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From the outhouse to the goldspike

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by twester, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. twester

    twester Tourist

    Apr 8, 2003

    My Trip Report

    This was my wife's and mine 2nd trip with out kids to vegas.We drove from Boise to Mesquite the drive took 10 hours.Got a room at the virgin river were the beds were so hard I should have sleept on the floor because the floor had more padding.What the heck only going to be there one night.First stop the craps table at the Eureka 1 min 10x's odds bought in for forty and made 3 bucks after an hour good table and staff.My wife has had enough and goes to bed she has a spa vist planned the next day at the casablanca the next day.I have not had enough yet so I buy in for 40 at the virgin river table have 1 beer and in 10 min gone oh well of to bed.
    The next day wife goes to spa and loves it she likes the casablanca better then the luxor, I have 2 hours to kill what to do, then it hits me craps 2min 10 odds had a great time and a few beers later up 60 bucks.If you want a great resort give with good golf give the casablanca a try.
    On to vegas we go first stop the Cannery were we play a little vp and slots I dont care for slots but wife likes them.She wants to play megabucks puts in 21 bucks because you have to have at least 7 pulls she gets it up to 58 and cashes out,she looks at the machine and tells my to give her a another 21,I say fine she plays it down to 7 then hits for 500 this is the first time she has hit for more then 75 bucks and she is real happy. So we get ready to leave and she looks at the machine and says give me the $58 dollar tickit I have a gut feeling what eles could I do she play's it up to 120 then starts to lose when she has had enough she cashes out hands me the tickit and sayes here is your $21 back!!!Gee thanks hon.
    On to the goldspike were we have a 2room suite on the 7th floor with balcony.I know what your thinking ewwwwwwww but the room is great it has a fridge 2 beds 2 tv and a couch all for 37 dollars on the weekend.My wife was saying how the casino smelled I said no it can't and showed her the the sign in the bar that say's they have purifed air for there guests.I think the sign is funny.She rolls her eyes at me and were off to find cheap craps and good odds. I know what your thinking the ElCo for $1 craps right Wrong they wanted 3 bucks so off I go and check every casino downtown the all want 5 bucks but the plaza where it is only 2bones 10 and a lot nicer then the Elco buy in for 40 nothing going good or bad after an hour left even.More to come sorry for thr typo's
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.