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First Trip Report Part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Typhinie, Mar 14, 2004.

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  1. Typhinie

    Typhinie Tourist

    Dec 5, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA

    My Trip Report

    Okay, here it goes. I love the detailed trip reports so I'll try to make mine as detailed as possible.
    Our plain ride from L.A. was very uneventful. It was only about 45 minutes long and a little bumpy because of windy conditions. As we landed I saw all the hotels I had been researching and started to get excited. As we were walking to baggage claim... I started to smell cigarettes and heard the sound of the airport slots. Thats when it hit me! I'm in VEGAS!! Me and my best friend waited about 5 mintes for our friends from home, who go to UNLV, to pick us up at baggage claim. Then we were of to Monte Carlo.
    I was seriously considering the $20 trick at the fromt desk, but somewhere along the line, I chickened out. I wanted a smoking room, but the clerk was looking in the computer for a while and I said "Whichever room has a better view". She gave us a non smoking room on the 25th floor! Considering I didn't pay much for the room I was expecting a so so room. But as we walked in we were pleasantly suprised. Our view faced Ny Ny and Mandalay Bay We could also see Excalibur and the top of the pyramid at Luxor. I'm sure there are better views but I was very happy with this one. We dropped of our stuff and by this time it was already 5 pm. We had dinner reservations at Delmonico's but neither of us we hungry and we wanted to see the town a little before we ate. I was a little sorry I canceled the reservations because I really wanted a nice dinner. Oh well, there is always next time.
    We walked over to NyNy first. I liked that Casino a lot. It seemed like a really fun place to be and there were a lot of young people. I put a 20 in an SNL slot machine and doubled my money and cashed out. I'm sure I could have won more, but it was my first slot experience so winning $20 was a big deal! I fighured that would pay for a few cab rides. My best friend, Gina, didn't gamble at all, which kind of was a downer. She is only 19, but has a great ID. It is her sister and they look like twins. She used it several times on the trip at bars and clubs but she thought it was too risky to try in casinos."when your winning their money, they'll look for every excuse to bust you'. I guess she was just being smart. I only got carded in a casino twice, both times at MC. We then walked over to MGM. This was one of our faverite places and visited it several times. A band was playing ont he stage and the singer pointed at us in the crowd and basically sarinaded us! We got drinks and walked arround a little bit then grabbed a snack at the Wendy's. By this time it was dark and I fell in love with Vegas at night. The weather was similar to L.A. and I loved the fact that you could walk arround the streets drinking. We walked up to Aladin and looked in the shops there. We found Phat Tuesdays and got ourselves some drinks. This was our first mistake. We loved the drinks, but we srtarted drinking too soon a nd too fast. But, whatever, it's Vegas. We got hit on by a local guy selling time share that informed us the Red Dragon at China Grill in Mandalay bay was the place to be on a Wednesday night. We watched the fountain show before we walked into Ceasers. This was my friends faverite place. She liked the Forum shops so much! I did too, but she was obsessed! We both have never been shopping drunk, but found it to be a truely fun experience. We found another phat tuesdays there and got more drinks and the guy working ther gave us some free shots because it was my birthday! We walked arround a little more, then headed back to our Hotel to get ready for the night. I stopped and got some beer ont he way back. We freshened up and headed toward Mandalay Bay. We found the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay purely by accident but we were glad we did. I really liked this Hotel. I think it was one of my faverites. We got to Red Dragon too early (10 or so) and they were still serving dinner. To surpass the cover charge we got drinks at the bar. Some Random guys sent over some shots and drinks and thats were things started to get really fun. We were dancing and meeting poeple left and right then got invited toa table. There was a bottle of greygoose and some cranberry juice and a whole lot of food that we both ate and loved! I met a guy that asked me if I liked to gamble I said I did, but didn't know how to play Black Jack. He said lets fix that and we wondered to the Casino. My friend was already making out wit one of his friends so I figured she wouldn't mind. We found a 10 dollar table that seemed to be popping so we sat down. He bought me in for 100 bucks. Things couldn't be better! Gambling with someone elses money!! Our dealer was an awesome guy. Everyone was comenting on my beginners luck. I just kept winning and winning. I had to give him his hundred back, but I got to keep all the winnings. There was a dealer switch and the mood changed a whole lot so we left up a few hundred and went to MC. We somehow lost most of our winnings at the 5 dollar tables there! He walked me back to the room at 4. We woke up my friend and went down to the cafe to get some food. We ate, and said our goodbyes and we went to sleep arround 5:30. I woke up about 7. Boiling hot. I guess in a drunk daze I turned up the heat! Well, I couldn't fall back asleep so I went down to the Casino with intentions to play BJ. I felt I didn't know the game well enough to sit down alone. I dind't want disrupt the flow of the game. So I played slots and broke about even, maybe up a 20 or so. Went back to the room to shower and get ready for another day of fun. It was about 11 am at this point so we missed breakfast buffets. We decided to head to the Aladin Buffet. We loved it. We met a guy there who was alone. We asked him to sit with us and han g out. He was a nice guy and ended up hanging out with us the whole day. We walked up to Barbary Coast and decided to play some BJ. I lost about 20 and he won about 50. I really didn't like the dealer. We left and headed toward the Venetion. WOW! This place is really beautiful. I took so many picures and wanted to stay there all day. But we decided to take a cab back to our hotel and get ready for the best night of our trip... Part 2 coming soon! [​IMG]
  2. paulajpa

    paulajpa Guest

    Tiffany this is my kinda trip our last trip in Feb I was sick and it sucked bad so we are going back in July to try and have the trip we should have .. I cant wait for the rest of the story ....
  3. pezarino

    pezarino Guest

    Wow!! To be that young again............ I don't think I could keep up if I tried...I definitely would need a nap here or there. Great trip report so far.
  4. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Great trip report so far. Too bad you didn't keep the reservation at Delmonico's.

    Anxiously waiting for Part II.

    Have to agree with Pezarino - I don't think I could handle that schedule either.
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