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First Trip Report - July 17-22

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Freddie, Jul 25, 2002.

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  1. Freddie

    Freddie Tourist

    Apr 17, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Okay, this is my first trip report, but my fourth trip.

    Left Bismarck at 12:30, through Denver and got to Vegas around 3:30 Vegas time. Flights were uneventful. It was raining in Vegas, seems to do that when Bobbi and I go. She got in a couple hours later, then we grabbed a shuttle to the IP. Check in went very fast, up to the room - 9th floor pool view. Clean room, spacious enough. Typical hotel room, nothing fancy. We were both starved, so we dropped our bags and went to the Burger place in the IP for some food. Pretty good burgers actually. Then, we played some BJ at the bar and had a drink. Since it was pouring outside, we just stayed at the IP that night. We went up to the cars and checked that out, bought some gifts in the gift shop up there, then went down to the other gift shops and purchased a few things. Signed up for the players card and then played some Popeye. She lost, and I turned a 10 into almost 50. Not bad for the first day. Had a few more drinks while playing (had to have draft, they don't serve bottle beer at the machines :rolleyes: ) Then, went up to the room. Not the best first night, but it'll work!

    Thursday - got up and showered. YIKES! It was either HOT or COLD. So, that part was a bummer. Then, we were off to the Venetian, Treasure Island and Mirage. Got a players card at the Venetian, played a little but lost. Had a Krispe Kreme for 95 cents. Was all we spent for food that day. Pretty cheap meal! Got the players card at TI. Played awhile a the TI, lost. Played some poker at the bar (had no idea how, but what the heck). Had a few Bud Lites and talked to the bartender - he was really nice. Then, off to the Mirage. I had two dolphin habitat tickets and two buffetts through WW. Got those, and went to the dolphin habitat. Pretty neat actually. Took the tour part and then walked through the secret garden. Took lots of pictures and then went back into the dolphin place to look a little more. Bobbi bought some gifts and we went back to the IP. Got tickets for Legends in Concert and freshened up. Watched the Luaua from our room on the balcony and it was kind of neat. Glat I never paid for it, but neat all the same. Was nice to be able to go into the room to cool off when we needed and grab a drink. After that, we went back to the Mirage, ate. I am SO glad I did not have to pay for this. It was awful. The food was okay, but there was no selection at all. What was there was nothing special by any means. Not at all what my husband and I had the previous September. Pretty disappointing. But, it was free.. so don't sweat the small stuff! Went back to the IP for the Legends show. All I can say was AWESOME! We had great seats, front row table . We ended up sitting with a gal and her mother. They were great fun. We all tried to move to a booth table, but were quickly returned to our own table. Oh well, we tried! The Elvis was the most amazing Elvis I have ever seen. Graham Patrick was his name. He looks and talks just like him when he is not in costume. Saw him on the ABC special, you may have too. Anyway, he is great. All of the performers were. Elvis walked out onto our table and I gave him a kiss - he was very salty and sweaty, but that was okay! :D Afterward, we got a picture with Elvis and his autograph, and pictures with the Blues Brothers and Bruce Springsteen. We were the loud table, so they all remembered. We were the only ones that were making any noise, seemed like everyone else was asleep, but they loved us! I also learned that getting their attention for autographs and pictures is much easier when you have a big bust and a tight shirt. Elvis liked my shirt and asked what it said - USA in big letters. Nice line though :D So, autographs and pictures didn't take all to long. Plus, they were all very nice people to visit with. I was happy we went to it, it was well worth the money, plus we had a $5 off coupon from Bill Here. By this time it was pretty late, so it was back to the room for some shut eye.

    Friday - Today we walked over to Ballys, walked through there trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Kept going and ended up on the tram to MGM. Decided that a bagel omlette sandwich from McDonalds sounded good, but by the time we got there we could only get lunch. So, a big mac it was. After that, we played at the MGM for awhile. We put the Mirage card in, which I knew would not work, but I hate to argue with a friend, so I did. It actually worked to my favor. CJ, who walks the floor and signs people up for the slot card, came over while I was playing Cash Crop. She had never seen the bonus, which is pretty fun. You get to pick potatoes, beets, carrots, and I think turnips for more points. Anyway, she saw that I had the wrong card in, so she gave me 20 points and got me a MGM Card. Works for me! Went to NYNY, turned a 1 into 26. Bobbi was losing, so I bought her a Smirnoff Ice and me a Bud Light. Walked over to the Tropicana. Pulled the free slot and guess what I got? You got it, a deck of cards. Yipee! So, we went and redeemed that and got their coupons. Then, since I think we have sucker written on our foreheads, we played the lucky 20. Well, neither one of one, but we got a sweatshirt and I got a free T-shirt just for playing. So, I guess I got my 20 back, unless you figure that with the coupon I could have gotten a sweatshirt for like 12 bucks, but hey...we just won't think about that and pretend I got a great deal! After that, we walked through the museum there. Glad I didn't pay for that! But, was okay to see. Took some pictures with the guy with the gun and Bobbi took a picture of me with the blond sticking her chest out. I almost lost that contest! But in the end, I won :D Saw the flowers at the Bellagio and had two buffest from WW, got that coupon and signed up for the slot club while we were there. Then, it was back to the IP to change and freshen up, which was a waste since we had to book it back to the Bellagio for the buffet. We still are not really sure why we just didn't eat and then go change, but we didn't. Got a lot of hateful looks when we bypassed the huge dinner line. I sort of liked it. Made me feel special! The food was really good, but I'm not into much of that really fancy stuff. I have never been much of a dessert eater, but I had to try them because they were so pretty. WOW. They were the best desserts I have ever eaten. I am afraid to say that I tried two, and ate them. Thank goodness we were walking! After we were totally stuffed we booked it to the Luxor for the BMG show. We had front row center seats and were pretty excited to get full of paint. Well, I got a marshmallow from one of the blue guys. But, never got any paint on my poncho. However, I did get some bananas on it! Bobbi got a huge glob on her shoe. Yucky. In a word, I would say it was different. I really liked it and had a blast, but I'm not sure that I would pay 85 bucks to see it again. But, the music was great. The other stuff, while funny, was just kinda wierd. But, we did have a great time and laughed a lot, so it was worth it. Got a picture with our favorite Blue Man afterward and his autograph/lip print on our tickets. Went back to the IP and tried to order a pizza and beer, but of course you can't get Bud Lite, only Bud heavy and draft Coors Light. So, no pizza or beer was ordered and I went to bed sad without my Bud Light.

    Saturday - We went and laid by the pool for awhile. Now, this was our first time going to the pool on a Vegas trip and lets just say we did not use our heads. Our feet hurt sooooo bad, so neither one of us wore shoes. Ya, you can see what is coming I am sure. Had a frozen drink by the pool, got a little tan, cooled off in the pool a couple times. Well, I am not one to just lay in the heat, 20 mins in a tanning bed is more than I can stand, so a couple hours by the pool was just too much for me. So, I decide to go to the room and shower. I get up, wrap my towel around my waist, grap my stuff and start on my way..... all the way to the other side of the pool area :rolleyes: Have you seen Rat Race? Remember the part where Cuba gets left in the desert and runs from one little piece of cactus shade to another? Well, that was me. I started out kind of slow, then walked very fast to the first, and last, shade of the palm tree. Now, I could not walk the entire way in the shade because there was no room behind the other chairs and pillars. So, I HAD to go back out into the sun and back to the hot, hot, hot pool deck. Well, I pretty much ran to the other end and quickly to a little piece of shade, the entire way saying things like - oh shit, hot, hot, shit, hot, owie, owie, hot! I'm sure I was really cool. Finally, the carpet (ouch) and then the cool tile inside, from which steam came from my feet. Little bit warm on the tootsies. I was going to try to hurry up and get back down to take Bobbi her shoes, but well, there she was, knocking at the door. She comes in with the words sun of a bitch that was hot! She had the same story as me. She thought I was mad because of the way I tore out of there, but she soon realized it was not anger that made me run. They aren't lying when they say Caution - pool deck may be hot. But we did find that our feet were pretty smooth after that. So, maybe it wasn't all for nothing. After that, we headed back toward the Trop to exchange my sweatshirt because it was too small. On the way,we stopped into all the little shops along the street, cooling off and shopping. I had to buy a bag to get all the stuff back that I had bought. So, I got this big duffel bag for like 15 bucks, and then he had a leather laptop case for 25, so I got that too. So, Bobbi was kind enough to offer to carry the nerd bag, as we called it. Stopped at the Boardwalk to play a little. No luck, but great drink service. Had a few BL's and off toward the Trop again. Stopped at MGM. Got the two buffets and the free fanny pack for the players card signup gift. Added to our nerd supply. Went and ate, which was really, really good. I like their buffet. It's more my style. Love their vegetable lasagna. Then, off to the trop. Played against the Chicken, and lost. Kind of makes you feel stupid to lose to dinner, but oh well. It was free :D Switched my sweatshirt, and back to the MGM. Got a ride from the MGM to the curb of M&M World from Robert. He had one of those buggie things behind his bike. Tipped him a few bucks and went to M&M World. Walked through there, checked it all out. Checked out the Coke place. Then slowly, ever so slowly, we walked back to the IP, stopping anywhere and everywhere to cool off and rest our tired feet. Made it back to the IP, bought a couple BL's for the room, and went upstairs. Had several laughs about our feet being fried like eggs, actually soaked our feet like two little old ladies that night. I will never wear those shoes again! At lesat for awhile. Then, off to slumber land.

    Sunday - Our last full day in Vegas. We were out of film. Can you believe that! So, we were heading toward Walgreens to get some. Went up to the Burger place to eat first. Then, to the strip. Stopped at the Flamingo and went through to see the penquins and flamingos. Had a BL, checked out the wedding Chapel, Bobbi is getting married. Not sure where all we stopped, but never did go to Walgreens. Stopped somewhere else and got film. Not too bad, was like 15 bucks for four rolls of 400 film. More than back home, but worth not having to go another foot in that direction. Walked across to the Montecarlo and took the tram to the Bellagio. Then back to the IP. Freshened up and went to the Venetian to the wax museum. Spent a lot of time in there and used a lot of fim. That was really neat. Plus, had a 2 for 1 from Bill Here, made it even better. Then, back to the IP. Went up and got a pizza from the Pizza Palace. While we waited for that, we played BJ at the bar and had a few BL's. Lost our money, but hey, that is what we were there for :rolleyes: Got one more BL before cashing out what little I had left, got our pizza, and went up to the room to eat. We both called our men and talked to them. Bobbi continued talked to her man and I went downstairs. They had 2 for 1's at the one bar, so I went and got, yep, two BL's and went to play the machines. Donated the rest of my money, didn't win a darn thing, drank my BL's and back to the room where Bobbi (over an hour later)was still talking to her man. Then, off to sleep.

    Monday - my flight left at 1:30, so my day was pretty much shot. Bobbi went to the pool, she didn't leave until that evening. Got the shuttle and went to the airport by 10:30. Waited around for awhile. Moved to another gait. Finally boarded. The take off was awful. It was really bumpy. The gal in the window seat had to go to the restroom [​IMG] and the guy in the center seat by me snored the entire way. Plus, some idiot in front of me took off his shoes! That did not smell very nice. But, I had my headphones and my word search, so I lived. Got to Denver and had a 2 hour layover. Called my hubby and then my cousin, so she wouldn't forget to come pick me up at the airport. Had a couple of beers, draft Coors light of course, no BL to be had at the airport, and some chips. Then, got a better seat, and boarded the plane. Got searched here, which was really a joke. It went off on my stomach, but he never made me show him my belly ring, also went off on my underwire, but he never patted me down, which was okay by me! I just had to take my shoes off and turn my phone on for him. Pretty much it. Got on the plane, and off to Bismarck. Landed, got my bags. My cousin was there and so I got my jeep, and took off on the hour and 15 min drive home.

    My Thoughts -
    * IP elevators are SLOW!! Shower there sucked, drink service was limited, but the people were really friendly. They always seemed to remember us.
    * I never did see Mikey, although I did look. We didn't make it downtown Saturday like we planned though, our little feet just would not move another step. Maybe next time, Mikey!
    * Wax museum was great. They look so much like the real people it is almost freaky.
    * Legends in Concert was AWESOME! Would go to that again.
    * Somewhere in there we got suckered into buying some French perfume, which is pretty cool stuff. Also, got a lot of "free promotional items" with the purchase. Knew there had to be a catch!

    Hope I didn't bore you too much. If you got this far, thanks for reading. It makes my typing time so much more worth it.
  2. LV Terry

    LV Terry Captain Flop'N Fold

    Sep 30, 2001
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    Sounds like a great time!!

    Didn't use the ol' stand on your towel until your feet cool off, huh? works every time. ;)

    You are not the first person to mention that the elevators at the IP are unbelievably slow... I wonder why that is?

    Glad you had fun! Thanks for telling us about it!
  3. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great Trip Report, Freddie... [​IMG]

    With all the walking we do in Vegas, you'd think it'd be a healthy place, until you factor in all the smoking, drinking, and no sleep... :rolleyes:

  4. punkypete

    punkypete Tourist

    Jun 17, 2002
    Enjoyed your trip report ... glad to hear you had a good time. [​IMG]
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