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Feb 4-13 Bellagio Mirage Time share

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by daveg000, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. daveg000

    daveg000 High-Roller

    Jul 2, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I'm going to try and make this short.

    So Lady Fortuna PMs me that she is planning her Vegas Trip for this year, and it starts me thinking that I want to go to Vegas. (Surprise)

    My wife had been giving me the "we have a lot of work to do around here", but it was winter, and things had slowed down. I had decent Comps that seemed to be getting worse the next round.

    I had lot's of MyVegas Points. I had enought rapid rewards points for a free round trip for both of us on Southwest.

    So I asked and she went for it! I decided to hit while the iron is hot (before she could change her mind) and go Quickly.

    Keep in mind that I have a problem setting up too much to do (MyVegas, Groupons, Travel Zoos, Amazon local, etc.) driving my wife crazy. I was going to control that this trip. (We ended up with 2 days with nothing at all to do! If you consider checking in and out nothing)

    I set up 3 days at the Bellagio ($100FP $250FB) Tues - Friday, Feb 4th-7th. (comp)
    I set up 3 days at our Timeshare (No Gambling Pressure, washing machine, kitchen) Friday - Monday Feb 7th-10th.
    I set up 3 days at the Mirage ($100FP $50 RC) Monday - Thursday, Feb 10th-13th. (comp)

    I set up the free Round trip flight, unfortunately the first leg out wasn't the the direct 8:15AM flight which was full, that we usually take on Tuesday, but a 8:30am flight with one stop in San Fracisco. 9:45am arrival VS a 1:30pm. 3 hrs of vacation time gone. ($10)

    KA - 2 premium tickets ( 3rd row , Center )
    MGM Dinner Buffet - 2 tickets
    Belagio Lunch Buffet - 2 tickets
    Gospel Brunch - House of Blues - 2-4-1 $50 (Center Table, back 5 seats - the stage is HIGH)
    Gospel Bruch Drink - (they gave me two - win)

    Zarkana - 2 premium tickets (ended up in 5th row after they moved us)
    Aria Dinner Buffet - 2 tickets
    Mirage Dinner Buffet - 2 tickets
    Gospel Bruch Drink - (only 1)

    We each got a free popcorn MyVegas, at Sugar factory Mirage, which we walked into once and walked by 20 times, but we never redeemed it.

    2 21oz souvenir Cocktails at Rhumbar ($20)
    2 21oz souvenirCocktails at Rhumbar ($20)
    2 yard Drinks - Fresh Grill ($21)

    $100 blue Martini Resturant ($50)


    Chiles - $25
    Outback - $50
    P.F. Changs - $50

    Our Normal routine, may seem a little strange. I'm in Vegas to Gamble, My wife is in Vegas to Vacation, Relax. The routine on most days is that I'm up at 5-6 AM, do what I have to do on the computer, make sure there is hot coffee in the pot, shower, leave by 8AM, go down stairs to gamble. At 11am to noon, my wife will call and we will start our day together, lunch, small shows, rummage sales, shopping, Home Depot and others, to look at the different plants, a drive to the desert, checking out dive bars, sometimes gambling. When we eat dinner, she may gamble for a while, or I walk her back up the room, and I go down to gamble to midnite or 1 AM.

    Tues. Feb 4th
    Up at 3am CST, out the door at 5:45. 35 minutes to MKE, Use the Chili's gift card for Breakfast, take off 20 minutes late, Arrive in Vegas at 1:30PM.

    Pick up car, pick up Buffet and Zarkana (late show) comps at Aria, drive to the Bellagio and Check in. Go eat, Gamble and see show. Home by 1:30Am (up 24 hrs.)

    Wed, Feb 5th
    Normal routine.

    At 9:30AM I quit gambling, take the tram to Monte Carlo, walk to NYNY, cross the bridge to MGM Grand, pick up KA tickets, cross back, take bridge to Mandalay tram, Pick up Gospel Brunch tickets, Gamble an hour, take the reverse route back. Just as I got back my wife called.

    Ate lunch at the Cafe, normal day, Ate dinner at Jasmine. It was good, but I like Noodles just as much, and I don't have to dressup (cheaper also).

    Normal Routine.

    Thursday Feb 6th
    SPA DAY FOR JUDY. Waited for her, walked her down at 9:30AM, went to Gamble. Started with 2 Black Russians, switched to beer, Judy called at 6:30PM, we went to the Bellagio Cafe, I DON'T Remember the last two events or dropping in the bed as well. Judy said I was not a prince (in a little bit more graphic way)

    Friday Feb 7th - Check out/in Day

    Normal routine, but back to the room at 10Am. Checkout.
    Drive to the P.F Chang on west Charleston, go to the bank, Check in at the time share, head down to the Main Street Station to meet Joe and the gang. Oops 15 minutes late:


    Joe, you were right about the coffee drinking.... BIG difference

    After the meet, we gave Kjetiln (yes that is his name) a ride back to the Flamingo, went to the grocery store, hit Taco Bell and went home ourselves.

    Saturday Feb 8th

    Late breakfast at IHop, hit a few rummage sales, hit a Flea market on Decatur, then checked out an establishment called McGoos on West Tropicana, spitting distance from our Time Share.

    We walked in to McGoo's, it was so dark, after the sunlight, that you could hardly see, A huge black man was telling a story to 2 hulking video poker players about running into Tony Curtis, I finally could see around the room and it looked like a casting call for a post Apocalyptic Movie.

    We ordered a drink.

    A Frank Sinatra song came on and the Black man broke into song, with accompaniment around the room, he was great. Before we left, everyone had come by and introduced themselves. We weren't in a dive bar - we were in CHEERS. There were plenty of Norms.

    It was like having a meet! All too soon it was time to leave and head for the MGM Grand, a dinner buffet, and the early show of KA.

    Sunday Feb 9th

    Up and out to the Mandalay Bay, for the 1 PM Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. We were early, so we gambled for a while, and then hit the Bar. Lost track of time and ended up 15 minutes late! No Problem, the Brunch is set up so you can eat all the way through the show, but the show doesn't start until 1:45PM. Food was good, The Bloody Mary Bar was good, show was great.

    Monday Feb 10th - Check out/in Day

    We ate all the leftovers at the time share, checked out, went to the Mirage to check in, left the bags with bell services, got across the street to sit and have a couple drinks, and talked to fellow patrons while waiting for:

    Big Elvis

    After the show, we jumped into the car and and went to the Town Square complex, which is just south of Mandaly Bay.

    The place is sizeable with little streets running through it. Lot's of stores. We visited the stores, until the Blue Martini opened at 5:00PM. When we went there, we were told we couldn't use our Amazon Local $100 until 8 PM - Bummer, we didn't want to stay out that late. BUT the reason it didn't start until 8PM was because it was Happy Hour, and everything was half price until then. We decided to stay, and use the coupon on the next trip.

    Everything was great, we spent about as much as we would at home for dinner and drinks, which was a win for Vegas. This place was a Club, we ate at the outside bar, but the inside was HUGE. I noticed they had $80 bottle specials.

    Later, We went back to the Mirage, unpacked, and normal routine, I went down to Gamble.

    Tuesday Feb 11th
    Normal Routine, up and out to gamble

    I decided to make this a short commentary on our trip, so I left out endless pictures of Quads and vowed to only post something good, I wasn't even thinking about it by the 7th day of a nine day trip, then I got a hit I wish was $12 less!



    Wife came down we ate, gambled, and soon it was time to meet SMO at the Rhumbar, disregard those empty glasses.


    Great company! Great Drinks, Great Scenery -

    Then to the Mirage dinner buffet on My Vegas.

    Normal Routine

    Wednesday Feb 12th

    Normal Routine

    I'm beginning to like this machine - The paytable sucks as they all do at MGM - but luck counts in the short term.


    Wife comes down we eat ( we went to Carnegies 2 days, and BLT Burger once - Forget which days)

    Then my wife looks at me and asks, what's planned for today? (our last full day). I looked at her and said, "Nothing!"

    She looks at me perplexed and I said, " You hate it when I plan every day, we are free, what do you want to do?"

    CRICKETS. Oh well, I should have known better.

    So we went over to Casino Royale, tix4tonite and got tickets for the Jersey Boys, a show I have wanted to see forever and on that she wasn't so hot on.

    Off we went to the Miracle mile, picked up our yard drinks at Fresh Grill, gambled at the Paris (first time at a CET since MyVegas came out), ate at the Paris Cafe and went to see the Jersey Boys.

    I knew I would love the music, but my wife LOVED the show, much to her surprise.

    By now we knew there were weather problems in the east, and my wife was actually hoping that we would have to stay over for the weekend (she wanted to go see Bruno at the Cosmo)

    Normal Routine

    Thursday Feb 13th

    Went down to gamble a couple hours, called the wife at 8:30AM to make sure she was ready for checkout at 11AM.

    Drove to In and Out and ate, gassed the car, dropped it off, incoming plane was 1/2 hour late, no problems going home, love the free TV on Southwest flights!

    May 6 - 21 4 night ARIA, 1 night 4Q, 7 nights T Share, 3 night MIRAGE
    May 6 - 21 4 night ARIA, 1 night 4Q, 7 nights T Share, 3 night MIRAGE
  2. DirtyFrank

    DirtyFrank Tourist

    Jan 5, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    McGoos! I love that place. Huge cheap beers and some pool tables.
  3. Blonde_4_ever

    Blonde_4_ever LasVegas4ever.com

    Jun 12, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed the report and LOVE the meet pictures. Now I can recognize you and your wife and Joe if I run into you in Vegas!
  4. undathesea

    undathesea Grandissimo

    Feb 26, 2013
    Washington D.C.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. Thanks for the VP porn!
  5. BeeeJay

    BeeeJay President of The Red Lobster Hostess Satisfaction

    Aug 23, 2008
    Chicago & Jersey City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    cant believe you naild 2/3 aces with the 3X multiplier.....that was incredible!

    great report, really enjoyed it. :beer:
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