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Follow the Bouncing Booger Part 2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Booger, Jan 4, 2003.

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  1. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I still have a friend that works where I used
    to and he said that my old boss hired a "friend"
    of his for about half of what I used to make.Well
    come to find out that his "friend" freshened-up
    one of "our" racing engines and forgot(didn't
    know)that you are suppose to change a $100 set of
    rod bolts and resize the rods.Well that little
    mistake cost my old boss a $9000 alumimum block,
    a $2800 billit crankshaft,2 $400 con rods,2 $300
    pistons,a $3200 cyl. head and countless hours of
    labor.Not a good sign for only 2 weeks of work.
    Sounds like he saved alot of money.Think they
    are still friends???

    I wake up about 2:30pm and watch the boob tube
    for a little bit,get ready and out the door at
    about 4:00.Today I'm going to see what Boulder
    Hwy. is all about,never been there before.So I
    have the El Cortez get me a cab and take me to
    Sam's Town.Nothing to write home about,I wander
    around a bit,I've had enough and get a cab and
    head back Downtown.I go to Golden Gate and have
    lunch,corned beef,shrimp cocktail,and a couple of
    beers.By this time it's around 8pm and it's time
    to go to The STRAT . for some more drinking and
    Kareoke.I think this is going to become a regular
    thing for me on Wendsday nights when I'm in town.
    There sure are alot of very talented people in
    in Vegas,so I spend about 4hrs drinking and
    singing and spend about $50 or so on booze and
    beer,GREAT FUN!!! I thought I was going to play
    some serious Blackjack tonight but I'm far to
    buzzed to be doing that so instead I head over to
    LVClub and play "FUN 21".This is a terrible game
    but alot of fun to play,splitting tens and double
    on 3-4 cards and wierd stuff like that.I buy in
    for $100 play red and flat bet and basic strat.
    goes out the window.I have alot of fun with one
    guy that keeps bitching at me for doing "stupid"
    SITTING AT?? This guy is complaining for over an
    hour and still does'nt realize he's sitting at a
    "fun 21" table.How can you NOT know,there's a
    LIGHTED SIGN on a stick right on the table,DUH??
    So I get 4 10's and split them and for somereason
    this ends up being to much for this guy to handle
    and he leaves.The dealer and everyone at the
    table get a good laugh and we continue playing.I
    end up playing and drinking for about 3 hours and
    actually win $30 or $40.It's about 4 or 5am when
    I get done so I just wander around downtown and
    decide I'm going to play nickle Break the Spell
    for the remander of the morning.I go from place
    to place looking for this game and end losing
    about $75.Back to the El Cortez and get breakfast
    $1.75 bacon and eggs.Still hungry so I order the
    the sausage and eggs and the lady looks at me a
    little funny,so I ask her for 2 beers and 2 shots
    of to-kill-ya,no more funny looks,NOW she thinks
    I'm totally insane!!Enough fun for today,it's
    9:30am and time for bed.

    I wake up 2:00pm Thurs. and lounge around for
    an hour or so then get ready and out the door at
    about 4:00.I'm hungry so I head to the Golden
    Gate for a roast beef sandwich,shrimp cocktail,
    and a beer,still very good.Since I have some
    "extra" money I decide to go the strip and scout
    some of the high limit games to see if there is
    something decent in the Blackjack games to play.
    Mirage and Caesars' have very good shoe games but
    will take more money to play then I'm willing to
    risk so I decide against that idea.Sure is fun to
    watch people playing black like it's silver.I
    watch one guy play for about an hour or so and he
    has no idea what he's doing but sure is having
    alot of fun.He lost more then $18,000 in less
    then an hour,just guessing,the whole time I was
    there.He MUST be good at something to have that
    kind of money to piss off!! So I just end up
    walking around a little,looking/playing nickle
    Break the Spell for a few hours.Went to the
    Casino Hall of Fame at the Trop.,free ticket from
    shill out front.I like that place,everytime I go
    in there I always see something I didn't see the
    last time there.Didn't really look but I think
    the tic-tac-toe chicken is gone.Went to NYNY and
    had a couple more slices of pizza and a beer,then
    rode the roller coaster and just walked around
    NYNY for an hour or so.Sure like that place,may
    have to stay there one day soon.At this point its
    about 1am Fri morning so I catch the bus back to
    Downtown and get ready to make my Blackjack
    rounds.So I end up playing about 6 hours of cards
    and winning about $175,not to good considering
    the money I put at risk.Oh well, better than
    losing $175.Been a long day,so I treat myself to
    some hot berry pie with a scoop ice cream and
    head upstairs 8am to get some sleep.

    Ah!! The sun is still up so everythings is OK.
    So today I decided to see if I can go a whole day
    without gambling.Maybe all go see a show or maybe
    YEAH RIGHT!!! I've always wanted to go to the
    Gamblers Bookstore but always forget to find out
    where it is,so I have to do a little asking but
    it seems everybody knows where it is BUT me.So I
    get a taxi there and go in. So I end up spending
    a couple hours there looking around,but go a
    little overboard on the book buying for my
    Blackjack library.I have plenty to read for quite
    awhile now.Back to Downtown,by now it's about
    6/7pm Fri and it's about time I have some kind of
    real dinner.I make my way back to the El Cortez
    by way of Binion's to see what's up on fri night.
    The slot's at least has SOME people in it,the
    craps tables are busy like always,and they have
    $10 dollar min. on Blackjack.I'll be back here
    later.Back to the El Cortez for some dinner.On my
    way I also went into Julian's? the place with all
    the TV's (sports bar?) anyway,there were quite a
    few people in there eating snacks and drinking,I
    hope that place does well,Downtown NEEDS a nice
    place for all those sports people to spend money.
    Not that I pay any attention to the sports books.
    I get to dinner and order a "Mr. Porterhouse"
    and it lives up to it's name. A 22-24oz steak
    with baked potato,vege mix,salad,and your own
    little loaf of bread.I put as big a dent in it as
    I could but came nowhere near finishing it.I do
    believe the price is $14.95.It's been a while
    since I've actually paid for one.By now it's got
    to 10pm or so and I hav'nt played VP in awhile so
    I thought I would give it a whirl.I waddle over
    to my favorite VP machine and decide to play $1
    DW single line.Insert 3 bills,push buttons,push
    buttons,push buttons...Before you know it the sun
    is up!!! I've been sitting at this machine for
    over 8 HOURS!!!I had been ordering a beer every
    once in awhile and somehow the time just flew by!
    I never added any money,never hit anything big,
    sort of like ,it just let me put a zillion points
    on my card,then cashed out,Thank You El Cortez.
    It's now,by some kind of Vegas "magic" 7am SAT
    morning?? I check out the tables here and it's
    sort of slow.I can't get my own table,but 1 other
    person is OK in a pinch.So I buy in for $500 and
    play 1-3 green.Play for about 1 hour and get out,
    up $175.Take walk to Golden Gate and get a shrimp
    cocktail and relax for a few.That's enough,off to
    Binion's for some more Blackjack.Buy in for $500,
    Play 1-3 green.Things go well here,I play for a
    little over 2 hours and am up $775.Wanted to stay
    longer but was getting to tired and was making
    mistakes,time to go!!By the time I get to my room
    I'm exausted,to much thinking,not enough breaks.
    Hit the hay about 11:30am Sat.

    I wake up at about 4pm still a little tired but
    very hungry,so I get up and out of the room by
    5pm.Where to eat?What to eat?I just wander around
    throw some money at various slots here and there,
    I can't resist,Back to the Golden Gate for....
    1-corned beef...1-shrimp...1-beer....I AIN'T SEEN
    So I relax a little while and have a couple beers
    and listen to piano guy for awhile.Very fun music
    to listen to.I just remembered,I need to remind
    everyone ,if you are Downtown between the hours
    of about 4pm-9pm,look for the "Fortune Cookie
    Girl" in front of the Golden Gate.She comes out
    1-2 times an hour and gives out fortune cookies
    with GOOD stuff inside(2-1,matchplays,freedinners
    and other stuff!! Anyway,feeling full,I catch the
    bus to the Strip and get off at the Strat. This
    is going to be my normal walking of the strip.My
    punishment for eating the way I do in Vegas,I
    really do enjoy the walking,especially when it's
    NOT 115' outside!!I take $200 and all the slot
    cards and walk up 1 side and down the other,my
    slot-o-the-day receiving $5 and a slot card.The
    slot this month is...Nickle Break the Spell.I
    got a great hit(5 crowns) at the Stardust for
    5000 nickles so I cash out $50 ahead this time.
    Well that was fun and killed about 7 hours,it's
    now 3am Sunday,so I catch the bus to Downtown for
    some more cards.Walk down to the Western to see
    what's going on down there and the place is busy.
    So I buy in for $50 and play $2 for 1 hour,down
    $50.Off to the Gold Spike,same thing,$50 in,$50
    gone.Off to Binion's,buy in $500,play 1-3 green,
    play again a little 2 hours,cash-out $325.Its now
    7.30am,and I have a 10:45 bus to catch,so back to
    El Cortez for a last round of Blackjack.Samething
    buy in $500 and so on...Well Gee,I'm having so
    much fun,I miss my bus!!!Well,now what do I do?
    I was planning on sleeping on the bus on the way
    home!What the heck,the next bus home is at 4:30.
    So I cash out $625.Time for breakfast,NY steak
    and eggs,Tastes like steak and eggs,YUM...Tummy
    full,back to the tables.Same routine..play almost
    3 hours and cash out dead even.This time ,in time
    to catch my ride home.Up to the room and pack,I'm
    off,with time for a rootbeer float on the way

    Very Fun Place Vegas...made some money,did lots
    of gambling,walked all over Hell and Creation,ate
    lot's of good food,drank to much once,got to sing
    in Vegas,went to gambling book Heaven,checked out
    Sam's Town,Catch a stupid bet for big money while
    in a drunken stupor,discovered the "magical time
    worp ability"of DW,Just generally had a Great
    time.Just think,I get to do it all over AGAIN in
    3 WEEKS....ALRIGHT!!!


    [ January 05, 2003, 11:08 AM: Message edited by: Booger ]
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fun report, great post. I'm beginning to wonder if being plastered is a requirement for winning at roulette; my buddy won big when he was playing one-eyed... [​IMG]
  3. GGecko

    GGecko Tourist

    Sep 25, 2002
    Great post, very enjoyable to read. I'm going to try the extremely intoxicated roulette play, it seeems everyone is doing it. :D
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