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First timers trip report April 21st - 25th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by lorio, Apr 27, 2002.

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  1. lorio

    lorio Tourist

    Feb 26, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario

    My Trip Report

    My sister and I (first timers) and our parents (10th timers) to Las Vegas. What a great time! Here is my summary of our adventures.

    April 21st, 2002 - Day 1, 78 Degrees

    Arrived in Vegas around noon and wanted to take the Limo to the Flamingo Hotel. Was disappointed to find out that they now charge $38.00 one way for the 4 of us. We decided to save our money and take the shuttle. This way we were able to check out some of the other hotels along the way. We checked into the Flamingo Hotel. The check-in line-ups were very long, so we went to the VIP check-in and got through faster.

    The hotel was full that night and our rooms were not great. We requested a different room, and they said that they could get us different ones but not until the next day. That was fine.
    We dropped off our luggage and out the door we went. 1st stop was the casino in the Flamingo. Checked it out, lost some money and then moved on to O’Shea’s next door. Grabbed a burger for lunch, played some slots and headed to Treasure Island for the 4:30pm Pirate Show. Wow! What was an awesome show, we really enjoyed that!
    Gambled a bit at Treasure Island, snacked on a Krispy Kream and took the tram to the Mirage. I really liked this hotel. Very nice, and tropical. It is definitely on my list to go back to and spend more time there on my next trip!?

    We headed back to the Flamingo for dinner at Lindy’s and more gambling. Went to bed at 11:00pm (or 2am home time) that was a very long day and we did not sleep well. But we were happy to be there. :D

    Day 2

    82 Degrees. We were up early and over at Harrahs by 8:00am for a quick breakfast. Today was going to be our big touring day. We started at Caesars but the shops were not opened, so we decided to go to the Bellagio! WOW WEE! What a great place. Very schwankhy and expensive. Wandered though lingerie store and saw a cute pair of panties for $128.00 US Dollars – that is $200.00 Canadian - for panties!! Needless to say I put them back on the rack and left that store.. The Bellagio truly is a beautiful hotel!

    We headed back to Caesars and checked out the hotel and of course the shops. It is easy to forget that you are in a hotel and a casino. Many wonderful shops and restaurants. Very good Margaritas too! We finally met Elvis and took a picture with him. :rolleyes:

    My sister and I went on the 3D Atlantis ride. That was cool! We headed back to the Flamingo for our room change. This time we are on the 16 floor facing the strip. Directly across from Caesars! And, we can see the dancing waters at Bellagio from our beds…We like these rooms!

    We gambled some more, had lunch and then I headed to the pools for a swim. It was a quick swim, but the Flamingo has a very nice pool area, and I had to check it out. Back to the room to freshen up and get changed, then took a taxi to the Stratosphere for dinner and a show. We had the buffet dinner and that was fine. Then went to the top of the tower. Now, this is a good thing. My mom, who does not like heights, and never would even consider the CN Tower in Toronto, came up with us. We were very proud of her! What a view of the city! I recommend this to everyone, it is a must-see!

    We saw the 7pm show of American Superstars. What a great show. Very entertaining!
    They come out after the show, and you can meet them and take your picture with them.
    $42.00 for the show + 2 free drinks, the buffet dinner and the ride to the top of the tower.
    Great value!

    9:00pm. We went down stairs and donated to the slots machines, then took a taxi to check out the Freemont Street Experience, downtown! Wow! This is something to see. Just amazing - lights and music and lots of people…very, very good! Then we checked out the Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, Binion’s and Californian. Played some black jack at these casinos. I really enjoyed the smaller, older casinos. Lots of character!
    Took a taxi back to the Flamingo and got to bed around 1:00am (4:00am home time!)

    Day 3 – 88 Degrees

    Was up at 7:00am! Wanted to try the brunch buffet at the Flamingo. It was very good!
    Today was going to be “check out the hotels day”

    8:30am we headed out. Started at Paris, very nice hotel. We shopped and gambled then headed over to the Aladdin and the Desert Passage. Lots of very nice shops here! I saw a cute little white dress for $1,500.00!! Saw the thunderstorm at the Aladdin, that was really neat to see, and indoor thunderstorm complete with the rain, cold air, thunder and lightning! Then we went to the M&M’s factory and Coke Cola stores. Crossed over the bridge to the NY NY. Visited the 9/11 memorials – hundreds and hundreds of shirts with notes of condolences from everywhere, as far away as Ireland! Very moving…
    We went inside and the hotel and had a snack and did some shopping and of course, I donated to the slots again! (My sister, mom and dad won on the slots!)

    Then we took the monorail from the Excalibur (did not tour this hotel) to Mandalay Bay.
    What a neat hotel! Did not spend too much time here, as we were getting tired and running out of time. Finally made it to the Luxor hotel – another one of my favorites!
    Made another small donation to the slots and then got a taxi back to the Flamingo.
    We were all very tired and had sore feet, but no time to rest. We had to get changed and get ready to catch the 4:30pm shuttle to Sam’s Town! I like this hotel too. We had a wonderful dinner at Billy Bob’s Steakhouse. Great food, and lots of it, with great prices!
    Next time, I will definitely go back here! Took the 10:30pm shuttle back to Harrahs and got to bed at 11:30, this was a long day! But, Mom and Dad were still going…gambling and winning!

    Day 4 - 90 Degrees

    I needed to go back to the pool area for a while, so at 9:00am I did! My sister and parents went for breakfast and then to the Barbarby Coast and they all won on the slots. (Guess I should have gone too..) Met up with them at 10:30am and walked to the Venetian. What a beautiful hotel. I would love to spend more time here, very romantic. We tried to go for a gondola ride, but the wait was too long.

    Then we went back to Harrah’s for the shuttle to the Rio! We had the buffet lunch here, and yes I agree it is the Best Buffet in Vegas. It has everything, and then some…
    Dad won another $500.00. My sister and I wanted to go in the Masquerade In the Sky show. I always wanted to be a showgirl, so we paid $9.95 and went in the show. It was fun! We took the 4:15pm shuttle back to Harrahs, had a 1-hour rest and got ready for the Clint Homes Show at Harrahs. He is very entertaining. It was a good show!
    Made another donation at the casino and went back to the Flamingo for dinner at the Alta Villa. Excellent dinner here! We had to get packed as we were leaving Vegas tomorrow, finally fell asleep about 4:30am

    Day 5 – 90 Degrees.

    Up at 6:45am! Got packed and ready to check out. Went for a quick breakfast and then had about an hour to spare, so we walked over to Bally’s. Had a quick wander through here and then back to the Flamingo to catch the shuttle to the airport for our 1:00pm flight home. Landed in Toronto, safe and sound and very, very tired!

    This trip was a lot of fun. We had a lot of laughs and made some great memories. We saw and did a lot. I would do it all again, but at a slower pace. There is so much to see and do, that I will have to go back again. And next time, I will win. [​IMG]

    Thank-you to everyone for your comments and advice on travel2vegas.com. What a great site!

    lorio :D
  2. Jimbo338

    Jimbo338 VIP Whale

    Oct 8, 2000
    Laconia, NH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report! You made me tired just reading about all the places that you went and saw! I was there a day after you and didn't like the heat during the day all that much. Now you'll know your way around next time and can plan even better. Of course there are always great new tips here!

  3. Elmridge

    Elmridge Tourist

    Dec 15, 2001
    Gainesville, GA
    A great report! Sounds like you had a great time but I agree with Jim, I feel tired too, but then I have many years on you. ;)
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