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First Time Aug8-12 2005

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bnlphan, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. bnlphan

    bnlphan Degenerate In Training

    Jul 11, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Trip report August 8-12, 2005

    My girlfriend and I just got back from our first trip to sin city. Excuse me if I ramble, just woke up from a nap after being up 24 hours on the journey home.
    Booked with expedia.com with a $100 coupon. Total was $698 for round trip airfare from Lexington, Ky and four nights at the Boardwalk. A learning experience to
    say the least.

    Day 1

    First lesson learned at checkin at Lexington airport. If you smoke, don't try to do them a favor and throw your lighter away while waiting in line for security. They
    will only give you matches if they confiscate a lighter from you. Already out $1.29. Flight to Dallas/Ft Worth was uneventful, good sign. First time flying for both of
    us. Not as bad as what you hear except I still feel like my head is underwater.

    Smoking is still a problem at the airports. DFW and O'hare have no smoking inside security, so your forced to go out and bum a light. Overall the connecting flights were
    nothing but a headache. Second lesson learned. Pay the extra price and get non-stop flights.

    Weather held us up at DFW sitting on the plane as they closed the ramp due to lightning after about 10 gate changes and ending up being about 10th in line to take off after the ramp opened.

    Back in the air and arrived LAS about 4 hours later than originally planned. Smooth sailing through baggage claim and proceeded to shuttle stop. Not long of a wait for the shuttle and few
    people on board. Checkin at Boardwalk was smooth and proceeded to the room to relax a bit after a long day of waiting. Second lesson learned. Trust the reviews. Steeplechase rooms at the Boardwalk
    aren't the best in the world but decent enough to sleep in, but the rest of the hotel left a lot to be desired. Girlfriend is diabetic on insulin shots and refrigerator hadn't been brought to the
    room yet so I first went to get ice. No machine. Hotel employee saw me with the bucket and promptly said it was on the 4th floor. Steeplechase tower has 6 floors. Found the elevetor and went to 4th
    floor. Ice machine broken. Finally see a sign that says Soda/Coffee machines on 1st 3rd and 5th floors, Ice/Soda machines on 2nd, 4th, 6th. Floors. Elevator ride to 6th floor for ice. 10 minute wait
    for half a bucket and one piece looked like it had a flea frozen in it. Back to the room past the plaque on the wall that still said Holiday Inn except with was scratched out.

    Other than that the hotel was fine since we weren't in the room except to sleep. Hotel employees offered good service and were friendly though some of them I didn't know if they spoke English or not.

    Settled in, we decided to trek up the strip to check things out. Made it as far as Caesars where we stopped at the Lemonade stand outside the Viole restaurant. Uneventful so far, still tired from the trip
    we head back to the room catching the Bellagio water show on the way. Exceptional, but short.

    Back to the hotel and blow a little cash on slots and off to sleep in one of two full size beds, though I could have sworn we were promised two queens.

    Day 2

    Woke early 7:30 pt and took turns pulling coupon from ACG while the other got ready. Off to the New Frontier, which is where we were originally planned to stay. 2/1 breakfast buffet at Orchard cafe. Food
    wasnt bad, some a little cold and the biscuits were hard but not bad for the money. Up about $54 after a 4 hour session at Blackjack. Around 2pm off to slots of fun. Dump, what else can I say. Bad slots,
    cheap free t-shirt. On to Circus Circus. Fun book waste of time. Alcohol setting in by this time and I dont remember how we did at blackjack. Stopped back by the New Frontier and played two sessions of bingo.
    Bingoed for $100 with 60 some dollars in. Dinner at the deli two of those humoungous chili cheese
    hot dogs. Another long trek back to the hotel, that included trying to navigate our way through a thousand people in front of T I that cant read the signs about blocking the sidewal,rested a bit and blew some
    more in slots before bed.

    Day 3

    Woke early again and decided to head south on the strip for breakfast. Ended up at Chin Chin in NYNY for breakfast buffet. Not bad again for the price, but not much of a selection. Decent service and a 15% coupon
    for dinner. Blew some money at NYNY slots. Casino was really nice, best we saw on the trip. Had to pick rental car up at Bellagio at 11 (Dollar) Let my fears get the best of me and signed up for insurance even though
    my own insurance said I was covered. Cruised the strip a bit, valeted the car and starting drinking. Hit the craps table at Boardwalk and ended up bout $125 on the strategy I posted on here in that forum. Went back to
    Chin Chin dinner. Decent food. Back to Boardwalk for another craps session $250 dollar winning session this time. Dealers were great and very helpful with an occaision $5 pass line bet for them. Blew some of that back
    in the slots and others. Rested in the room for a bit. Back to the craps table for a late session that lost $200. Then to bed.

    Day 4

    Breakfast at Spice buffet at Aladdin. Great food, okay service. Then caught the 301 to dingy old downtown. First in line was El Cortez where I promptly made up the $200 lost on craps the night before. On to Fitzgeralds
    with a break even session at blackjack while girlfriend lost on the slots. On to Binions, broke even after losing at Blackjack and winning at craps. On to Vegas club lost on everthing there and moved on to Plaza. Couldnt
    get on table while girlfriend lost at Bingo and I blew time at 100 play deuces wild poker. Fitzgeralds Paradise buffet for dinner and back to where we got off the 301. Next lesson learned if you get off at the end of
    Fremont You cant catch the bus there you have to go back down to the corner across from El Cortez.

    Day 5 Time to go home.

    Slept in a little checked out of hotel and planned on going to Hoover dam to kill the day until our flight at 11:40 pm. Only to find out that the rental had a slow leak in the rear tire. So being afraid to drive much, the
    whole rental car was a waste of time and money. Back to the new frontier blew 100 bucks on craps and more on other games. Comped for lunch at the deli then drove over to the airport to make sure where we were going to later
    on. Stopped in at Ellis island and lost more especially due to some suspicious black jack dealing. 99% payout on video poker didnt pay too well either. Disgusted with the car situation and losing gaming sessions went to airport
    early and killed time at Nascar bar. Blew a little more money just to fight boredom at the airport but mostly watched others lose.
    Uneventful and sleepless night home.

    Overall trip was great and learned enough on how to get a long better next trip. Ended up down $1100 mostly from slot play, another lesson learned. Time to start planning next trip.


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