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free vegas club passes

Discussion in 'Vegas Nightlife' started by schwaiguy, May 28, 2012.

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  1. schwaiguy

    schwaiguy High-Roller

    Apr 29, 2011
    shithole, NM
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My wife and I are decidedly not cool. We’re both college professors and pushing 40. We live on this rock in the middle of the NM desert, where a yahoo local search for an Italian restaurant within 100 miles turns up only Pizza Hut. But, I used http://www.freevegasclubpasses.com/, and for at least one night, we were cool. We went to LAX in the Luxor and were whisked past the lines. Our name was on the list, and we got in relatively quickly, no charge. Inside the club, at one point, a Western- or Southern- Asian man getting bottle service stood up on the table, flipped off the crowd, and threw $50 in ones out onto the dance floor. My wife and I caught around 20 of them. Then he sprayed champagne out. Quite a night. . .

    I worked in a nightclub before, and went to Moon in the Palms once on a Travelzoo special. But, we definitely weren’t Vegas club kids, due to the long lines and high entry fees. Considering where we live, though, we decided we needed stimulation, so I started checking the net for discounts, line passes, etc. . . . I was skeptical when I found freevegasclubpasses, but it seemed like a good deal, so I tried. The promoter behind the site, Chris Hornak, is a true professional, replying to his e-mails within minutes. He got us on the list to get into Moon, Playboy, and Ghost Bar for free with no line on Tuesday and got us into LAX for free with no line on Wednesday. (I do not know if there is a cover there Wednesday nights.) I only wish I could have worked with him more.

    So, free club entry in Las Vegas. Why? Because how many of us have gone to a club, looked, inside, saw it was dead, and then turned heel and ran away? There are some stipulations, though. The first is the male to female ratio: one-to-one is usually enough to get you in. For groups of men, there are VIP free entry passes. Both men and women may end up having to pay, depending on the night. Also, like any nightclub, there is a possibility of being turned away for dress or not being cool enough. Chris provides you a number to call for problems, but it would be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Also, you have to get there early, usually before midnight, for the best arrangements. You may spend some time in line, even on the VIP guest list. Remember, this guy is a promoter—on the ground, club security is in charge.

    Though I only went to a club one night, based on our dealings, I view freevegasclubpasses as legit. I hope to work with Chris more next time. He is a classy guy. My car broke down while I was on vacation in Vegas, and he directed me to a good, honest mechanic.
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