.
  4. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    sunday, december 19, 2004 - day four

    this morning i wake up and find a cold sore developing on my lip from lack of sleep. oh great. i have to go to walgreens. of course, i got up beyond exhausted last night because my sister couldnt rent her car by herself. but now that i need her to get up to take me to walgreens, she wont. so i walk. angry. very angry. its freezing outside this morning, just like yesterday morning. and i am EXHAUSTED. play a bit at stardust and lose. cab back to ip. my sister is now up and ready to go. we hit the ip buffet with our free coupons and again, it was fine.

    head over to the orleans for the lva big meet. my first meet. it was fun! it was nice to meet people who’s posts i’ve been reading! we went and checked me into the orleans (two nights free thanks to a coupon i got from the las vegas talk board) and her into the Rio (two nights free on my offer). i get room 1758 - it smelled like someone spilled ten gallons of pledge in it. my sister gets room 1305 in the ipanema tower. her room is a bit nicer than my last rio room. she has a great view.

    we take off to texas station and eat their buffet. it was great. we play and i win a bit and then we hit fiesta rancho - its so hot in here. the heat is BLASTING. turn it OFF. i was falling asleep playing. we leave and hit the wildfire. tiny casino. we get $5 free slot play each and use it. it lasts a while but we don’t win.

    on the way back we stop at the ho. they have some new igt games here, but all are handpay. no tickets, no coins. i try joes yard games and win $10. i cash out not knowing they are all handpays until i cash out and have to wait for my $10. stupid. try hoot loot, nothing. then i try “it’s a blast†and turn my $5 into $100! i got a bonus for $64.50. how awesome!

    we leave and head to the palms. played a bit and stopped at the sunrise café. my sister ate and i drank espresso. i have been up twelve hours and about ten hours ago, i drank like seven beers. i am tired. she drops me off at the orleans (i had to tell her fifty times how to get there, its RIGHT THERE. you can SEE IT.) and i pass out.
  5. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    monday, december 20, 2004 - day five

    i am up at 9:00. exhausted again. head to seattles best for some coffee. play a bit of othello and attempt to take the shuttle to the gold coast, so i can walk to the palms for my massage. wait half an hour. the shuttle comes. its going to the gold coast AND barbary coast. but its stopping at the barbary coast first. so wait, you are a shuttle for the gold coast. and you are going to pass the gold coast, to go to the barbary? how about at LEAST stopping at the gold coast first since (a) you are a gold coast shuttle and (b) ITS ON THE WAY TO THE BARBARY COAST. no go. so after a little tour, we hit the gold coast. i walk over to the palms and head to the spa. im late so no time to play.

    i have a reflexology massage and a neck, back and shoulders massage. i force myself to stay awake during it. im so tired and so relaxed. i have decided to get multiple massages on every trip to vegas. its so awesome.

    when im done, my sister meets me and we go to get her pov to replace the one she had put into the washing machine. she doesnt turn when i tell her to. so we have to go back and she misses the turn AGAIN. remember now, i am so tired and i want to nap. but rather than go back to my room and nap, i have to go with her and get her pov because she put hers in the washing machine and cant go get her new one by herself. this is really adding to my frustration level. i shouldnt even have to be here and i am so tired and CRANKY.

    we finally get her pov. i want to choke her.

    we go to the gold coast and eat the buffet. i stuck to eating the chinese noodles, they are so good.

    once we are done, she wants to play bingo and i want to nap. she says she will drive me back to the orleans. i offer to take a shuttle. i am so tired i don’t want to wait for her. we agree to play one machine each. i pick dilbert and win $50 and im ready to go. she is on some winning penny machine. again, i offer to take the shuttle so she can keep playing. i am so tired i want to leave NOW. she keeps playing. after a while she says “would you mind taking the shuttle†duh - i wanted to take it 20 minutes ago. so i shuttle back and nap.

    my sister picks me up at 8:00 and we head to the venetian. she wants to go to the wax museum. zzzzzzz. we go. i find it boring. when we get to the bottom level, there is a wax george bush in front of a big screen showing “the spirit of america†that was playing footage of the twin towers coming down. i thought this was incredibly tacky. why do i want to see this on my vacation? i don’t know if its because im so tired, or if its because im from nyc, but this just irked me. i thought it was so tacky. we were in the room for a while taking pictures of my sister with all the statues and hey look - on the “spirit of america†screen they are now showing lady diana. shes not from america you dumbasses. ugh. hate the wax museum.

    we exit into the gift shop and my sister has to look at every item. in every gift shop. in every casino. every one. every last one. for the entire trip. come on lets GO!

    play at casino royale. im losing, my sister is missing. she finally resurfaces telling me she did the $50 in free slot play. i want to choke her. why not just TELL ME where you are going? but she brought me back a large diet pepsi from subway so i let her live. this time.

    to the mirage. she plays flip flop, i play price is right, i get $50. back to the venetian. i play quarter monopoly. my sister plays “ill tell jennifer im over on the right, but really, ill be on the left and she will NEVER find me†game. twenty minutes i waste looking for her. when she comes back i flip out on her. is it REALLY so hard to tell me where you are going to be? is it? just answer me, tell me - WHY CANT YOU TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO BE??? she tells me to stop talking to her like she is a baby. that sets me off even more. so you arent a baby? so you can go rent a car by yourself and you can tell me where you are going and you can FIND THE FREAKING ORLEANS without me telling you where to turn 3298743982743298 times?? really? you could have fooled me.

    let me just say right here - one of the things i love the absolute most about solo trips is being free to go whereever i want and not have to tell someone ‘ill be over there’. i love that freedom. but see, now im not solo so i have to keep telling her where ill be. its sort of annoying to have to do this, but i do it. so she needs to extend me the same courtesy. plain and simple. not one point during this trip did she ever have to look for me. i always told her where i was, and i was always where i said i would be. she kept taking off nonstop. drove me nuts.

    once im done screaming at her, we head to grand lux. the food is great, as always. once we are full, we head to san remo to play one last time before we come back and find it turned into a hooters hotel. i win $30 and there are no tickets. hopper empty. wait for it to be filled. wait. wait. wait a bit more. wait some longer. half an hour later, i get my crappy $30.

    we go outside and realize it’s a full moon. i empty my change purse and do the full moon dance that i learned from the atlantic city board. head back to the orleans and immediately win $50. perhaps its working!

    time for bed.
  6. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    tuesday, december 21, 2004 - day six

    woke up - no clue what time, and went down and played othello and won a whopping $10. hit the orleans buffet - with my acg coupon it came to $3.17.

    played some more slots and then went back up to get ready to move. my sister is going to call me at 10:30 to tell me she is on her way to get me. at 10:50 i go down and call her and im told she checked out. i guess she really is on her way to meet me. go up and grab my bags and wait outside.

    she shows up and picks me up and off to the el cortez we go. we are here for two nights. she is using the lva coupon - 2 nights for $25 and i am here for free from an offer i got. she gets room 614, i get room 1111. pretty much the same rooms, except i get strip view. neener neener neener.

    they are building a new bar in front of registration. it was almost done when we were leaving.

    we head out for lunch at magnolias. stop to get new slot cards (the old ones arent good any longer) and play a bit on the way.

    after eating, we head back for a nap and my sister wants to stop in every souvenir store and every kiosk and every store between neonopolis and the el cortez. on both sides of the street. boooooooooring. we saw a “dog bag†which was a purse with cute pictures of dogs on it. my mother would LOVE this purse. i went to buy it and my sister told me i could probably find it cheaper. well in one of the stores, i found a similar bag with a bulldog and a basset on it for way cheaper, but they only had one. i bought it for myself. its so cute. then i ended up getting the other one for my mother. she will love it.

    time to nap. im almost asleep and i hear some dude on a very loud walkie talkie outside my room asking someone to call room 1111. thats my room. my phone rings and its someone calling me to tell me maintenance is outside my door. i tell someone that i didnt call maintenance. she tells me “well he’s outside so let him inâ€. i ask “for what?†and she says “look, im only calling because you have the do not disturb sign on, i don’t know what he is there forâ€. no YOU look - i have a do not disturb sign on my door. that means DO NOT DISTURB. that does NOT mean call me. jesus christ. i get up and open the door and ask the dude “WHAT DO YOU WANTâ€. he tells me he is there to check the lamps. what the hell are you talking about? i am trying to sleep. he tells me it will take a minute. i am so angry i want to punch him. i am TRYING TO SLEEP. he comes in and shows me a broken lamp. like i care, get OUT. and then he leaves. was this really necessary?

    back to nap, up at 7:00 - meet my sister at 8:00 and off to the plaza we go for our dinner at center stage. they no longer have smoking up there. dinner was great.

    we leave and play slots, i win $140 on uncle sam. woo-hoo! went to las vegas club and play phone tag. do they even have cocktail servers? because i didnt see one in the 45 minutes i was there and i was thirsty.

    four queens, played a bit. lost more than a bit. in bed by 1:00 am
  7. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    wednesday, december 22, 2004 - day seven

    up and out by 8:00. head to mss for their buffet. great as always.

    play and lose and play and lose and play and lose. head back to el cortez, win $50 on a Monte Carlo. by 11:00 am i am down half my days’ budget and im napping.

    up and out by 4:00 to careful kittys. we are using the $3.95 steak and movie coupon. they have no t-bone steak so we get the prime rib. its not good. but for $3.95 for this and a movie, who cares.

    we head to the Stratosphere . my sister wants to go up to the top and i refuse. tonight its absolutely freezing. coldest night since we’ve been there. i am so cold and the thought of going up to the top where its even colder? NO.

    we play and this is where i discover i dream of jeanie magic spin. i love her. for about a week, every time i played her, i would cash out more than doubling my money. i played pennies and never once until the end of my trip did i lose. on this play i put in $10 and took out $50. of course, i lost the $50 because after i won, i cashed out. my sister wanted to play more up front so of course i put my voucher in an uncle sam and lost.

    we headed to the hilton - got a free t-shirt from the star trek experience. played some. a cleaning lady came by and put a penny on heads on my machine. on the next spin i got the bonus. coincidence?

    to the riviera. lose lose lose lose lose. we go to nickel heaven. i am playing uncle sam. i get the bonus. my sister comes running “come over here†and runs away and i ignore her. she comes back again “come on†and runs away, i ignore her again. she comes running a third time and throws her phone on my machine and runs away. i pick it up and there it is - a picture of her $180.00 win on a twilight zone penny machine. she was playing 15 lines, 2 credits per line. $180 for a 30 cent bet. not too shabby.

    once we are done, we go back to the el cortez and to robertas steakhouse. i have a $25 comp here. this took forever. we waited close to an hour for our food and when it came, it wasnt that great.

    off to bed we go.
  8. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    thursday, december 23, 2004 - day eight

    today it is the coldest day we will have in vegas. its so cold. SO COLD. i cant believe how cold it is. we check out and head out so my sister can buy souvenirs. lots of souvenirs. she buys me a las vegas fleece, to make up for my having to stand there while she shops.

    we eat lunch at the golden gate diner. its good and its 2-for-1. we finish and go to get ice cream at the cal/mss. i lose in mss of course. and the cal too.

    we then head over to neonopolis for our free movie. we pick oceans 12. since it didnt take place in vegas, it was not as good as the first one.

    once we’re done, we get the car and our bags and head to jean, nevada. we are using the lva coupons for free rooms. my sister got the gold strike, i got nevada landing. we checked her in first. she got room # 1704. we were surprised how nice it was. they have liquid soap dispensers that are labeled “body and hair shampooâ€. no. the shower was a bit odd, we thought it was a handicapped shower. i ended up with the same shower across the street, so i guess it’s a standard there.

    off to nevada landing to check me in. i get a lecture on how my reservation was only good until 6:00 (try telling me this when i reserve the room, not when i show up) and i get room #1447. we head to room #1447. i open the door. i don’t even get into the room and i back out. it SMELLS. awful. frog water, sewer, whatever you want to call it, it SMELLS AWFUL in there. i cant even get the door open. we are laughing so hard. my sister then tries to open the door. THE SMELL. its horrible. we don’t even know what the room looks like. we are still out in the hallway laughing so hard at this stench.

    we finally make it in and i run to the window, luckily it opens. but did i mention how this was the coldest day ever? i cant bare to keep it open. i cant stand the smell. my sister offers to call the front desk and of course i don’t want to, i want to GO. we already wasted so much time today between souvenir shopping and the movie and the drive to jean, i want to GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. so go we do.

    downstairs to play, lose lose lose lose lose lose lose lose. they don’t have tickets either, so you get coins. one machine, i put money in and before i even play it all falls out. in nickels. aggravating!

    we go back to the gold strike for the steakhouse to use our $25 coupon from lva. closed until 5:00 tomorrow for renovations. that great because we wont BE HERE tomorrow at 5:00.

    we miss the buffet by ten seconds so we eat at the coffee shop.

    play and lose and play and lose and play and lose. my sister was playing next to me. i am down to about 200 credits. she takes off. i cant find her. as always. i look and look, no sister. i am so angry. why does she keep doing this? i FINALLY find her and i yell at her. seriously - how many freaking times do i have to freaking ask you to tell me where you are going to freaking be and why cant you just FREAKING TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO BE? what is so FREAKING hard about this? she tells me to stop talking to her like she is a baby. again. i demand she tells me why she refuses to tell me where she is going to be and she ignores me.

    i walk away to the front desk, find out about the shuttle back to nevada landing and get on it. i don’t tell her where i am going. let her walk around the casino looking for me when im not there. so damn angry.
  9. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    friday, december 24, 2004 - day nine

    check out is at 11. i check out at 10:55 and go and call my freaking ANNOYING sister. she tells me she is leaving now. picks me up all cheery with soda for me as if last night never happened. she does this from time to time. pisses me off to where i want to punch her and then gets all nice and buys me stuff so she doesnt have to apologize.

    head to primm. stop at carls jr - our first time there, we don’t have them on the east coast. its pretty good. check into buffalo bills - get room 702a. nice room, decent sized bathroom. now its time for a road trip!

    first stop - searchlight nevada. we play keno at the searchlight nugget. i win $28! im rich! next stop - terribles in searchlight. i play my i dream of jeanie game and win $35. we stop at cal nev ari - other than using the rest room, this was a waste.

    next stop - laughlin. we play in the flamingo and then head to harrahs via water taxi. eat their buffet, its really good. they had a desert called “chocolate decadence†and decadent it was. we play and lose. and head to the water taxi to go back. 40 minutes, no water taxi. its cold. we go back out front and take a regular cab to edge water. play a bit there and then walk back to the flamingo and get our car.

    next stop - arizona! we stop at spirit mountain casino. we just really wanted to go to arizona since we were right there. we played and of course we lost. on the way back, we hit avi casino. that one i won in, but not enough to undo the damage of the day.

    on the way back to primm we re-visit the terribles in searchlight. this time i dream of jeanie gives me $50. i love her.

    back in primm, we stop in whiskey petes and i lose. and lose. and lose some more.

    back at buffalo bills, i stop and put a $20 into a keno machine and to my surprise, i get $300! stoked!

    time for bed.
  10. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    saturday, december 25, 2004 - day ten

    im up early and i take the monorail to primm valley and lose most of my winnings from last night. go me!

    we check out at 11 and head back to vegas. she wants to eat at the egg and i. we try but its closed. so we skip that and head to lake las vegas. we are staying at the hyatt tonight. the property is gorgeous. so pretty. i wish we would have spent more time looking at it, but we did not. we went out back and there is seating and fireplaces outside. it looks very romantic, but of course, this was not a romantic trip so it was lost on us.

    we get room 6140. its very nice. we had a view of the pools and the lake. we got $10 free slot play at check in, i kept it for myself of course. i got paid back by being hit with a $15 resort fee at check out.

    go downstairs and get a card and my $10 free play. cash out $120. excellent.

    head to fiesta henderson and play and lose. we hit Sunset Station for their buffet. longest line ever.

    my sister and i have a fight because she wants to play bingo. i say i wish she had thought to do this earlier or later so im not stranded at an off strip casino with nothing to do for an hour but lose money. let the fight begin. seriously, im supposed to sit here for an hour? drop me back off at the hotel at least and then play.

    no bingo, we leave. head towards sams town and stop at nevada landing. nothing. sams town - we watch their light show. can barely see it, so many people.

    we try to go to the bellagio. traffic going into the bellagio is backed all the way up past flamingo. we give up and park at aladdin. i cant remember if i put my camera in the trunk so i have to run back to the car. as im gone my sister buys me a present. this makes up for the bingo fiasco.

    i LOVE the aladdin. i win $50 on i dream of jeanie. then we spot gilligans island. these machines were cash machines. every time id put in $10, id win $20. the machine next to me is empty and a kid sits there and says “hello†to me. i ask “where are your parents†and she shrugs. security comes and whisks her away. there are kids all over the place. some parents are at machines with their kids, playing with the kids and letting the kids play the machines. i hate all of them.

    i cant believe how crowded the strip has gotten. I’ve never seen this many people there in my entire life.

    once we are done at aladdin, we head to the north strip to play at the westward ho, slots a fun and circus circus. at the ho, i win on i dream of jeanie of course. then i play the dating game and immediately get the bonus and win $35. cash out and never really get to play the machine.

    i love the ho’s margaritas and of course i drink them. mmm. head to slots of fun, win a whopping $25 on monopoly - hopper empty. ugh.

    circus circus. gross. there is a line for the bathroom. i am next. a woman comes out, didnt flush. i flush for her, then when im done, i go to wash my hands. the same woman is at the sink blowing snot rockets into the sink. GROSS. what is WRONG with people??

    back to hyatt. i plan to get up early to go see some of the property. i hit the bed at 3:30, alarm is set for 7:00.
  11. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    sunday, december 26, 2004 - day eleven

    i actually make it up and out by 8:00. i go outside and walk around but you cant really walk much out back because there is nowhere to go. im too tired to consider walking down the driveway in the front so i look for the starbucks my sister swears they have. i find a coffee shops that “proudly serves starbucks coffeeâ€. its not the same.

    hit the casino and lose and go back up to the room.

    we check out and head to Green Valley Ranch for brunch. we play before eating and i play keno and hey - i won $300 again! yayayayayay!

    despite it being the day after christmas, it was still a holiday at the green valley buffet. she let me use the coupon, but did go out of her way to point out it’s a holiday. i didnt argue.

    back to the strip. today my sister is at paris on an offer i got for $99 plus $25 food credit. i am at the tuscany. we stop at the sign and take pictures and then to paris. it takes us FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER to get there. despite being on the strip, my sister doesnt know where paris is. she wants to turn. quit it. it took us at least an hour to get to paris. then it took us about half an hour to valet the car, and then about half an hour to check in. ridiculous. i get her room 961. average paris room. she loved it. i noted that ballys buffet now offers all you can drink wine or beer in a souvenir glass for $5 at their buffet.

    as we are leaving i hand her the key and say “you are in room 961 - remember this because your name isnt on the room and if you forget where you are, the front desk wont tell youâ€.

    we head to tuscany to check me in. my sister says “lets just self park to avoid the aggravation of valetâ€. yes - valet was a HUGE aggravation. too many people in town.

    i get room b208. i LOVE it. the room is a studio, has a kitchenette, huge bathroom. separate tub, separate shower, separate water closet. i have a safe and the windows open all the way and have screens. i have hit the jackpot! this may actually be my “home†hotel once i am done with staying in every hotel. i loved it.

    we go back to paris to use the $25 comp. my sister wants to run upto the room and asks me what number the room is. i flip out. i TOLD her to remember the room number. im tired of baby sitting. be an adult. remember your room number. write it down. don’t rely on me as your mommy to hold your hand. im not the one who is staying here, why the hell would i remember your room number? and what pissed me off the most is that i DID remember the room number. but i wasnt going to tell her that. its HER room, remember the number you IDIOT. so i go on the registration line, yelling at her because i have to wait on this long line to find out HER number because she is too much of a baby to be responsible and remember it, despite me TELLING HER to remember it. i get to the front and get the room number that i already know.

    we play a bit and i win $50 on elvis.

    we try to eat. long lines. too long. way too long. so we head to the aladdin. stop at starbucks and my sister tells me she needs to go back to her room at paris again because she left something there. i tell her to go to desert passage and see if she can find what she needs. she says “okay†and runs away and i am left there holding two large coffees. why does this happen to me? she returns after 20 minutes, with a lighter for me. you know “im buying you this so i don’t have to apologize for taking too god damn long againâ€.

    play gilligans island and win again.

    we had coupons for free play and we couldnt use it on these since they were progressives. so i used my free play on MY phone tag (that i won $300 on back in march) and my sister tries for a cops and donuts. let the drama begin.

    she puts her free play on the machine and decides she doesnt want to play there. cashes out and the free play stays on the machine. she doesnt realize this, thinks she lost it. goes to the promo booth to talk to them. as she is gone, a slot attendant comes and tells me there are credits on the machine behind me. i tell him they are my sisters. i call her over. they call someone else as half her free play is gone. she ends up in a near-brawl with a slot attendant. his supervisor comes over and she is flipping out about the rude slot attendant. he is in the background talking loudly about my sister. dramarama all over the place. the supervisor gives my sister a card with $20 free play on it. this solves the problem.

    my sister goes to cash out at a ticket machine and finds $20 just sitting there.

    i hit i dream of jeanie. just two spins and im up $75. my sister is missing. again. always. missing. appears after about 15 minutes. want to PUNCH her. i don’t even bother saying anything. it doesnt do anything. she is never going to tell me where she will be. she refuses. and its okay because she will never be in vegas with me ever again.

    she resurfaces and now needs to use the bathroom. sure, its not like i wasted any time on you tonight between you forgetting your room number, taking off before your coffee was handed to you at starbucks or when you just disappeared. now let me wait while you go to the bathroom. i play gilligan again and win again.

    we head to the bellagio, lose. we are going to eat at their coffee shop but my sister wants to go back to grand lux. i really don’t want to. my feet hurt. but she gets a pouty face and i feel bad and say okay.

    on the way we stop at flamingo. i lose. we are about to leave and she says “ill be right back†and runs off. i put $5 in a penny red, white and blue machine and win $50.

    Venetian - grand lux. we get there in time for their late night menu and the chicken my sister wants isnt on there so she is mad. hey look - YOU wanted to come here, not me. so we get burgers. when we are done, im taking a cab. since i am at tuscany and she is at paris, she decides to walk back. fine by me, see you later.

    back at tuscany, play i dream of jeanie. my first $20 turns into $40. i cash out. my second $20 gets me a $72 bonus. i cash out. i put in $10 and get $20. time for bed.

    i am dying of thirst and discover the tuscany has no vending machines and no stores. id have to go to the bar to buy a soda. ugh. other than that, i loved the tuscany. next time ill bring my own soda.

    in bed at 4:00 am.
  12. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    monday, december 27, 2004 - day twelve

    i meet my sister for breakfast at paris at 10:00. the line is way too long. we didnt even go near the buffet. the line for the coffee shop was too long. welcome to vegas around new years i suppose.

    we decide to take off and go elsewhere. she lost the valet tag. did i mention it took us half an hour to valet yesterday because it was so packed? and now she loses the tag. and for whatever reason, put the car in MY name? because the room was registered to me? who cares? I DON’T HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE. luckily for me, the dude didnt seem to notice my id says NON DRIVERS id on it. he asked me what kind of car i had. i don’t know, I DON’T DRIVE. so mad.

    i go check out while he looks for our car, she goes and gets her bags. guess who is done first? and has to wait? oh that would be me. its always me. just once id like to come out and have my sister ready to go. just once.

    finally she appears and our car appears and we head to the palms for lunch. the line is really long so i make her stand on it while i play keno. the palms buffet is not that great, not too many selections. but for half price, it did its job.

    today i have a facial at the palms. my sister would too, except that she never called to make an appointment. so she is going to play bingo and meeting me after. when we are done with lunch, i ditch her and play by myself I AM FREE for a little while before going up. i can not stop winning. i got a $72 bonus on penny it’s a blast. that ruled.

    time for my facial. it was great. i wish it lasted longer. once im done, i shower, get dressed and go gamble again. i can not stop winning. every time i put in $10, i double it. i play for half an hour and then i need to go meet my sister. i put all my tickets into one machine to get one ticket and the machine eats my ticket. great. wait for an attendant. finally one comes and i go outside and my sister is not there. of course not. IM late and SHE isnt there.

    finally she shows.

    we go back in and i keep winning. hoot loot gave me an $84 bonus. finally we have to leave. we start to walk to the car and i realize i need to use the restroom. we run back in and play again and this time i lose on every machine i touch. pay back now!

    we finally leave and pick up my luggage at tuscany and head to jw marriott where we are staying tonight. wow. nothing I’ve read about this property did it justice. its absolutely gorgeous. the room - WOW. we had a monster bathroom. HUGE. with a jacuzzi, rain forest shower, separate shower stall, water closet, two sinks - the works. the closet was a walk in closet. the windows opened to our view of a waterfall. the bathroom had speakers for the television. there was a ceiling fan. we were impressed! and the beds. oh the beds. they were so comfortable.

    we head to the buffet. it was okay, but the deserts were the best. they had all kinds of cheesecake, both regular and sugar free.

    today we nap. yay! we’ve skipped naps the past few days and i cant take it any longer. im used to napping EVERY day. but its hard when you have to check two people into two different hotels, especially with all the traffic.

    once we are up - its time to go out. and out we go. arizona charlies east. i dream of jeanie - i get $45. then $50 on i dream of lucy. we cash out and my sister stops at the restroom. im bored so i put money in a phone tag and get $50. woo hoo!

    head to The STRAT , want to go up top but its too late and its closed. lose money here. head to the hard rock. i have a broken twilight zone. the buttons wont work all the time. but i do get $120 out of it. so im happy.

    our last stop tonight is the suncoast. we are SO tired. but cant stop playing. drag ourselves back to the room and are in bed by 4:00 am.
  13. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    tuesday, december 28, 2004 - day thirteen - last full day

    i am up at 8:00. i am tired but i want to go out and take pictures before we leave. i try to shower, the shower is clogged. i have to call maintenance. he is up and finishes by 8:30. i shower, get dressed and go. its POURING outside. POURING. im partially excited because i love rain and partially bummed because i cant walk around outside taking pictures in the rain, my camera will die.

    i decide to play. i have to stop at starbucks THREE times for THREE venti peppermint mochas. im so exhausted. i lose money and go back up to fetch my sister at 10:30. we have to go to the neon boneyard, the souvenir store by the strat and to return the car by 3:00. she swears this is more than enough time. i swear it isnt, remember the traffic?

    first stop - boneyard. it was so cool. you cant go inside, but you can see over the fence in most spots. also the “popular†signs all have holes in the tarp, presumably from previous visitors trying to take good pictures. i wish they would let you inside. we take a billion pictures and head to the souvenir store. its POURING like crazy. it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get there.

    shop and shop and shop. take paradise to get near the four seasons, where we are spending our last night. i don’t know why we didnt think to take i-15, but hind sight...

    the streets are completely flooded. its unbelievable. I’ve seen flooding in vegas on the news before, but i always thought it was in off-strip neighborhoods. i never realized the STRIP floods. later that night, the bellagio lake would overflow into the street.

    we finally make it to the four seasons, drop off our luggage and go to return the car to Mandalay Bay. my sister doesnt know where to drop it off. of course she doesnt. why should she be expected to remember where to drop it off? its not like she is a baby, right? she parks randomly in the lot and we are told she had to go back to move it to the right area. i refuse to go. i go check in while she does this.

    i get room 38102 - strip view. i didnt pay for strip view. however, since its POURING outside, we can barely see the strip. the room is nice, but nowhere near as nice at the jw marriott. there is a soaking tub, no jacuzzi. there is no real refrigerator, but there is one with items for purchase in it. those items CAN be removed without being charged to the room so i emptied it out and put my stuff in it. there were robes and slippers and a toaster. but no fridge. odd, right? i had a fridge in my $15 room at the plaza, but not at my $275 room at the four seasons?

    i go upstairs and take pictures, kill time. wait for a while and then go back to meet my sister, who is still not back. UGH. today is the last day i have to deal with this.

    finally she resurfaces as i am leaving a message on her cell phone cursing her out.

    we head to the burger bar. i splurge and try my first kobe burger. oh man its SO good. the best burger I’ve ever had. my sister got the cheesecake burger for desert and i have to say it looked great. i will eat at this place on every trip in the future.

    play some slots on the way back to the room and lose. hit the room and take an hour nap. as we are walking to our room, i discover something wonderful about the four seaons. they allow DOGS there. we saw lots of DOGS!!! i LOVE dogs! thats one thing they definitely win over the jw marriott on.

    after napping, we go back out. play and lose at mandalay and luxor. in luxor, guess who takes off again? oh yeah. head to MGM Grand and win $50 on keno. lose $60 on family feud. i never learn.

    the monorail is running for free this week so we take it to the imperial palace. holy flooded. the parking garage looked like a river. it was insane. i tried to get pictures of it but my camera hates working so the ones i got are awful and you can barely make them out.

    play and lose, and repeat. we head to ceasars, same thing. you can now get into caesars and get out of caesars. what a thrill that was! however, outside caesars was so flooded that the water went above my sneakers and flooded my shoes.

    we head to ballys and find even MORE igt games, igt has been really busy these past few months. play and lose and then win and then lose and then win and then lose.

    i want to go to the aladdin, my sister wants to go to bed. i tell her to take a cab and ill meet her later. i am up until 4:00 am playing gilligan. every time i double my money, i cash out. every time im out of cash, i cash in and start all over again. im well aware i need to sleep. i have to be out of the four seasons at noon tomorrow and my flight isnt until midnight. but i cant drag myself away from this game.

    i finally go to get a cab. the driver could not have been going more than 10 miles per hour and the car was splashing up so much water that i could not see out the window.

    get back to the four seasons - my last night sleeping in vegas. im sad. everyone said 14 days was too much and it was nowhere near enough.
  14. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    wednesday, december 29, 2004 - fourteenth and last day

    wake up at 9:30 very sad. i don’t want to go home. we order room service as part of our package. not that great. especially for the $60 it cost.

    its raining again outside. it’s a good thing i love rain.

    check our bags, check out and go. mandalay bay - i lose on i dream of jeanie. what? it must be broken. i play barn yard animals and win. thats much better.

    Excalibur - lose.
    new york, new york - lose
    monte carlo - lose
    boardwalk - lose

    what the hell?

    aladdin - stop and shop for a minute.

    i give more coupons for free play. i cant believe they took all of them. this is my third trip this year and on every trip I’ve used coupons from casino player, casino perks, American Casino Guide , showbiz and on my last trip - free play printouts from their own kiosk (which is now gone). and they took all of them, every trip - no problem.

    hit up gilligans island and its no longer paying. much like i dream of jeanie, it broke. we try to eat the buffet, but the line is way too long so we settle for zanzibar. its good.

    head to bellagio. lose lose lose lose lose. some dude next to me on quarter monopoly got a surprise monopoly and got 1200 credits. i was happy for him, and of course wished it had been me.

    head to imperial palace and play a tiny bit before its time to go. its time to go already? how is this possible?

    back to four seasons. get our luggage and go to the airport. WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

    we are randomly selected for searching. my sister flips out yelling about how she is not a terrorist. blah. i guess they got the last laugh though because when we got back to nyc, guess whos luggage was missing? yep - hers. it never made it onto the plane. they found it yesterday and supposedly she should have it right now.

    and so ends my report. i miss vegas very much and i cant wait to be back. alone. by myself. me, myself and i.
  15. Absolutdrinker

    Absolutdrinker Low-Roller

    Jan 21, 2003
    yer sister's a bitch dude... props to you for putting up with such an annoying person for so long... awaiting days 9-14
  16. enterpriser2151

    enterpriser2151 Tourist

    Aug 20, 2004
    Knoxville, TN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fantastic TR without all the unnecessary references to your long legs, heaving bosom and all the rest of someone else's trash. Sorry about your sister being such a pain in the ass. I think you, me and Absolutdrinker need to take a trip together. I think each of us can take care of ourselves and still have fun together without wanting to kill each other. [​IMG] :D
  17. mesa

    mesa VIP Whale

    Jul 17, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thats why I always go with the wife ,we are on the same wavelength. And we never really plan our agenda just take it as it comes. We liked the Burger bar alot also.
  18. Jack21

    Jack21 Guest

    Two weeks in Vegas. WOW. I think all my trips together over ten years might add up to 14 days. Glad you had fun; I suspect you had to pace yourself.
  19. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report Jenaphir, except I'm ready to choke the living crap out of your sister too LOL!!

    Love Love LOVE the doggie in the bed. That's just too adorable!
  20. jenaphir

    jenaphir Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2004
    thanks for your replies! it was a LONG trip, but at the end we still didnt want to go home. luckily, when we got home, i remembered a lot of stuff i forgot about (thanks to my trip notes) so it seemed longer when i started remembering everything we did. but still, i need to go back!
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