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Follow the Bouncing Booger Part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Booger, Jan 3, 2003.

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  1. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well,since my boss decided to fire me after 3
    1/2 years,I figuered now's as good a time as any
    to go to Vegas and blow off some steam.It worked,
    I feel MUCH better now.When I got home,one of the
    messages I had was from,guess who,MY OLD BOSS!!
    Seems he has had a change of heart and wants me
    to come back to work for him.So I told him I
    would have to have a raise in pay if that were to
    happen.When I left I was making $22.50hr andtold
    him if he wants me back he's going to have to
    cough up $30hr,he moaned and groaned but agreed,
    then I told him to F**K-OFF AND DIE!!! and I
    would'nt go back to work for him if he had the
    last machine shop on earth.That put the cap on a
    great Vegas trip for me.Enough about me....

    I spent the morning of Dec 9 moving my tool box
    from work to my house,no easy task,so after about
    6 hours of that,I called my favorite lady at the
    El Cortez to see if I could get a room for a week
    and she said "no problem".So I get cleaned up,
    pack my bag,go to Greyhound station and get my
    round trip ticket($48)catch the bus at 4:45pm and
    I'm on my way.The bus is almost empty so the ride
    there is not bad at all.We make our dinner stop
    in lovely Barstow and I decide on some KFC then a
    little nap for the remainder of the trip.At 11:00
    pm the bus rolls up to Lady Luck,walk 1 block to
    El Cortez and by 11:20 I'm in my room and ready
    to start gambling.I decide I'm to tired to do
    any real gambling so I go to the bar and get a
    shot of to-kill-ya and a beer.Gee that was GOOD,
    so I get another round.I pound the shot down and
    take the other beer with me and wander around
    Downtown playing nickle slots.I have no idea how
    many beers I had,I ran out of fingers and it was
    to cold out to take my shoes off so I could keep
    track.I do remember going to La Bayou at one
    point and having them put a shot of Everclear in
    one of my beers,seemed like a good idea at the
    time. Nothing happened on the slots but I sure
    had a great time,and I spent about $100.00
    drinking and playing slots,and I had a roast beef
    sandwich at the Golden Gate.Well at this point I
    had fooled around so much the sun was coming up
    so I headed back to the El Cortez and was VERY
    drunk at this point and did a REALLY stupid thing
    I walked up to the roulette table and put a $100
    on number 27(my birthday)and the wheel starts
    spinning,and spinning,I hear the ball drop and
    just as I'm ready to go to my room to get some
    much needed sleep the lady calls out "number 27"
    holy-shit-on-rye-bread!!!!I have to slug myself
    in the head to make sure I'm not dreaming,I
    would'nt have felt a slap at this point,I JUST
    WON $3500!!!Well,now everybody at the table is
    cheering and clapping and the pit boss comes over
    and wants my players number and asks where I'm
    staying.I tell him I'm staying here and I will be
    here for a week,and he says I just earned a weeks
    free stay there.So I tell him that I'm already
    staying here for free but I will think of
    something and he says to make sure I charge every
    thing to my room.The pit boss escorts me to the
    cage and I get my money,then grab a couple
    bottles of water and off to bed at about 7:30am.
    Are we having fun yet? HELL YES!!!

    Tues afternoon I wake up about 2:00pm,not even
    hungover,don't ask me why,and spend an hour or so
    collecting my brains and off I go.I go downstairs
    and into the coffee shop for steak andeggs.Tastes
    just like steak and eggs.Today I decide to put
    some points on my card and head over to my VP
    machine.Over the coarse of about 6 hours I put
    $250.00 in the machine playing .25cent 3-play DW.
    I rack up a bunch of points on my card and decide
    to spend a couple of them on a nice watch for my
    roommate.I don't know what else to do with them,
    I'm already getting comped full RFB,seems like
    the right thing to do_Over the last two trips I
    have racked up alot of points on my card and I
    have no idea what I'm going to do with them,it's
    still a little early to get Christmas presents
    for for this year,I guess I'll think of something
    At this point it's about 9:00pm, still to early
    to count cards so I decide to go to the Strip and
    wander around.I catch the bus and get off at the
    Strat and start walking.I don't really do much of
    anything,play a few nickle slots here and there,
    go to NYNY and get a couple slices of pizza and a
    a beer.Before I know it it's 2:30am,so I catch
    the bus back Downtown and begin a round of cards.
    I make my normal Blackjack rounds,playing red at
    the Western and Gold Spike,and I decided to play
    green at El Cortez and Binion's this trip.I end
    up playing about 5 hours and wind up down $375
    for the night,Oh well.Getting hungry so I go to
    the coffee shop and have steak and eggs again.On
    my way to my room I stop and get a couple of
    scoops of ice cream for dessert.It's now about
    9:30am and I'm tired from walking so it's time to
    get some sleep.

    I've got a couple of job interviews today and
    it's 2am CA time,so I'm off to bed and will try
    to finish this report when I get back.Looks like
    it's going to be a long one...More to come...


    [ January 05, 2003, 10:24 AM: Message edited by: Booger ]
  2. lvbabe

    lvbabe Tourist

    Jun 21, 2002
    WOW a crazy drunken bet pays off!! Congratulations! Looking forward to part 2
  3. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good luck on the job interview. Job satisfaction is even more important than having a good time in Vegas. Wait! I must be spending too much time at work and not enough time in Vegas! Anyway, hope everything works out.
  4. Andsen

    Andsen Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2002
    Gee-how did you manage to get fired. Sounds like the fun kinda thing I'd like to do! [​IMG]
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