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Finally... The End

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Lacy, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. I see my other TR posts are locked down, but I know some of you were waiting for the end of the story....

    Part 17 - The Virgins and the Songstress

    Back at the Trop, the roulette wheel is situated next to the main aisle through the casino and I see Sammy spinning it for a few patrons. I stop and flip him a fifty for a stack of red chips, chatting about, among other things, the tsunami and the blizzard that just hit the Midwest.

    A little while later, the dealer changes at the blackjack table next to us and I hear a soft, slightly accented voice start to sing. I glance over and it’s the new dealer. Deftly flipping cards, she appears to be singing more for herself, than her captive audience of players. Slipping Sammy a few red chips, I move over to an open seat at the songstress’ table and join in on the next verse.

    She looks up and smiles, so do the pair in the middle seats, a husband and wife. Introductions are made, as Lena deals me in on the next hand. The pair are gaming novices, but eager learners and however frequently she has to admonish them, Lena is patient in her tutelage. ;)

    My skill is merely average, but sitting in the last seat, I draw several cards that make my hand and subsequently bust hers, causing Lena to remark, See? There is a right move for every play and you have to be consistent in making that move. It’s a game of percentages. That, and always assume I have a 10 as a hold card.

    Their enthusiasm and the laughter coming from our table draws several more players and soon our game is full. And so it went, Lena tutoring and the pair actually winning, before the dealer change came around again.. and our little party was over. Although I was also winning, when I exchanged my stack of chips, I was surprised to see four black ones laid out in front of me.

    In search of a real breakfast, I stop by Calypso for an omelet before heading back up to the 15th floor, for what I had hoped would be a quick nap. But before I can settle in, the phone rings again, it’s the pilot. I had totally forgotten about him. [​IMG] Although apologetic about that lapse, I find myself declining his offer for a second time.

    And instead of nap, I take a long hot bath in my giant tub, before dressing for my last evening in Vegas.

    Part 18 - What do you mean I’m not on The List?

    Although reality tv and a bruise where mentioned, I almost fell over laughing when I saw this on Mikey’s list. You got this one right my dear and I really tried to squeeze it out to Part 20. ;)

    Tonight’s venue is Ice. Taking a short taxi ride from the Trop, we pull up in front of the club and the front foyer outside is crowded, but no overly so. Jumping out of the car, I quickly head toward the tall black man holding a clipboard at the VIP entrance. I give him my name and he scans down the first, the second and then the third page of names, some typed, some scrawled in several different handwritings. Not on the list.

    Bill’s friend had called earlier in the afternoon to confirm my name and having no problem the previous evening at Light, this didn’t make sense. Look again. He scans through all 3 pages again.. and I’m leaning over his clipboard, looking myself. No. Not on the list.

    Damn. Now I’m standing outside in 30 degree weather, with no coat and no phone to call Bill. Taking a quick taxi back to the Trop, I call Bill’s friend (get just a recording) before calling Bill. (He has no idea what happened, but knows his friend has got to be there.) I tell him, I'm gonna go back and try again.

    Back at Ice, I give the guy with the list, the name of the man I’m looking for. That’s the first list I checked. Your name isn’t on it.

    Do you know where he is?

    Probably in the club somewhere.

    Could you have somebody call him for me? The guy with the list rolls his eyes. So what do you suggest I do? He points to the line now snaking around the corner out the main entrance. I don’t think so. I reply.

    I turn around, looking to flag down another taxi and one of the valets moves up next to me. It’s their loss. He remarks, waving a mini van up the drive before continuing. The regular crew is not running things tonight and it shows. He opens the door and I crawl into the back. Have a great night anyway, ok?

    Oh, I fully intend to, dear. Thank you kindly.

    Part 19 – And finally… Gambling

    I know I literally stormed thru the entire length of Tropicana’s casino, down that long damn hallway, up the elevator and around my room for a while before I was calm enough to call Bill back. That conversation was essentially one-sided. Although I did call him the next day and apologize. [​IMG]

    Sitting down on the bed, I spy the four black clips I had casually tossed on the dresser earlier that evening. Glancing over at the clock, I know it’s too late to avoid the line at any other club, so taking up the chips I’m shortly out the door and back down the elevator.. to the casino.

    Exchanging 3 black chips for green, I tuck the other into my purse and proceed to lose, more than win and I’m down to $50. Betting the whole thing on the next hand, I draw two 9’s, the dealer is showing a 6. Something is nagging at me and I pull out my last black chip, exchange it for green and split my 9’s. I get a 10 and hold on the first hand. I draw another 9 and put up my last $50. But then I draw a 2 and I’ve already committed, so I dig back into my purse, exchange a $100 bill and double, hitting 19 on the second hand, while receiving yet another 10 on the third.

    The dealer’s hold card is small. Drawing another card, she hits 18 and I just won $200. On that one hand, my luck changed. And so it went, into the early morning hours. I would ask for a specific card, and would get it, winning a greater percentage than I was losing, at one point up nearly $1700, before finally calling it quits at $1400.

    The sun is up. When did that happen? and me still in my evening attire. Making my way back to my room, a bevy of black chips spilling out of my tiny purse, I can hardly believe that my ‘busted club evening’ ended on such a high note.

    Part 20 – THE JACKET

    Changing into day clothes, I grab a latte and cash in my black chips before heading directly over to Cache at the Forum Shops for … THE JACKET. I had the saleswoman cut the tag off so I could wear it out of the store. Merry Christmas to me. :D

    Part 21 – Excuse me, is this seat taken?

    The shuttle back to the airport is right on time. Unfortunately, I now have a 2 hour wait before my flight. I stop at the first bar/restaurant in the concourse and find the place packed. Looking around, for even one seat, I find none. Wheeling my carry on around, I am already several steps out the door when I hear… Hey! Are you looking for a place to sit?

    Turning around, a man in casual wear is flagging me down. I smile and tell him, yes. He offers to share his table and I follow him back into the bar. He introduces me to his friend (for these purposes Dave :D ) and pulls his jacket off an empty seat for me. I find out that Dave is actually on the same flight as me and I dig out my boarding pass to see what row I’m in. (He’s got exit, I’m 3 rows behind.)

    The three of us chat for a while, until it’s time to head to the gate. Taking my carry on from me, Dave and I make our way thru the concourse, arriving at the gate a few minutes before they call for our boarding.

    When the cabin doors finally close, I’m relieved to find that the middle seat in my row is empty. Take off is uneventful and soon we are leveling off for the long flight. I wedge my tiny pillow up against the window, spread out my blanket and open my book, just as Dave appears.

    He leans down and whispers something to the woman sitting in the aisle seat. She shrugs her shoulders, before picking up her things and moving out of her seat. Dave follows her up to his row, leans in to pick up his things and returns to the seat the woman just vacated. Hi.

    You gave up an exit seat? I am surprised. Sure. He replies, motioning to the book in my lap. Did you think I was gonna let you read that? I toss the book aside and smile, as Dave flips down the tray in between us.

    Soooo… where do you suppose that drink cart is?

    [ January 17, 2005, 06:38 PM: Message edited by: Lacy ]
  2. kms9370

    kms9370 Low-Roller

    Jun 25, 2004
    Wow, it's over, now I'm going to the doctor to get some penicillin. How long was this trip? A month?

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