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Flying solo - May 16-18 @ Harrah's

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by BrokenAlice, May 23, 2007.

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  1. BrokenAlice

    BrokenAlice Tourist

    Sep 6, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    32, Female - only my second trip to Vegas but there will be MANY more in the future. Solo trip for fun - not business. 3 days, 2 nights. You can skip the TR and see photos on my Flikr page if you prefer. http://flickr.com/photos/brokenalice/sets/72157600239318217/

    Flight In:
    Plane landed 8:30am. Carry-on only so no need to wait for baggage. Shuttle to hotel was easy.

    Harrah's. Room 2252 in Carnival Tower. King/Non-smoking. View of rear of property - looked ugly during the day but surprisngly pretty at night. Room was nice and comfortable with safe and coffee maker. Only complaint was the LONG walk down the hall and around a corner to get to the room. I would certainly ask for a room closer to the elevator next time. They were also gracious to extend my checkout time to 1pm when I requested.

    Mostly slot machines and almost all of my efforts were concentrated at Harrah's. Drink service was medioche until Friday afternoon. The cocktail server at the slots near the "Party Pit" was fantastic. She was bringing me drink after drink and was very friendly and funny. No major wins but the minor wins during the trip allowed me to take about half my original bankroll home. Didn't come out even at all but that is not a disappointment because it's all about the fun I had. And I had a lot of fun. Oh, I also tried Rapid Roulette for the first time at Harrah's. I only made a $20 buy in and at $2.50 minimum bet my money was going pretty fast. But I had a couple little wins and walked awyay with a $7 profit in the end.

    Purple Reign at Monte Carlo Wednesday night at 10pm. Free show and the small venue was great. Band and singers were fantastic! Very funny and really talented. The crowd was loving it and dancing to most songs. I only stayed for the first set but wish I had stayed for the Midnight show too. "Prince" announced the late show was for all the "naughty people". This naughty girl was tired as hell after being up since 3:30am so I called it an early night.

    Price is Right Live at Bally's on Thursday afternoon. I did not win anything, but many people got free Total Rewards points and some small wins during the stage games. Final showcase was won by a lucky lady - she got a car, a cruise, and a couple other things. It was fun but I don't think I'll spend the money to go again. Be sure to use your TR card when you buy the tickets for 25% off the price.

    Wednesday afternoon I went to Quark's for late lunch/early dinner. Monorail coupon books had a ticket for a free "mini" Warp Core drink with the purchase of an entree. I say "mini" because this thing is still huge. Over 6oz of liquor according to the bartender and served in a fishbowl-looking thing with the dry ice. It was totally yummy and just about knocked me on my a$$. With the drink I also had the cajun ahi tuna plate. It was tasty and I enjoyed it very much. Ate at the bar and made lots of new friends because everyone wanted to talk about my "mini" cocktail.

    Thursday morning I had breakfast at Harrah's buffet. Typical breakfast fare. Kind of hard to screw up breakfast in my opinion. I had a $5-off coupon that they seemed to be handing out everywhere so breakfast for under $10 makes me happy. Especially when they serve dessert courses at breakfast. I had a slice of this hazelnut cake that was to die for.

    Thursday evening was at Aquaknox in the Venetian. Ate at the bar again and just ordered a quick appetizer plate. The menu called them "jumbo" crabcakes. They need to talk to Quark's about using adjectives because these "jumbo" cakes were two small, golf-ball sized things. I will say that they were A-mazingly tasty. Very fresh chunks of crab and almost zero filler/breadcrumbs. They were outstandingly good. I just could have used another 5 of them on the plate for the almost $20 price. I also had a peach mojito that the bartender girl recommended. For the least amount of food it was my most expensive meal of the entire trip. Got out just shy of $40 after tip.

    Friday early evening was "Dinner" at the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Ho. I had never been to this buffet before and now I know why it's frequently #1 on many "best buffet" lists. I ate my fill of crab legs and lobster pasta and a little lamb from the kabob corner. I also loved the fact that you could serve your own dessert instead of asking something behind a counter for something. That way I could more than things and not feel like a total pig because I keep asking for more. For the record, skip the mini eclair and the mini cannoli and go straight to the mini cream puff and creme brule.

    The first two days was spent with a lot of transport via the Monorail. There are coupons for monorail tickets all over the place right now - hotel room/taxi magazines, coupon books at the monorail kiosks, in your HET welcome book at check-in. I got a 10-ride pass for $28 after discount. Only used 8 rides but the ticket is good for 1 year so I'll bring it back on my next trip. I used the Deuce bus a lot on Friday for visiting non-monorail properties.

    I did buy something cheapo junk at an ABC store in Miracle Mile/Desert Passage on the first day. Also grabbed some cheapo shirts at Casino Royale. Got my souvineer buying out of the way early. Went to the Venetian for the first time to check out the shops. Lots of spendy places with nothing I was interested in so that made it easy to walk through quickly. Did the same thing with Fashion Show mall. Wasn't interested in most things there either and sped through the whole thing - both levels. I guess I wasn't really in a shopping mood.

    I also visited the Guardian Angel Catholic Cathedral. I enjoy visiting Catholic parishes wherever I travel and like to take pictures and pay respects. On my next trip I'll head to the other end of the strip and visit the parish outside of Tropicana.

    Flight home:
    Delayed for 2 hours. Was originally schduled for 10pm but left at just past 12 midnight. No big deal to me. A few extra hours in Vegas, even if stuck in an airport, is ok by me.

    I loved going on this trip alone. No slight to my friend who I travelled with last time, but it was fantastic being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not have to worry about anyone else. There were very few times that I felt lonely and I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe. I still only went to half the places I wanted to go and there is still so much to be seen that I have yet to see. I will absolutely being going back again in Oct or Nov.
  2. hanoscf

    hanoscf High-Roller

    Jan 22, 2007
    NW Wisconsin
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've always wondered what it would be like going to Vegas alone. I had a friend that went alone once a year and had a ball.
  3. Beach Crazy

    Beach Crazy Hostess With the Mostess

    Jun 30, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Thanks for the report Alice. Certainly sounds like you managed to keep yourself busy and have a great time. Love the photos. :)
  4. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My first trip was last 4th of July, and that was one of the best trips ever for me! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

    That "mini" warp core breach... the most recent time I was at Quark's a couple were sharing one of those and a Klingon character walking by asked if they were sharing. They said "yes!" and his response was "cowards!". Had to laugh at that, but I know for certain that they don't spare any alcohol in their drinks!
  5. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    There are times when going solo is just what you need. My wife and I shared one of those warp core breaches and left half of it:drunk: I'll have to check out your photos when I'm at home and not work.
    Let the drunken olympics begin
  6. hedo3cpl

    hedo3cpl Tourist

    Aug 4, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Doug used to go more often by himself,( well he is never alone...just finds a way to make friends!) He would always go out a few days b4 the big Dart tourneys and have a little quite time to get ready and in the right frame of mind for the tourneys, Don't think i could go alone to vegas but a trip with the girls might be fun!
    Patty and Doug
  7. PPtraderal

    PPtraderal Low-Roller

    Apr 24, 2002
    Philadelphia Area
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for posting the pictures. I always enjoy photo galleries.
  8. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very Nice TR

    Alice - thanks for the wonderful TR and the great photos. We haven't been to the Spice Market in several years. Based on your report I'll be eating there in June!

    later, GVJ
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